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Bedroom Decor: Coordinating Bedsheets with Curtains, Pillows, and Rugs

Doing up a new bedroom or redoing an old one? Then this article is a must-read for you to explore bedroom décor and learn the art of coordinating the various elements of the bedroom. 

If elements like bed sheets, rug, curtains and pillows are haphazardly done the bedroom acquires a shabby appearance. Which is certainly not the vibe you want from this space where you come to relax. 

Here Are Some Popular Bedroom Decor Themes With Tips:

Bohemian Theme

A bedroom that is inspired by your travels, a mix of cultures, and a free-flowing style is the central theme of the boho bedroom. There is a lot of mix and match of materials, fabrics, patterns, etc. here. Bold colours interspersed with whimsical whites give the boho look of bedroom decoration its charm.

  • Pick sheer or semi-sheer curtains to pair with elaborate Persian rugs or sustainable jute ones. Our Scratched Up Curtains with their unique texture is just the right pick.


  • The bedsheets for a bohemian themed room can be in eclectic hues or whites with a splatter of colours. The perfect boho-floral sheet and aptly named!

  • Pair the bedsheet with lots of tufted pillows in a bold palette. These are a few amazing options from our assortment:

Don’t let your bedroom be mellow, brighten it up with Diamond Rings Tufted Cushion in yellow!

Fuchsia color for the win! 

2. Traditional Theme

With a country as diverse as India, there is no dearth of weaves, prints, and patterns! 

  • For a traditional theme, pick handmade prints like Jaipuri handblock, kalamkari etc., or weaves like Ikkat when you are choosing bedsheets

  • These can be paired with woven cotton rugs/dhurries to give a rustic yet rich ambience.

  • Finally, top off the space with embroidered or mirror work pillows to lend an ethnic touch.

  • If you like everything to be a little OTT, adorn your bedside table with a traditional brass showpiece like Tree Of Life. 

3. Modern Theme

For the modern bedroom interior design, you have to rely on neutral colours with a bit of accent décor elements thrown in. 

  • Bedsheets in solid colours are ideal for modern decor as they give a blank canvas to fill. 

  • Use cushions and pillows in bold prints and layer them on the bed to create a balanced look. 

  • The curtains are another major feature in the room and therefore must adhere to the neutral colour palette, think plain curtains or those with a self-pattern. 

  • You can use dual-tone, soft tufted rugs that match with the pillows/cushions for a synchronised latest bedroom design.


4. Minimalist Theme

If you are the kind who doesn’t like too much clutter and bedroom decoration items, then the minimalist theme is for you. Minimalism in décor focuses on clean lines, simplicity, and a fuss-free, practical décor. It follows a monochromatic palette with the use of colours only to highlight certain sections. 

  • The bedsheets and curtains can be coordinated since a monochromatic palette needs to be incorporated.

  • The rugs can be in a single tone with few hints of colour. 

  • You can bring in shades of the same earthy palette and different patterned cushions or pillows to tie the look minimalist together. For instance, you can go for grey with our Dotted Lines Cushion Cover.


Or, go slightly bold with our Buddha Mitra Cushion Cover.

Decorating your bedroom can be an overwhelming task! Allow Vaaree to make it easy for you to design your room with our curated collection of bedsheets and pillows in myriad colours and fabrics. We guarantee complete ease of shopping and exceptional quality at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. How do I coordinate bedsheets with curtains, pillows, and rugs?

A few simple tips to coordinate bedsheets with curtains, pillows and rugs are:

  • Get a theme for bedroom décor and furnishing uniformity. For instance – modern, vintage, bohemian, etc.
  • Do not go overboard with colors. At least two out of three furnishing elements should be from the same palette. 
  • Avoid clashing patterns and textures. Complementing is key. 

2. How do I choose the right rug to complement my bedsheets, curtains, and pillows?

The easiest way to choose the right rug to complement your bed sheets, curtains and pillows would be – to pick any one element and get the rug in a shade light or darker. We recommend matching it with curtains as we change pillows and sheets frequently. 

3. Should I match my bedsheets exactly to the color of my curtains, pillows, and rugs, or can I mix and match?

You can mix and match your bedsheets to the colors of your curtains, pillows, and rugs. Just remember the best bedroom design is never a colored mess.

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