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Store Up Wall Shelf


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Minimalist Rectangle Wooden Shelf


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Oakwood Haven Wall Shelf


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Arlo Wall Shelf


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Enchanted Echoes Wall Shelf - white - Set Of Four


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Celestial Cubbies Wall Shelf - Brown - Set Of Three


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Floral Cascade Wall Shelf


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Cozy Nook Corner Wall Shelf - Set Of Two


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Aurore Wall Shelf (Black) - Set Of Three


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Castle By The River Wall Shelf


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Buy Wall Shelves Online At the Best Price In India

Shelving is the best solution when you need to enlarge the storage space at home. Since it is impossible to have bulky cupboards everywhere, wall shelves can take over the role of harbouring your things and giving your space an organized appearance.

Given their easy installation and space-saving nature, the use of wall display shelves has extended beyond storage to display. That’s right! As all home decor magazines will tell you, shelves are super trendy when it comes to enhancing wall decor.

Referred to as floating shelves, they are versatile in nature and can be used to display anything from memorabilia to photo frames, books, and vases. There is plenty you can do with the humble shelf and Vaaree is where you will find the most stylish shelves for living room modern.

Stylish Wall Shelves That Will Decorate Your Room

The decorative wall shelves for the living room at Vaaree are available in shapes such as round, rectangular, square, etc., so you can pick the one that best syncs with your décor. In case you are wondering how to decorate or use your chosen shelf, skim through these creative ideas:

  • Balance the elements you are placing on the decorative wall rack. For example, a vertical photo frame with a horizontal showpiece.
  • If you are using multiple objects, then remember to leave some blank space in between to avoid a cluttered look.
  • For a neat and minimalistic appearance, always leave some space on either side of the shelf.
  • Get creative with the shapes and angles of the shelves for a quirky collage-like wall shelves décor.
  • Display your personality through shelves. Put forth your collectibles, artwork, books or any other item that tells guests more about you through the wall-mounted wooden shelves.
  • Experiment with hanging shelves and use them to hang plants or potpourri bowls to brighten up room corners.

Things to Know Before Buying Wall-Mounted Shelves

Not all types of wall shelves are ideal for your home, and you don’t want to be stuck with the wrong shelves, right? So, here’s a checklist to consider before you buy shelves online:

  1. Each shelf has a different weight capacity. Assess the kind of items you wish to put on the shelves before buying.
  2. Pick the material based on the décor of your space. Wall shelves can be found in plastic, metal, wood, etc.
  3. The style and shape must be paid attention to. Take into account the surroundings of the wall to decide on the shape that will suit your home best.
  4. Since wall book shelves are open, they are prone to collecting dirt. Ensure that the shelves you buy are easy to clean and preferably have a smooth finish.

Different Types Of Wall Shelves

Based on their installation and appearance, wall shelves can be categorised as:

  • Fixed Bracket Wall Shelves:

Most commonly used in kitchens and areas where heavy loads are to be placed, fixed bracket shelves have a visible bracket supporting the room wall shelves.

  • Floating Wall Shelves:

These shelves have no visible support and are ideal when you don’t want the sight of bulky supports in your wall display shelves.

  • Built-In Wall Shelves:

Such shelves follow the contour of the wall and are stacked against it. They are ideal to convert a dead corner into a viable space.

  • Hanging Wall Shelves:

These wall shelves are suspended on wires, ropes, or other forms of support and add a dramatic style to the walls.

Regardless of the type of wall shelf you are eyeing, Vaaree has a plethora of exciting options for your home. Buy wall shelves online from the convenience of your home and turn boring walls into interesting conversation starters!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What are wall shelves?

Wall shelves are versatile fixtures that you can install on the wall of your rooms, bedrooms, offices etc. They are made from a variety of materials like wood, MDF and acrylic. Wall display shelves can be used to display showpieces, planters or place frequently used items.

  1. What is the purpose of wall shelves?

Wall shelves are as versatile as handy. They can be used for:

  • Adding extra wall storage.
  • Organizing wall décor and frequently used items like books and keys.
  • Enhancing the appearance of a room.
  1. How do you choose the right size wall shelf for your space?

There is no definite methodology used to select right size wall shelf for your space. However, below stated are a few guiding pointers:

  • Style: If you have a traditional home theme, choose traditional wall shelves in solid colors and conventional materials like wood.
  • Shape: If the wall length where the shelf is to be placed is small, choose smaller room wall shelves in a square or triangular shape. Large wall spaces can accommodate shapes like rectangles, hexagons, etc.
  • Arrangement: If you intend to hang multiple wall shelves, choose sizes appropriately. You can also choose to opt for proliferating wall shelves set.
  1. What are some creative ways to use wall shelves?

Some creative ways to use wall shelves are listed below:

  • They can be used as wall bookshelves to showcase your most favorite books.
  • Wall mounted shelves with doors can be used to store any essential items.
  • A decorative wall rack can be a stand-alone accent piece or can serve as a shelf for displaying your exquisite showpiece collection, planters, frames, etc.
  • Shelves with hooks can be used to hang hats, keys, stoles, etc.
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