Tips for Choosing the Best Bed Sheets for You

Best Bed Sheets

Buying bed sheets seems very simple, but in reality, buying the best bed sheets is a skill. A skilled one develops over time. Bed sheets are an important part of your routine. The bed sheets you use impact your sleep, and your sleep has an impact on your day. This is why we’re giving you some special tips that you can use while buying premium bed sheets!

1. Measurement 

Before you buy bed sheets, it is extremely important to measure 3 things - the bed, the mattress and of course the bed sheet! Measuring the bed will help you understand the bigger picture - whether you have a king-size bed or a queen size bed or a double bed - so you can choose the bed sheet properly. Another important aspect, which most people forget to account for, is the mattress. Not all mattresses are the same. Every mattress has different dimensions, especially when it comes to the depth of the mattress. Accounting for deeper mattresses is crucial. Lastly, the high-quality bed sheet that you look, at must be measured. Most websites display a size chart wherein the dimensions of the bed sheet are mentioned. You must know that ‘King’ size itself can have multiple variations. So, don’t just look at whether the bed sheet is ‘King’ size or ‘Queen’ size, look at the dimensions.

2. Fabric

Before you click on that fancy buy button, check out the fabric used to make the bed sheet. When people say ‘Cotton Bed Sheets’ it’s not necessarily ‘100% Cotton’. For argument's sake, it can also be 1% cotton! All fabrics have their own qualities, but it’s important to know what you’re paying for. There are various types of high-quality bed sheet fabrics available in the market. For example, bamboo bed sheets, linen bed sheets, synthetic bed sheets, silk bed sheets etc. Usually, the top-rated bed sheets or branded bed sheets in the market are made using 100% Cotton. Egyptian Cotton bed sheets are one of the most premium bed sheets available in the market. Each bed sheet fabric comes with its own sets of pros and cons. Choose what is best for you!

3. Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch. Thread count determines the fineness of a bedsheet. Usually, the higher the thread count of the bedsheet, the better the quality of it. However, you must know that thread count isn’t the only parameter used to determine the quality of the bedsheet. Sometimes, manufacturers trick users by using poor quality fabric & stating a higher thread count. A poor-quality thread is thin and can be woven multiple times. But, this doesn’t make a bedsheet any finer or softer. So, our suggestion to you while buying a good quality bed sheet is to look at the fabric as well as the thread count.  In the Northern regions of India, where the climate is chilly, bed sheets with higher thread count provide warmth. Generally, good bed sheets have a thread count range of 144 to 800.

4. Aesthetics

Let’s face it, in today’s world most things are about the ‘gram! Choosing an aesthetically pleasing bed sheet is extremely underrated. It’s not just about a pretty bed sheet - it’s about the interiors of your home. Ideally, the best bed sheets must match the bed covers, blankets and quilts and room interiors. Choosing neutral colours is a safe bet! Colours like white or black tend to match everything! Stronger colours like blue, red and yellow look beautiful but don’t match with everything else. Printed or striped patterns of bed sheets also matter. Luxury bed sheets stand out when they’re paired with aesthetic backgrounds. Trends keep changing every now and then. This is why we keep a close eye on global trends - colours, prints, designs, fabrics - and curate collections for you! From traditional Indian florals to classic California stripes, we’ve got them all!

5. Return Policy & Care Instructions

Sometimes, pictures don’t do justice to how the product is in reality. Many times, branded bed sheets come with lots of manufacturer defects in them. It’s important to understand the return policy of the buyer before you purchase the bed sheets. Sometimes, the return policy says ‘5-day returns acceptable’, sometimes, brands don’t even take returns. Buying bed sheets is quite an expensive activity so it's better to be sure and aware. A lot of times, bed sheets have very delicate care instructions. Hand-washing a delicate top-quality bed sheet is not something people sign up for. Be sure to check the care instructions before you purchase branded and premium bed sheets.

Buying premium bed sheets determines a lot. Your bedroom is your safe and cosy space. It’s important to ensure that top-quality bed sheets are used so you get top quality sleep, eh? Keep these things in mind before buying branded bed sheets, and you are sorted!


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