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Buy Davina Runa Floor Lamp With Shelf at Vaaree online | Beautiful Floor Lamp to choose from

Davina Runa Floor Lamp With Shelf

Fabric Shade

₹6,500.00₹15,000.00 57%Off
Buy Palm Pie Norfolk Floor Lamp at Vaaree online | Beautiful Floor Lamp to choose from

Palm Pie Norfolk Floor Lamp

Fabric Shade

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Buy Adiah Wall Lamp at Vaaree online | Beautiful Wall Lamp to choose from

Adiah Wall Lamp

Glass Shade

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Buy Vintage Trove Floor Lamp - White at Vaaree online | Beautiful Floor Lamp to choose from

Vintage Trove Floor Lamp - White

Fabric Shade

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Buy Moon Gooseneck Wall Lamp - Set Of Two at Vaaree online | Beautiful Wall Lamp to choose from

Moon Gooseneck Wall Lamp - Set Of Two

Glass Shade

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Buy Modern Haveli Lantern at Vaaree online | Beautiful Wall Lamp to choose from

Modern Haveli Lantern

Glass Shade

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Leaves In Wind Wooden Table Lamp

Leaves In Wind Wooden Table Lamp

Fabric Shade

₹1,866.00₹2,559.00 27%Off
Buy Estoile Wooden Table Lamp - Green Online in India | Table Lamp on Vaaree

Estoile Wooden Table Lamp - Green

Fabric Shade

₹1,625.00₹3,250.00 50%Off
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Dolhin Play Luminance Lamp

Dolhin Play Luminance Lamp

Acrylic Shade

₹752.00₹1,499.00 50%Off
Buy Tall Tales Tripod Floor Lamp - White at Vaaree online | Beautiful Floor Lamp to choose from

Tall Tales Tripod Floor Lamp - White

Fabric Shade

₹2,083.00₹3,200.00 35%Off
Buy Bisara Palmer Table Lamp at Vaaree online | Beautiful Table Lamp to choose from

Bisara Palmer Table Lamp

Fabric Shade

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Buy Sigma Wall Lamp at Vaaree online | Beautiful Wall Lamp to choose from

Sigma Wall Lamp


₹1,097.00₹3,000.00 63%Off

Buy Lamps & Lightings Online at India's Best Online Store

When it comes to designing stylish and impressive homes, the right lighting is a no-brainer. This is because lighting has a magical effect on any room. It can highlight areas, create depth, form cozy spaces, and much more! No wonder it is an interior designer’s favorite and most powerful tool. 

However, you don’t necessarily need the advice of expensive designers to introduce the enchanting effects of home lighting in your rooms. Because you can easily achieve it yourself with the help of the beautiful lamp lighting available at Vaaree. 

Shop Affordable Decorative Lights, Lamps & Lightings Online

Lamps are a convenient and cost-effective way of making your room come alive. They are a game-changer when it comes to imparting a warm and inviting ambience to your home. Since they are easy to move around you can keep changing the look of your rooms by placing them in different areas. Here are a few pointers that will help you make the most out of the lamp’s charm:

  • Determine the type or types of lighting you need in a room before buying lamps. For example, dining areas need functional lights that illuminate the entire space. Additionally, it also needs cozy led ceiling lightswhen you are in the mood for a romantic dinner. 
  • Placing the lamps on different heights rather than on the same plane can help you utilize the space better and achieve a beautiful effect.
  • Choose lamps that can be decorative pieces both when on and off. Pay attention to the colors and designs of the lampshade before buying.
  • All lampsemit lights in different intensities and directions. For instance, a table lamp with opaque shades will give off an upward and downward light while those made with transparent fabric or glass will emit light in all directions. 
  • You can mix and match different lamps but do not overdo else the room may appear chaotic.

Types Of Lamps For Your Lovely Home At Vaaree

At Vaaree, you will be greeted with a home lighting collection that will delight you with its mesmerizing designs. Not only that, but we also have lamp lighting in a variety of shapes, functionality, and placement. 

