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World Cotton Day 2023: The Timeless Elegance of Cotton Bedding and Linens

Be it fashion or soft furnishings, cotton is the king of every arena! The heart of human civilization since time immemorial, cotton items have been a part of every culture and are a way of life! To raise more awareness about this material and promote fair making of cotton, Cotton-4 countries – Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad, and Mali proposed the World Trade Organization to mark the 7th Of October as World Cotton Day.

Wondering why all the hype about World Cotton Day? Cotton is more than just a fabric to a lot of communities around the globe. It is a source of their livelihood for millions of people across 5 cotton-growing continents. Growing and exporting cotton is vital for developed countries but it is the backbone of economically challenged nations. So, Cotton Day is observed to create an inclusive, productive, innovative and fair growing + trading of cotton. 

What are the benefits of cotton?

  • Cotton takes less water to grow, is renewable, biodegradable, and durable. Hence, 100 cotton fabric tops the list of sustainable fabrics in the textile industry. 
  • Cotton is hypoallergenic i.e., doesn’t induce or aggravate any sensitive skin conditions. 
  • All cotton items are easy to maintain.
  • Cotton items are all-season friendly i.e., indeterminate in nature and can be worn even in the harshest conditions. 
  • Cotton is super versatile – can be used to make apparel, home furnishings and other items like filters. And did you know a ton of cottonseeds produce about 320 pounds of oil? 

5 Cotton Items Everyone Must Own

As we all celebrate World Cotton Day, bring the unmatched magic of premium cotton home! Luxuriate in the comfort of these hand picked cotton items:

Trust us, the fluffier the dohar, the deeper the sleep! Even better if the dohar is reversible as you can style them two ways. Most cotton dohars are perfect all year round. However, if you stay in Mumbai-like temperature, they make a great pick for light winters as well. For heavier winters or AC rooms, cotton comforters are recommended. To keep them new-looking for longer, wrap them in cotton duvet covers

No matter what position you sleep in, we are sure you will get up with the face-on-the-pillow pose! This is why, it is essential to pick pillow covers that are softer than butter…like our Mango Mania Covers! Quirky, eye-catching, and forever loveable!  

Getting up cranky and unrested every morning? Maybe it’s overthinking, maybe it’s the bedsheet! Treat yourself to the luxury of a premium cotton bedsheet to experience the epitome of comfort! Oh and not to mention, Vaaree has the largest and most affordable assortment of cotton bedsheets online! Pick one in the color, size and design of your choice. 

When we think of premium cotton, we seldom think of home decor. A gorgeous prop for boho or contemporary home themes, cotton planters are a cost-efficient way to hide those ugly plastic planters. You can also use them as a basket to store throws and laundry! 

Given their highly malleable texture, ease of maintenance and durability, no wonder cotton items are a mass favorite. If you have kids or highly clumsy guests, ditch your expensive silk table mats for effortless-to-clean and elegant-to-look-at premium cotton table mats!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. What is World Cotton Day, and why is it significant for cotton bedding and linens?

World Cotton Day is a global celebration of the eternally versatile and universally loved natural fibers – Cotton. It is significant for bedding and linens because all good soft furnishings are made from premium cotton.

2. Why is cotton such an important and celebrated crop worldwide?

  • Cotton is a sustainable, bio-degradable, renewable and durable crop. 
  • It is also a Xerophyte - a non-thirsty crop that doesn’t demand a lot of water to grow and thrives even in dry non-favorable conditions.
  • Cultivating cotton is the primary source of livelihood especially for economically challenged countries. 
  • Cotton cultivation occupies 3% of the world’s total agriculture and yet fulfils the multiple facets of human consumption.

To recognize and appreciate the goodness that this immensely versatile crop holds, World Cotton Day is celebrated.

3. What are some of the major benefits of cotton, both economically and environmentally?

Environmentally, cultivating 100 cotton fabric is not very expensive or time-consuming. The crop grows in any conditions, requires less water, is versatile to use (cottonseed for oil, fiber for apparel or home decor, etc.) and post-usage it blends with where it came from - the soil! Sustainable, durable, renewable and loveable, that’s cotton for you. 

Producing and exporting cotton is a source of income for millions of people around the globe. Doing so strengthens the economic development of bigger nations and sustains the smaller nations.

4. How do I care for my cotton bedding and linens to ensure they last a long time?

Here is how you can care for your cotton bedcover, bedding and linens to ensure they last a long time:

  • Always dry cotton items in the shade. 
  • Wash them in cold water. 
  • As 100 cotton fabric dyed with natural colors can also bleed, wash light and dark colors separately. 
  • Though handwash is recommended for items like bedsheet cotton, you can throw them in a mild washing cycle. 
  • Always use mild detergents.

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