Great Gatsby Themed Party

Great Gatsby Themed Party Decoration Ideas At Home

Are you planning to have a Great Gatsby themed party at home? If yes, then get ready with lots of fun, thrill, and preparations! Yes, symbolized by specific hues like gold, silver, black and white, the Great Gatsby party has some very typical décor and ambience! But have you ever wondered where this Great Gatsby theme all started from? And what is Great Gatsby all about?

This themed party is derived from the popular novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ written by American Author F. Scott Fitzgerald in 1925. Since then, Great Gatsby parties became very popular in the 1920s and beyond. Those years marked the beginning of freedom for women to party just like men with loud music, strong lights, cocktails, and wild swing dances, symbolizing the glamorous lives of the ‘roaring’ twenties.

Gatsby themed parties centered on ‘Art deco’, which a famous design style is belonging to the 1920s. Art deco is represented by beautiful and stylish geometric shapes using man-made materials and of course using typical shades of gold, silver, black, and white!

10 Decor Tips to Amp Up Your Great Gatsby Gathering!

1. Ceiling Balloons:

Beautiful and vibrant balloons in hues of gold, white, silver, and black are an integral part of the Great Gatsby party decor. Balloons are not only an economical way of decorating your home but also visually appealing and always give a sense of celebration and happiness. At Gatsby themed parties, balloons are hung on the ceiling hovering over the guests. You can also add confetti to the balloons for more fun!

Ceiling Balloons

2. Dazzling Furniture:

Work on the furniture and other accessories in your house for a Great Gatsby themed party. Use black coloured table cloths with golden tassels hanging. Add black, golden, and silver shaded cushions to your sofas and chairs making them look jazzy and stylish giving an opulent look!

Dazzling Furniture

3. Ostrich feathers:

Big ostrich feathers are typical of Great Gatsby parties. Long, white ostrich feathers symbolize extravagance and glamour, making your party shine like anything. Fake ostrich feathers are easily available and also give a grand décor feeling to your guests, recreating the drama period of the 1920s, and making the entire ambience peppy. Apart from big feathers, small ostrich feathers are also used as centre-pieces in Gatsby themed parties

Ostrich feathers

4. The Barware:

Toasting drinks became very popular in the 1920s during parties and so should be your next agenda on the list! Coupe champagne glasses and Whiskey decanters are a must for Great Gatsby themed parties, and look very impressive in your bar! Arrange for popular spirits and cocktail mixes such as Gin Rickey, Mint Juleps, champagne, claret wines, scotch, and cordials. Coasters replicating Art deco of the 1920s are like icing on the cake!


The Barware


5. The bright lighting:

Gatsby themed parties deserve good lighting, typical to their theme. Luminescent, attractive bright lights, are significant to make your party magnificent and peppy! You can go for vintage lamps and chandeliers with crystals, shining bright and recreating an ambience of the 1920s. Also, showcase candles with golden and silver hues to make the entire ambience more fascinating!


The bright lighting


6. Impressive dance floor:

Dedicate a certain area of your house for the dance floor. Yes, dance floors are very much part of the jazzy Great Gatsby themed parties with rendezvous music, setting the mood of your guests with some wild dances to follow!

Impressive dance floor

7. Create a photo booth:

Make a style statement and loads of memories by keeping a photo booth and relive the aura and the era of the roaring 1920s! Arrange for interesting props like feathers, hats, champagne bottles, and Gatsby themed backdrops to let your guests chill out and have an incredible time at your Great Gatsby party!

Create a photo booth


So, here you have got a glimpse of what Great Gatsby parties are all about! Anything representing the 1920s can form a part of your home décor! Just keep the interiors shiny and sparkling restricting to colours such as gold, silver, white and black.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What lighting options can enhance the dramatic and luxurious feel of a Great Gatsby party?

Chandeliers, vintage lamps, and candelabras are good lighting options to enhance the dramatic and luxurious feel of a Great Gatsby themed party.

2. What are some creative ways to set up a Gatsby-inspired photo booth or backdrop?

Interesting backdrops and props like candelabra, feathers, and champagne bottles are some creative ways to set up a Gatsby-inspired photo booth or backdrop.

3. What are the key elements of a Great Gatsby themed party, and how can I incorporate them into my decor?

The key elements of a Great Gatsby themed party are hues like gold, silver, black, and white and you can incorporate them into your decor in the form of balloons, centerpieces, props, furniture, and lighting.

4. How to decorate a Gatsby party?

You can decorate a Gatsby party using typical 1920s party elements such as ceiling-touching balloons, luxurious photo-booth, ostrich feathers, vintage lamps, coupe champagne glasses, and a dance floor.

5. What style is Great Gatsby decor?

Great Gatsby follows the Art Deco of the 1920s depicting loud, radiant, and luxurious parties based on the novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ by American Author F. Scott Fitzgerald.

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