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Buy Showpieces - Crystal Gradient Showpiece at Vaaree online

Crystal Gradient Showpiece

Metal, Crystal

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Buy Showpieces - Master Of Sea Showpiece at Vaaree online

Master Of Sea Showpiece

Metal, MDF

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Buy Vase - Rhoda Black And White Tribal Vase at Vaaree online

Rhoda Black And White Tribal Vase


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Buy Showpieces - Ocean Lord Showpiece at Vaaree online

Ocean Lord Showpiece

Metal, MDF

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Buy Vase - Hector Metal Vase at Vaaree online

Hector Metal Vase


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Buy Showpieces - Tribal Charm Showpiece at Vaaree online

Tribal Charm Showpiece


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Buy Showpieces - Antique Echoes Vintage Telephone Showpiece - Black at Vaaree online

Antique Echoes Vintage Telephone Showpiece - Black

Brass, Metal

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Buy Showpieces - Captain Sail Showpiece at Vaaree online

Captain Sail Showpiece

Metal, MDF

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Buy Showpieces - Lotus Paradise Table Decor at Vaaree online

Lotus Paradise Table Decor

Metal, MDF

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Buy Vase - Cynara Flower Vase at Vaaree online

Cynara Flower Vase


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Buy Vase - Elite Epiphany Vase at Vaaree online

Elite Epiphany Vase


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Buy Vase - Jemima Metal Vase - Set Of Two at Vaaree online

Jemima Metal Vase - Set Of Two


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Buy Home Decor Showpieces Vases online at the Best Prices

One cannot deny the pleasurable aesthetics extended by keeping flowers at home. Whether faux or real, flowers have always been an integral part of home décor. And helping flowers spread their beauty are vases.

Vases not only enhance the attractiveness of flowers but are also precious designer showpieces for home decor. The right flower vase when paired with the right flower creates a surreal aura that imparts grace to the space. These versatile home décor showpieces are available in varied materials and style, each with their distinct elegance.

If flower vases are on your showpiece for living room checklist then allow Vaaree to mesmerise you with a curated collection that’s fit for kings!

Decorating with Vases

There are several ways in which you can use vases as decorative showpiece. Here are some creative ideas you can use around the home:

  1. When arranging flowers in a vase stick to one or two varieties of flowers to keep the look neat and attractive.
  2. Line up vases in various sizes on the mantlepiece or console table to create showpieces for home.
  3. Heavy vases can also be used as bookends on your shelves. This helps break the monotony and lends freshness to the book arrangement.
  4. Use bud vases in areas like the bathroom window or on floating shelves to light up small spaces.
  5. Tall vases filled with dried or sculptural branches are great as a home decor showpiece for the dining table. You can even forage branches on your own and place them for a free DIY.
  6. It is not mandatory to put flowers in vases. You can place sculptural vases without flowers on the side table as showpieces.
  7. Fill glass vases or shallow vases with potpourri for an interesting effect. Not only does this impart a pop of colour but will also add fragrance to the room.

Popular Vase Shapes And Flower Pairing

  1. Rustic Vase – Rounded bottom, narrow opening. Place top heavy flowers like hydrangeas, snapdragons etc., as the bottom can support the weight.
  2. Cylinder Vase – Uniform shape from top to bottom. Tall-stem flowers like roses and orchids are ideal for this vase type.
  3. Bouquet Vase – Narrow top and base, wider at the body. The shape supports placing lush, well-arranged bouquets of mixed flowers.
  4. Bud Vase – The shapes may vary but bud vases are always tiny. As the name suggests, place a single flower or small bouquet to make a designer showpiece.
  5. Bowl Vase – Symmetrical spherical shape. Use it for bouquets of mixed flowers for best showpiece for living room.
  6. Jug Vase – Shaped like a jug. Since it gives off rustic vibes, place seasonal or locally foraged flowers and branches in it.

Shop Luxury Decorative Vases and Showpieces

Vases are available in a plethora of materials like ceramic, glass, crystal, metal, etc. Ceramics and metal are considered playful as they infuse colours and come in vivid shapes. Glass and crystal are used in more formal settings due to their graceful appearance. Regardless of the choice of material, it is certain that vases bestow a dreamy and classy effect on any room. Whatever your preference in shapes, size, colour, or material, Vaaree has unlimited options in vase showpieces for living room for you to choose from!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What are showpieces and vases?

Showpieces & vases are decorative items that are used to accentuate the beauty of any space. Showpieces can be anything ranging from figurines, abstract artworks, etc. Vases on the other hand is a type of showpiece primarily used to hold flowers or plants.

  1. What is the purpose of showpieces and vases?

The main purpose of showpieces and vases is to lend a stylish appeal to any space.

  1. What materials are commonly used to make showpieces and vases?

The materials commonly used to make showpieces and vases are:

  • Ceramic
  • Glass
  • Porcelain
  • Plastic
  • Acrylic
  • Concrete
  • Metal

Each has a distinct aura as showpiece for home décor and can be found at Vaaree!

  1. What are the different types of showpieces & vases?

A few different types of showpiece for home are:

  • Metal artwork
  • Figurines
  • Animals and bird statues
  • Abstract décor
  • Candle stands, diyas and decorative urlis

A few different types of vases are:

  • Mason jar
  • Cube vase
  • Cylindrical vase
  • Cube vase
  • Pitcher vase
  • Sculptural vase
  1. What are some creative ways to use showpieces & vases?

Some creative ways to use showpieces and vases are:

  • On any lonely tables/countertops like kitchen, bathroom, coffee and dining table.
  • If your tables are already laden with decorative showpiece, vases can go in the corner of a room, directly on the floor.
  • Make vases or cute showpieces as bookends.
  • Put string light in a mason jar and swap them for ambiance lighting.
  1. What are the benefits of using showpieces and vases in home decor?

There are no benefits per say of using showpieces and vases in your home décor. Just that if you use them, your house will look prettier and feel more inviting!

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