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How can you make your Mother's Day special?

Have you ever gifted your mom something and had her tell you, “Iski kya zaroorat thi?”

You obviously know that she’s super happy inside but she also can’t help being a mom. Just take the gift, ma! Anyhow, you should probably still gift her something this Mother’s Day.

Remember, the louder she says, “Iski kya zaroorat thi” the more awesome your gift must’ve been. Here are some potentially awesome ideas. 

  1. Massage - Yes, thanks to massage service providing companies, you can book your mommy a soothing massage that she definitely needs (thanks to her round the clock shift). In fact, a lot of companies ensure that the masseuse comes home too!
  2. Crockery - If your mum likes aesthetic tea sets or ceramic dinnerware, crockery is a great option! At , you’ll find beautiful, trendy serveware! You can try some of our fancy products like the Triangle Cheese Platter or the Victorian Tea Cup Set. Use our discount code MOMMYDARLING to avail your Mother’s Day discount!  
  3. Self Care Kit - Mothers, who take care of everyone in the house, often forget to take care of themselves. Send your mom a cute self-care kit with items like scented candles, face masks, her favourite sweets along with an interesting book or a Kishor Kumar CD. Don’t forget to put a warm handwritten note from your side - that’ll really make her day.
  4. Handbag - Shopping is an essential part of almost every mom’s life. Gift your mum a cutesy handbag that she can carry when she goes out shopping or to the movies. You can never go wrong with it!
  5. OTT Platform Subscription - Yeah yeah, it’s difficult to explain tech to mums but they will LOVE the collection of movies the OTT platforms have in today’s day. So, if your mum doesn’t have it already it’s a pretty great option!
  6. A Cup of Tea - Yeah, we know this is super cliched but your mum will be pleasantly surprised if you make her something she loves - morning chai or coffee! Also, serving tea in a new cup will make her happier! So, buy one from!!    
  7. Smart Watch - We know that you probably stay away from your mum and you can’t physically be there to take care of her…but health is wealth. With a smart watch, your mother (and you) will be able to track her health statistics regularly. The watch will also urge her to exercise regularly and keep that weight on track! 
  8. A Ticket To Your House! - Well, we know that personal space is super important but it’s time you invite your mom over for a few days! You’ll get tasty food and she will get to spend time with her munchkin! Spend the weekend chillin with her. Life is short, anyway.

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