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Stay Cool and Stylish: 10 Trendy Plants & Seeds for a Cooler Home

In a world full of concrete, it feels good to come home to some refreshing greenery. Besides their aesthetic appeal, having indoor plants is associated with multiple benefits. They are considered stress relievers, mood boosters, and also help in purifying the air in your home. Aside from these benefits, plants can also help you lower your electricity bills. How, you ask? Because some plants and seeds have a cooling effect that helps in lowering the temperature of your home naturally!

Here Are the Top 10 Air Cooling Plant for Home

1. Weeping Fig

Known as ficus benjamina, this leafy plant aids in keeping the indoor air moist and cool. Pick plants that have a tall trunk and a bushy top and club them together in a corner. 

2. Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant doesn’t just offer skin and hair benefits, it also keeps the heat in check. Bring it home to remove toxins from the air and maintain oxygen levels. 

3. Money Plant

Also referred to as pothos, the money plant is an easy-to-grow and resilient plant. Being low maintenance, it is ideal for those who are beginners in plant care. Perfectly described as short but mighty, plant it to bring some much-needed coolness to the house. 

4. Rubber Plant

With great anti-inflammatory properties and an enhanced ability to soak CO2, the rubber plant is a useful pick, especially for low-ventilated homes. It is easily available, maintains oxygen levels, and looks pretty enough to fill empty corners!

5. Boston Fern

A good and healthy fern is a treat to the eyes. These plants are natural air purifiers and remove pollutants such as formaldehyde. It is best to keep them away from direct sunlight if you want verdant growth.

6. Snake Plant

Another easy-to-grow plant for beginners, the snake plant gives a cooling effect to rooms due to its high water content. You can keep it in the sunny areas of your house or windowsills to naturally block heat. It’s almost impossible to kill, effortless to propagate and efficient in keeping your homes cool.

7. Bamboo Palm

A powerful humidifier, the bamboo palm is a majestic air cooling plant for home. Its beautiful large leaves are capable of filtering toxins like benzene and trichloroethylene while keeping the surroundings cool. Keep it next to the sofa in a big pot to mimic resort vibes.

8. Peace Lily

An epitome of elegance, the peace lily is more than just a decorative plant. Its leaves release high doses of moisture and oxygen into the air thereby giving a cooling effect. Just remember to keep it in indirect sunlight for a lush plant. 

9. Aglaonema

The large, pale green leaves of the aglaonema or Chinese evergreen plant have a high transpiration rate that injects moisture into the air around it. It also does a fantastic job of clearing the air of toxins. Requires little sunlight and water and makes a perfect fit for first-time gardeners. Not to mention it looks incredibly cute!

10. Spider Plant

A plant that thrives with little care, the spider plant is hands down one of the best plants to cool your house. This hardy plant cools your indoor air as well as absorbs toxins like xylene and formaldehyde. Place them in semi-shaded areas and watch them flourish. 

These are some of the best indoor plants for cooling that you can find at Vaaree. We also have good quality house plant seeds for those who love gardening! Go ahead, and shop for your green needs with us.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. How can plants contribute to a cooler home environment?

  • Cooling plants absorb heat, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases that contribute to a house feeling warm.
  • Plants lose water during transpiration. This in turn cools the air around them. 
  • Plants release oxygen. And we all know that more the oxygen, more the house will be fresh and cool.

2. What are some trendy plants that are known for their cooling properties?

Some trendy air cooling plant for home are:

  • Bamboo palm plant
  • Snake plant
  • Croton petra plant
  • Areca palm plant
  • Spider plant
  • Golden fern plant

You can get your hands on all these plants, seeds for home garden and other gardening items at the best prices on Vaaree.

3. Are there specific plants that are recommended for cooling specific areas of the home?

No, there are no specific plants that are recommended for cooling specific areas of the home as all of them are equally potent. However, some indoor plants are better suitable for specific corners. For instance, as the money plant is a climber, it looks more elegant on window grills or higher areas. Likewise, as bamboo palms have tall and lean branches, it makes more sense to place them in empty corners.

4. Can you suggest some indoor plants that are known for their cooling properties?

Here are a few indoor plants that are known for their cooling properties:

  • Sansevieria futura superba plant
  • Raphis palm plant
  • Calathea rattlesnake plant
  • Button fern plant

Gardening enthusiasts can explore a variety of indoor plants and flower seeds for home garden sourced from authentic brands on Vaaree.

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