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Buy Serving Bowl - Eloise Rectangle Serving Bowl at Vaaree online

Eloise Rectangle Serving Bowl


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Buy Bowl - Ruby Glass Bowl- Set Of Six at Vaaree online

Ruby Glass Bowl- Set Of Six


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Buy Bowl - Clear Glass Mixing Bowl - Set of Two at Vaaree online

Clear Glass Mixing Bowl - Set of Two


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Buy Bowl - Hyaline Mixing Bowl - Set Of Two at Vaaree online

Hyaline Mixing Bowl - Set Of Two


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Buy Baking Dish - Glass Mixing Bowl and Oval Dish at Vaaree online

Glass Mixing Bowl and Oval Dish


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Buy Bowl - Clear Glass Mixing Bowl - Set of Three at Vaaree online

Clear Glass Mixing Bowl - Set of Three


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Buy Serving Bowl - It's Home Serving Bowl with lid - Set of Two at Vaaree online

It's Home Serving Bowl with lid - Set of Two


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Buy Bowl - Impressione Glass Bowl - Set of Twelve at Vaaree online

Impressione Glass Bowl - Set of Twelve


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Buy Bowl - Pittsbur Storage Bowl (Pink) - Set Of Two at Vaaree online

Pittsbur Storage Bowl (Pink) - Set Of Two


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Buy Bowl - Madiye Glass Serving bowl - Set of Six at Vaaree online

Madiye Glass Serving bowl - Set of Six


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Buy Serving Bowl - Mario Glass Footed Serving Bowl at Vaaree online

Mario Glass Footed Serving Bowl


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Buy Serving Bowl - Classic Serving Glass Bowl - Set Of Three at Vaaree online

Classic Serving Glass Bowl - Set Of Three


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Buy Bowls Online at the Best Prices

Bowls…Nobody can ever get enough of them! Whether it is for munching your favorite mid night snack or serving something messy, bowls are the knight in a round silhouette! You see what we did there? 

8 Types Of Bowls That Will Bowl You Over!

  • Solid Bowls:

When hosting a big party, it is impossible to have enough bowls to serve everyone in your fancy dinner set. This is precisely where a solid bowl set can come to your rescue. To make the most out of the bowl set, be sure to pick them in neutral colors. Or in the palette that matches your most used dinner set. 

  • Wooden Bowl:

Some things taste better only when mixed or served in a wooden bowl, prove us wrong! Not only does a wooden bowl enhance the taste but also makes the dish look equally eye-catching. Think caesar salads, Diwali faral, and more! The best part about a wooden bowl is – when not on the dining table, it makes a great accent piece for side tables and dull counters alike. Just pair it with a wooden tray and you are golden!

  • Printed Bowls:

A white ceramic bowl with gold rims will always be a classic. But if you want to hop on the crockery trend wagon, you NEED to stock up on printed bowls! Available in variants with plain insides-printed outside & vice-versa, a printed ceramic bowl tops a crockery connoisseur’s must-have lists. 

  • Asymmetric Bowls:

Be it food or bowls, if you are someone who likes to experiment, all things asymmetric is the new thing on the dinnerware block! Though a lot of people add a poetic meaning to the silhouette, others simply can’t stop musing over its unconventional shape. Whatever team you are on, one thing is for sure – asymmetric bowls + asymmetric ceramic dinner plates = the title of the most aesthetic host!

Nothing soothes the soul like a bowlful of piping hot soup. And every living being on planet earth will agree that soup is meant to be slurped wearing the comfiest PJs, on a cozier than your boyfriend’s t-shirt kinda couch, in a pretty huge ceramic/porcelain/fine bone or china bowl! There is no other way. Period. If you don’t have a soup bowl set, take this as a cue from the universe and get one NOW. Because winter is coming! *Inserts Game of Thrones music*

Maybe you are the host of everyone’s dreams. You have larger than life trays. The most expensive China. Even matching cutlery. But none of it will exude its opulence if it is not served in the right serving bowls! Don’t believe us? Let us explain. 

Say you are having a high tea party. You have your royal ceramic tea cup set out. Matching tea pot, milk pot, designer tea cups and saucers, everything is perfection…unless you serve the siders or snacks in an off looking or worse plastic dish. Do yourself a favor, and get versatile serving bowls

A mixing bowl is one of the most underrated kitchen essentials. A friend in need for mixing, serving, making salads, or having a big family meal together, a mixing bowl is your multi-purpose friend indeed! 

  • Salad Bowls:

Salads are all about the prep. Ensuring that every vegetable is coated enough in the scrumptious sauce is where the magic lies. This certainly is a task that your regular bowls cannot cater to efficiently. Invest in a big salad bowl, a couple of salad spoons , and vegetable dicers and that’s it. Thank us later if you see yourself all motivated to dive into a healthier lifestyle. 

Things To Know Before Buying Bowls Online:

  • Understand the purpose of your purchase:

If you want a bowl set for serving ramen, you will never get its utility from a shallow bowl. Be clear about the usage. And if you goof up, that is okay too! Because there is no thing called mismatched or too-many bowls!

  • Check the dimensions carefully:

Steeper bowls are ideal for liquids. While deep bowls that are equally wide are perfect for mixing or tossing. Likewise, for serving dals or sabzis, shallow bowls make a better choice. 

  • Material matters!

There are countless bowl sets out there. And each comes with its set of pros and cons. For instance, ceramic bowls are heavy yet slightly fragile, affordable and microwave safe. Likewise, a bone china bowl lightweight, comparatively sturdier, expensive, and not microwave safe if it has detailing. Know your priorities to buy right! 

Vaaree - "The House Of Bowls"!

When your house calls for salad serving spoons, aprons, knives, bowls, anything kitchen or home for that matter, Vaaree is where you should be! A curation of the finest kitchenware, decor, furnishings, dinnerware, and more, we bridge the gap between top-notch quality and jaw-dropping prices!

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