Jaipuri Bedsheets: Adding Ethnic Elegance to Your Decor

Jaipuri Bedsheets: Adding Ethnic Elegance to Your Decor - Vaaree

Traditional bedroom décor is intrinsically linked to the beautiful and vibrant cotton Jaipuri bedsheet. The colours and ethnic flavour they bring to the bedroom are unmatched! Available in versatile cotton and affordable glace cotton, these bedsheets hold a special spot in every linen cupboard. Did you know that the humble Jaipuri print bed sheet comes in some awesome design variations?

Here’s a peek into some eclectic designs you can find in Jaipuri bedsheets.

1. Floral

Everyone’s top favourite and a must-have, the floral print Jaipuri bedsheets online instantly add an unbeatable serenity. Jaipuri prints have always been inspired by nature and florals are a commonly used design. The spread-out melange of flowers on our Manjari Floral Printed Bedsheet in a calming sage green colour is every decorista’s dream. 

2. Jaal

The Jaal design borrows from the architectural splendour found in Rajasthan as a textile representation of the Indo-Islamic décor. The exquisite and ornamental lattice-like pattern interspersed with floral or other motifs is a treat to watch in printed bed sheets. Want to feel like royalty? Then just spread this Pride Of India Bedsheet and let its interesting Jaal pattern bless your room with its magnificence. 

3. Geometric

Not to bore you with history but geometric themed patterns in Jaipuri bedsheets were influenced by Persian art brought to India by the Mughals. The use of lines, circles, triangles, and other shapes makes these bedsheets acquire a fun element. Not to mention, it makes it easier to use them if your bedroom décor leans towards modern or contemporary themes too!

4. Small Butis

The small buti design is central to the Jaipur fabric bed sheet and is loved by one and all. By using this pattern on a pastel-coloured base, you can make your bed appear more spacious as well as give the room a brighter and minimalistic look. Choosing ethnic motifs on a white background in bedsheets designs, as seen in this Sanjhaa Printed Bedsheet, impart an opulent aura to the room. You can throw in some monochromatic cushions for an elegant flair. 

5. Large Butis

The large buti design is for those who lean towards boldness in décor. The butis on Jaipuri bedsheets draw inspiration from plant and animal motifs, which means you will see pretty flowers or majestic animals on the bedsheet design. Savour the richness of our Jigisha Ethnic Printed Bedsheet that not only has a magnificent floral buti design but also features them in a radiant red colour signifying passion!

6. Paisley

The tear-drop-shaped paisley is pleasing to the eye and can light up the bedroom with its folksy charm. You can pick a clean- and spaced-out paisley print if you like an uncluttered aesthetic in Jaipuri single bed sheet. For those who are attracted to busy and intricate patterns, this Crimson Paisley Bedsheet checks all the boxes!

Go ahead and satiate your desire for stunning Jaipuri bedsheets in all sizes with the diverse selection at Vaaree. Jaipuri double bedsheet, single, king, queen and fitted bedsheet are the size variants we offer. Each Jaipuri bedsheet is curated with love and sourced directly from manufacturers to give you the best price and exceptional quality. Go shop now and give wings to your ethnic bedroom décor ideas with our exquisite selection!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What are Jaipuri bedsheets?

Jaipuri bedsheets are traditional bedsheets crafted using time-honored Rajasthani printing techniques. There are different styles of printing techniques and patterns used to create Jaipuri print bed sheets. A few of them are:

  • Handblock print
  • Sanganeri print
  • Ajrakh print
  • Bagru print
  • Indigo print

2. What makes Jaipuri bedsheets unique?

The fact that every Jaipuri print bed sheet is handcrafted by generational artisans makes them unique. Their color palette, symphony of patterns, the beautiful interplay of heritage and aesthetics add to Jaipuri bedsheets’ timeless beauty. 

3. Do Jaipuri bedsheets fade after multiple washes?

Most Jaipuri bedsheets are dyed using natural colors. For instance, Indigo Jaipuri print bedsheet is dyed with indigo tinctoria plant. Natural colors tend to fade if proper dyeing procedures are not followed.

That said, at Vaaree, our collection of Jaipuri bedsheets online goes through stringent quality checks. Firstly, it is curated directly from trusted manufacturers, and goes through multiple rounds of quality checks from listing to shipping. All this only so that you get the softest, most premium quality, color fast Jaipuri bedsheets! At the best prices, of course!

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