How to Measure Your Mattress for the Right Bed Sheet Size

How to Measure Your Mattress for the Right Bed Sheet Size

Everyone talks about the importance of choosing the right bed sheets. However, no one really teaches how to choose the right one! And even if they do, they mostly focus on the material, thread count, and design on the bedsheet. Not saying these elements are not vital, all we are saying is that size matters. At least when it comes to bed sheets! 

Here is the guide to determining the right bed sheet size so that you never fumble while buying bedsheets online:

  1. Know the standard sizes:

In India, bed sheet sizes are typically divided into:

These sizes are applicable for both flat and fitted bed sheets.

  1. Right Mattress Measurement = Perfect Bed Sheet Size

When picking bed sheet sizes, most people forget to take the mattress measurements into consideration. This is why their bed sheet ends up smaller than expected. Here are 4 simple steps on how to measure mattress size for bed sheets.

  • Remove any existing bed sheet from the mattress.
  • Ensure the mattress is flat on the bed and not elevated by anything.
  • Now take a measuring tape and measure the longest side from top to bottom (usually vertical) of the mattress. This is the length. 
  • Similarly, measure the shorter side of the mattress from left to right (usually horizontal). This is the width. 
  • Lastly, pick a corner of the mattress and measure it vertically from top to bottom seam. If your mattress has a topper, measure it along with the topper.
  • Add the mattress height measurement to the length to buy the right size flat bed sheet. Otherwise, this height dimension can be used to determine the optimal pocket size of a fitted bed sheet. 

For instance, if mattress length = 80 inches and mattress height = 5 inches, then total mattress length = 85 inches. 

  • The bedsheet measurement should always be a tad bigger than the mattress measurement. For instance – if your mattress measures 55x85 inches, the ideal flat bed sheet size will be 60x90 inches. Likewise, the ideal fitted bed sheet size for the same mattress will be 85x90 inches with a 5 inches pocket. 

  1. Don’t Neglect Pillowcase Sizes:

Use the same method of how to measure mattress size for bed sheets for pillowcases as well. So, if your pillow filler measures 15x26 inches, the right pillow cover size will be 16x27 inches.

Also there are some factors to consider for choosing a perfect bed sheet please read here: Tips to pick the best bedsheet design for your be

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Why is it important to measure your mattress for the right bed sheet size?

Because if you don’t measure the mattress right, your bed sheet won’t fit. And not all websites have a flexible return/exchange policy for you to get the right one!

  1. What measurements do I need to take to determine the right bed sheet size?

Just a measuring tape and some patience!

  1. How do I use the measurements to determine the right bed sheet size?

Read our guide on how to measure mattress size for bed sheets. To summarize – always ensure the bedsheet size is bigger than the mattress. 

  1. What are some common bed sheet sizes?

Some common bed sheet sizes are:

  • King size bed sheets
  • Queen size bed sheets
  • Double bed sheets
  • Single bed sheets


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