Home Bar Decoration Ideas

Top 10 Home Bar Decoration Ideas

If you love toasting a drink or two on special occasions or just to make any evening special, then a barware at home is a must for you! It is not the size that matters, what matters is the way you utilize the space and refurbish it keeping in mind the aspects of utility as well as the aesthetics. Having a good bar at home is a blissful experience and gives you all the more reasons to throw memorable parties at your place. Thus, whether you wish to spend ‘me’ time or catch up with friends, splendid home bar designs are like an oasis to be in!

Here are the top 10 home bar ideas to revamp the look and feel of your bar:

1. The Glassware:

Let’s begin with the glassware, the obvious thing that is required in your home bar. Don’t settle for regular glasses as glassware plays the most crucial role in elevating your home bar and glamourizing your parties. Go for dazzling cocktail and mocktail glasses, large beer mugs, coupe champagne glasses, martini glasses, stylish whiskey glasses, high ball glasses for gin and vodka, making every sip sparkle with a touch of elegance and adding a dash of whimsy to your taste buds!

The Glassware

2. The drinks:

One of the home bar ideas is to stock a wide array of liquor required to make your all-time favourite drinks! Whether it is a range of vodkas, rum, gin, brandy, coffee liqueur, juices, sodas, tonic water, or your preferred scotch brought by your friend from overseas. These are mixed and matched to make ‘n’ number of sumptuous drinks. Arrange the bottles artistically in your bar cabinet. You can even go for a wine rack to present your bottles in a sophisticated manner in your home bar.

The drinks

3. Barware tools and accessories:

Don’t underestimate the importance of different bar tools and accessories you need while bartending at home. Peg measurers, cocktail shakers, fine wine tools, ice pickers, strainers, muddlers, and bottle openers are essential in any bar. Arrange these in your bar cabinet or shelves so that the ones you use more frequently are more easily accessible to you.

Barware tools and accessories

4. The sitting arrangement:

The home bar ideas are incomplete without having a proper seating arrangement. You can go for the typical bar stools that are easily available in different shapes and sizes. Many of them are also adjustable according to your preferred height. Revolving bar tools give you a fun and relaxing feeling while enjoying your drink.

The sitting arrangement

5. Lighting:

Proper lighting is very important in home bar designs. The lighting shouldn’t be too bright or too dim to put off the party mood. The lamination should be perfect to bring the ambience of tranquillity and fun. You can go for ambient lights most commonly used in home bars. Recessed and accent lighting, surface-mounted lighting, and pendants are also used to make your bar look fascinating. Pendant lights come in a wide spectrum of shapes and colours to embellish your sanctuary of the home bar!


6. Walls:

You can accentuate the bar walls with beautiful wallpaper or highlight them with texture paint. You can even hang small artworks, artefacts, or funny printed captions that go well with your home bar! The idea is to create humour while having a gala time!


7. Drinks trolley: Rolling Bar Cart:

Any home bar is incomplete without the drinks trolley or the rolling bar cart. It has two purposes. It can be moved to make drinks easily accessible to you as well as your guests. Secondly, it also acts as a storage space for your drinks and other barware items.

Drinks trolley: Rolling Bar Cart

8. Bar accessories:

We have talked about bar essentials. However, while revamping your home bar, apart from the typical bar essentials, you need something extra to uplift the charm of your bar. Small decorative items such as attractive-looking coasters in different materials like wood, ceramic, crochet, metal, resin art, are like icing on the cake. You can even add serving trays, cutlery holders, and glass jars to leverage the beauty of your home bar.

Bar accessories

9. Cocktail books:

A very stylish and unique approach to accentuate your home bar is to showcase a few cocktail and mocktail recipe books. This displays your sincerity towards your and your constant endeavours in improving your bartending skills. Books are not only a source of great knowledge but also help in accessing your home bar.

Cocktail books

10. Planters:

Planters are a great source of bar design ideas! Most of the indoor plants look ravishing in your home bar. You can add areca palm, aloe vera, English Ivy, lavender, and cactus to your stunning-looking barware making it more appealing.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What are some essential elements for a stylish home bar setup?

Some essential elements for a stylish home bar setup include your glassware, bar stools, bar accessories like the opener, shakers, strainers, jug, measuring glass, and so on.

2. Are there budget-friendly home bar decoration ideas available?

Yes, there are several budget-friendly home bar ideas such as rearranging your bar glasses, adding better lighting options, and decorating the barware with cocktail recipe books, planters, and artefacts.

3. How do I choose the right colour scheme for my home bar?

You can go for classic black and gold, or a combination of earthy greens, brown and white. The right colour scheme depends upon whether you like pastel colours or brighter hues.

4. What are the must-have accessories for a well-decorated home bar?

For a well-decorated home bar, you just need a peg measurer, cocktail shakers, fine wine tools, an ice picker, a strainer, a muddler, and a bottle opener.

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