Night Lamp For Bedroom

How To Use A Night Lamp For Bedroom?

Night is the time when everyone wants to relax after a long day at work. Each one of us have different sleeping patterns and have our own ways of winding up the day and night routine before sleeping. In this context, some love sleeping in pitch-dark rooms and some need a dim light to slumber. Though dark rooms are preferred for sound sleep, this is not a universal rule. The ultimate goal is to sleep well, irrespective of whether you prefer a dark room or a room with a dim light.

So, if you are thinking of getting a night lamp for your bedroom, the first question is which kind of decorative night lamp is best suited for you? The colour of the bulb matters a lot, because different colours affect our body and mind in different ways, especially at night. Scientifically, blue lights are not advisable at night because blue lights have shorter wavelengths that suppress ‘melatonin’ which induces sleep. On the other hand, red light is good at night as it has a longer wavelength which does not affect melatonin to a great extent. 

Here are some cases where you require a night lamp for bedroom…

1. For kids:

Kids usually get scared in pitch-dark rooms and often experience nightmares. To allow them to sleep without worry or being afraid, a dim light in the room allows them to sleep well without getting intimidated. Some kids also tend to wake up at night and wish to sleep with their parents, in such cases a bed light lamp will help them find the way without getting hurt. Thus, a night lamp gives a sense of safety and familiarity.

2. For elders:

Night lamp for bedrooms is required for elders. If elders have the habit of going to washrooms at night or need to get up at night for any other reason, like having water or medicine then a dim light is required for better visibility and to prevent them from any accidental injury due to darkness.

3. Reading habit:

If you have a night ritual of reading before going to sleep, then a bed night lamp will come to your rescue. It is so relaxing to read good books and listen to soothing music before going to sleep.

4. If you are a dreamer:

If you are a creative person who gets the best ideas at night, may be related to your office project upcoming exams, or even journaling, then a decorative night lamp is your best friend while others are sleeping.

Thus, there are various ways of making the best use of your night lamp!

Here are some good decorative night lamp for bedroom at These lamps have been curated by top manufacturers from all over India at affordable prices and prime quality to solve your purpose. 

1. Black Magique Hanging light:

Enjoy your late evening reading with our Magique Hanging light in a black metallic finish! Now enjoy your night ritual of reading, writing, or reflecting on your thoughts with style statements as well as comfort.

2. Globe Glass gold arm light:

Embellish your bedroom with this unique-looking arm light in globe glass feel. Your kids will never feel insecure at night or elders at home will feel safe in its presence with this night lamp for bedroom.

3. Life Light Marble & Brass Base Table Lamp:

This beige colour table lamp is made of marble and metal with fabric shade. Such a beautiful and decorative night lamp is not only an object of immense utility but also a home décor item too to embellish your bedroom with its glory and light!

4. Shine right table lamp:

This is another masterpiece and a style statement for your bedroom. This night lamp for bedroom is so beautifully designed, offering artistic elegance to your bedroom apart from adequate lighting in the dark.

5. Twinkle Light Kaia Table Lamp:

This rustic and charming night lamp for bedroom is surely a piece of excellence! With a polyester shade and a galvanized iron stand, its uniqueness is spellbound! Don’t miss out on this best night lamp for memorable night conversations, and daily reading. Let your thoughts flow naturally as you write your daily journal in its beautiful tapered shade!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Why use a night lamp in the bedroom?

Bed light lamp can be of immense utility in the bedroom in order to read a book, listen to music, and journal.

2. Where should I place the night lamp in the bedroom?

You can place the night lamp on your side table or anywhere you can easily switch on and switch off the light. If your night lamp can be operated using a remote control, then, you can place your night lamp anywhere in the bedroom. 

3. Should the night lamp match the bedroom decor?

Yes, it is always aesthetically appealing if the bed light lamp matches your bedroom décor, because a decorative night lamp for the bedroom solves dual purposes of emitting light in dark and elevating the beauty of your bedroom.

4. Can I use a night lamp with a dimmer switch?

Yes, definitely, you can use a night lamp with a dimmer switch. A dimmer switch is a switch that allows you to dim the intensity of your night lamp based on your requirements. Make sure it is compatible with the kind of bulb you are using. 

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