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Safety First: Finding the Best Non-Slip Bathroom Rugs and Bath Mats

With its tiled floors and the presence of soap and water, the bathroom can be a room of mishaps, especially if one is not careful. Even with the best traction surface, there is always a risk of slipping and hurting yourself. But these untoward accidents can easily be prevented by using an anti-skid mat for bathroom. By securing the mat to the floor using a non-slip grip, these mats prevent skidding. Thereby, making the bathroom safer for all age groups. 

Let’s learn more about these rugs and durable bath mat that are essential for bathroom safety.

What Are Anti-Slip Mats

Anti-slip mats are usually textured rubber mats with or without drainage holes. The purpose of these mats is to provide the underfoot with a strong grip and reduce slipping risks. They are ideal for use in wet conditions that exist in the kitchen or bathroom. Such mats also find use in industries where the floor is exposed to grease, oil, or liquids. 

Things to look for before buying anti-slip mats online:

  • It is better to buy a textured surface mat as it further enhances the grip of the foot.
  • For the shower area, purchase an anti slip shower mat with drainage holes. This will prevent water and soap from collecting on the mat keeping it safe.
  • If using anti-slip mats for industrial use then check chemical compatibility with other chemicals, grease, oil etc. 

What Are Anti-Slip Bathroom Rugs

Bathroom rugs not only bring style and a pop of colour to the bathroom, but they also avoid slipping hazards owing to their strong grip. One of the differences between anti-slip rugs and mats is the surface material. In bathroom rugs, the surface is composed of cotton or felt on top which gives it a rug-like appearance. Bathroom rugs are placed outside the shower area/bathtub allowing one to dry their feet after taking a shower. Not only do bath rugs help soak the excess water from your feet, but they also help in keeping the bathroom dry and hygienic. They are also used around the toilet bowl. 

Things to look for before buying anti-slip bathroom rugs :

  • The size and shape of the non-slip bath mat should fit the bathroom area/toilet bowl adequately.  
  • The upper material should be soft and plush, ideally microfiber, which will easily soak the water.
  • Since bath rugs are exposed to water check on the durability of the material as well as ease of washing.

Top Bath Mats & Rugs Picks From Vaaree

1. Transparent Blue Anti Slip Shower Mat

Made with high-quality PVC, this bath mat sticks to the floor firmly. Place in the bath area and dance away in the shower without the fear of slipping. 

2. Dark Brown Contour Mat

Make your guest bathroom look straight out of a magazine with this brown contour mat. It is a very handy non slip bathroom floor mats for elderly when it comes to keeping the bathroom safe and dry.

3. Brown Striped Microfiber Bathmat

Why bother with drying the feet after a bath? Just place them on this best anti slip bath mat and the microfiber will absorb the excess water instantly. The pretty pattern will add style to your space too!

4. Beige Microfiber Bathmat

The perfect anti-skid mat for bathroom if you want to feel plushness under your feet! Featuring a classy solid colour and an anti-slip backing that will last for years.

Shop for your choice of best bathroom mats and rugs in a plethora of colours and patterns, only at Vaaree.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. Why is finding a non-slip bathroom rug or bath mat important for safety?

It is important to find the right non-slip bathroom rug or bath mat to reduce the risk of falls, slips or any other accident. So, always pick the one that has an impeccable grip and can absorb water fast. 

2. What are the key features to look for in a non-slip bathroom rug or bath mat?

The key features to look for in a non-slip bathroom rug or bath mat are:

  • Right material.
  • Excellent grip.
  • Optimal absorption.
  • Appearance to match the aesthetics of your bathroom.

3. How do non-slip bathroom rugs and bath mats prevent slips and falls?

Non-slip bathroom rugs and bath mats top side are made from a material that absorbs water fast and dries quickly. While its bottom side is designed to grip the floor firmly and not budge a bit even in highly drenched conditions.

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