Furthermore, the carefully curated selection that you see at Vaaree has been sourced directly from Indian manufacturers. This will help you to enjoy the benefit of optimal pricing and the highest quality. Below are the types of lamps in store for you:

  1. Table Lamp

Our table lamps feature a sturdy base in wooden or metal that is durable and aesthetically charming. The lampshades come in eclectic prints, patterns, and materials that ooze class. 

table lamp can be kept anywhere – from bedside to balcony, entryway, and tables next to the sofa. 

  1. Floor Lamp

Tall and definitely alluring, floor lamps will floor your guests with their undeniable appeal! As the name states, a floor lamp is the kind of lamp that is placed directly on the ground. Typically, it features a simple wooden or metal base designed to blend well with your furniture and is complemented with a stunning lamp shade that lends elegance to the decor. In addition to the conventional floor lamp, we also offer cylindrical fabric floor lamps for those looking for a contemporary theme. 

floor lamp can be placed next to the sofa, near a reading nook, in bedrooms, or in any corner that’s too big for a table and too small to be left empty. 

  1. Wall Lamp

Wall lamps are usually suspended on the wall against a stand resting on a hook. A wall lamp can be further categorized into:

  • Swing Arm Wall Lamp: It’s a wall lamp with an adjustable stem or arm. It makes a perfect reading light. 
  • Pendant Wall Lamp: A downward-facing wall lamp resting on a chain, cord or directly on the stand. 
  • Picture Wall Light: This is basically a wall lamp used to highlight pictures or other accents. 
  • Wallchiere Light: Wallchieres are essentially lights mounted upwards. The primary function of this wall lamp is to spread light upwards or on the sides. An all-rounder wall lamp that fits in any room. 
  • Barn Wall Lamp: Wall lamps specifically designed keeping outdoor or large spaces in mind fall under barn lamps. They are sturdy, usually made from metal, life-sized, and throw light downwards. 
  • Flush Mount Wall Lamp: Flush wall lamp is designed to fit around the bulb and wall with minimal or no space in between. It is a great pick for compact rooms with less floor-to-ceiling height. 
  • Sconce Wall Lamp: Wall sconces are designed to exude light upwards and outwards. Courtesy of its design and contemporary details, it makes the right choice for ambiance lighting or a romantic setting. 

Time to light up all those dull corners with the selection of exquisite wall lamps at Vaaree! Explore now. 

  1. Ceiling Lamp

Ceiling lights could be chandeliers, pendant lamps, recessed or flush mounted. Our collection of ceiling lamps includes every variety and is available in numerous materials like metal, bamboo, wood, and jute as well as in a mosaic glass. Each has a unique ability to imbue the surroundings with a dreamy mood.

  1. LED ceiling lights:

LED ceiling lights are a stunning choice to make any room look lit! From square-shaped to round and geometric, Vaaree has carefully selected the most unique styles to pair like a dream with the rest of your room’s elements. 

So much to choose from, right? Just bring home any of these easy-to-use lamps from Vaaree and transform the vibe of your space!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. How Do You Decorate Your Home With Smart Lights?

Smart lights let your control and customize your light color and other settings. No wonder they are a popular choice in today’s modern homes. Here are a few ways to decorate your home with smart lights:

  • As ambiance lights around TV units, false ceilings, under beds, desks, and wardrobes. 
  • If you don’t have the budget to renovate your entire space with smart lights, you can start small by simply replacing the bulbs of your lamp. 
  1. What are the different types of lamps?

Lamps can be broadly classified into:

  • Table Lamp
  • Wall Lamp
  • Ceiling Lamp
  • Floor Lamp
  • LED Ceiling Lights

The good news is – you can find them all under one roof at jaw-dropping prices on Vaaree!

  1. Which are the best lamps for reading?

The best lamps for reading are:

  • Swing arm wall lamp
  • Floor lamp with an adjustable arm
  • Torchiere wall or table lamp
  • Flush mount or recessed ceiling lights
When it comes to lamp lighting, both warm white and warm yellow lights can work depending on your preference. Fluorescent and halogen bulbs between 40-60 watts are recommended for reading. For books with a trickier font, you can choose a bulb up to 80 watts. Just avoid choosing anything that is too bright or too light to avoid straining your eyes.
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