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How Bed Covers Can Protect Your Bedsheets?

A stylish bed contributes immensely to making your bedroom look cozy and tranquil. With the right bedding choices, you too can achieve a bed which has a hotel-room kind of plushness. 

Bed covers, bed sheets, comforters, pillows, and cushions are what goes into the making of an opulent bed fit for kings. Most of the above elements are present in every home, but few know the importance of designer bed covers and the transformation they can bring to your room’s appearance. 

If you are curious to unravel the magic of luxury bed covers, read on as we shed light on their uses and secrets!

Safeguard Your Bedsheets With Protective Bed Covers

Bedsheets are spread directly on the mattress or mattress cover and serve the purpose of offering you a comfortable sleep. But during the course of the day, they are exposed to dirt, grime, stains, pet hair etc., which settle on the fabric. If you are a hygiene-conscious person, then this definitely is not the kind of bed you would like to sleep on! This is where bed covers step in as bedsheet protectors.

One of the purposes of protective bed sheet covers is to keep the bed sheet clean and safe. With a bed cover spread over your bed sheet during the day, there is little chance of the bedsheet getting dirty. This leaves you with a pristine bed to sleep in at night- a crucial condition for a sound sleep!

Not only do bed covers do a great job at protecting the sheets, but they also give your mattress a respite from facing spills and dirt! The bed cover soaks up any spills and offers an extra layer of defense that saves your precious mattress from getting wet.

Styling with Bed covers

Offering stunning aesthetics for your bedroom is another purpose bed covers aptly fulfil. To achieve a lavish appearance, layering your bed is the secret trick. Once you lay the bed sheet, spread the bed cover over your bed and allow the cover to fall on all three sides for a classy look. Now arrange the pillows starting with the largest and make your way to the front by interspersing them with cushions. There’s your fancy bed!

Types of Bed Covers

There are bed covers online for every theme, preference, season, and colour palette! Take your pick from these exciting choices:

1. Quilted Bed covers:

Quilted cotton bed covers are fluffy and soft due to the stitching style as well as the slight padding present between the two layers. They are ideal for all seasons and can also double up as a comforter when it gets chilly!

2. Reversible Bed covers:

If you are on a budget then a reversible double bed cover can certainly get you more than your money’s worth! You can choose a bed cover with a pastel hue on one side and a bolder tint on the reverse to get the best of both worlds. 

3. Woven Bed covers:

Woven king size bed cover has a rustic charisma that makes it an instant fit in any type of décor. These bed covers are an ideal choice if you are looking for low-maintenance, easy-to-wash bed covers that are economical yet beautiful!

4. Quirky Print Bed covers:

The apt pick for your kid’s room, a quirky print single bed cover will enhance the room décor instantly. They can also prove extremely useful when keeping the bedsheet from rumpling after all the jumping around!

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. Why are protective bed covers important for extending the lifespan of a mattress?

Here are three reasons why bed covers are important for extending the lifespan of a mattress:

  • Protects from stains and spills.
  • Prevents allergen growth.
  • Makes it easier to maintain bedsheets and comforters.

2. How do protective bed covers prevent stains and spills from damaging the mattress?

Protective bed cover acts as an additional layer of safety over the mattress and bed sheet. If anything spills, it has to go through two thick layers (bed cover and bedsheet) before it reaches the mattress. So, it is highly advisable to choose a thick yet soft bed cover.

3. Can protective bed covers also protect against dust mites and allergens?

Yes, protective bed covers can protect against dust mites and allergens. Just ensure to pick materials that are naturally hypoallergenic like organic cotton or modal. 

4. Do protective bed covers affect the comfort or feel of the mattress?

Yes! Protective bed sheet covers made from high quality materials enhance the comfort and skin-feel of the mattress.

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