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Top 10 Bed Cover Design Ideas 2023

Do you agree when we say that midnight snacks hit different on the bed when curled up in a C-position? If yes, crumbs and spills must be an everyday occurrence in your home! You could make peace with it and let it ruin your premium bed sheets and mattresses. Or you could smarten up and get a bed sheet cover instead!  

How Can Bed Covers Keep Your Bedsheets Safe? A bed sheet cover is used for both protection and aesthetic purposes. It usually goes on top of the bed sheet but on lazy days can also double as the sheet itself. If your goal is purely visual, read on to learn the art of layering and picking the right bed cover design.

Top 10 Luxury Bed Cover Designs With Pictures In 2023

1. Floral Mesh Bedcover Set

There are luxury bed sheets. And then there is the luxury of this bedcover set! Crafted in a popping tangerine color and self floral jaal imprints, who wouldn’t instantly like this stunner? Just the bed cover design for super low-key bedrooms. 

2. Bloopity Bedcover

When we think of bed cover design, we usually think of prints or solids. But have you ever thought how gorgeous an embossed or self-design bed sheet cover can be? Get home a little vibrancy and a lot of charm with this bubbly (literally and metaphorically) Bloopity Bedcover! 

3. Ziba Printed Bedcover

A hybrid of stripes and zig-zag pattern, our Ziba Printed Bedcover is truly one-of-its-kind. Thoughtfully designed in a unique pastel pink and grey palette, it will look good with any theme. When you spread this bed cover, just ensure you keep subtle showpieces on the bedside table. 

4. Boo-Moo Bedcover

Parents decorate their kids’ rooms with the cutest home decor but seldom pay attention to soft furnishings. Add a playful touch to their room and a wholesome visual memory as you get home with this cutesy bed sheet cover. Layer it over any white luxury bed sheets to protect it without compromising 

5. Same Straight Bedcover

A striped bed cover design will never go out of style! And when made with 300 TC cotton in a color that is topping all charts, do you need more reasons to bring this baby home? We think not! A pretty-looking protective layer for your premium bed sheets. 

6. Day Dandelion Bedcover

No matter how well-designed your bedroom is, it will never look great without luxury bed sheets and an aptly matching bed cover. If the theme of your room is traditional, rustic or somewhere in between, go for heritage prints as showcased on this bedcover. A perfect balance of classic pattern and contemporary palette, trust us, it will be every guest’s envy. 

7. Animal Kingdom Bedcover

If your little one litters their bed like there is no tomorrow, a bed sheet cover is a no-brainer addition to their room. Given it is a necessity, you might as well choose a bed cover design that they would adore and insist on keeping. Something like this adorable Animal Kingdom Bedcover with a melange of prints. 

8. Lambent Lemons Bedcover

If experimental is your middle name and also the theme of your bedroom, our Lambent Lemons Bedcover is a must-buy. Thoughtfully designed with a reversible print, you can choose to go from solid to print and vice versa in a blink. A quilted bed cover design for Pinterest-inspired rooms. 

9. Sail-a-sail Bedcover

You don’t have to worry about your cotton bed sheet design if you have our elegant Sail-a-sail Bedcover in your wardrobe. Featuring the mass-loved greyish-blue color imprinted with mini ships, this bed sheet cover is definitely a whole vibe. 

10. Meraki Bedcover

Your hunt for a bed cover design that pairs like a dream with every bed setting stops with Meraki Bedcover. Displaying an all-over checkered pattern on the softest cotton base, it promises comfort, protection and a luxurious appearance all at the same time! 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What are the latest trends in bed cover designs for 2023?

The latest trends in bed cover design for 2023 are:

  • Abstract
  • Vertical stripes
  • Doodles 
  • 3D floral
  • Applique 
  • Kantha 
  • Hand block prints 
  • Geometric patterns
  • Quilted
  • Embroidered

2. How can I choose a bed cover design that complements my bedroom decor?

Choosing a bed cover design process is not very different than choosing a bed sheet design. The color of the bed sheet cover should match or contrast the furniture as well as the other soft furnishings. 

The design should also go well with the theme of the bedroom. So, for instance, the bedroom’s aesthetics scream modern vintage, go for neutral-colored self-designed bed covers instead of doodled variants. 

If you have a lot of printed elements in the bedroom, a solid bed cover design will be a safe choice. If you want to experiment, go with complementing prints. Lastly, if you want a luxurious appeal with your bed sheet cover, get a complete bedding set. 

3. What materials are commonly used for bed cover designs this year?

Materials used for the latest bed design 2023 are:

  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Bamboo
  • Organic cotton

4. How do I care for and maintain bed covers with intricate designs or delicate fabrics?

When caring for bed sheet covers with intricate designs or delicate fabrics follow the washing instructions on the product. As a thumb rule, always wash a bed sheet cover in cold water using a mild detergent and dry them in the shade. Also, avoid bleaching them. Lastly, when not in use, lightly iron them and store them in their original packaging. 

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