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Exploring Different Styles and Designs of Designer Wall Clocks

There’s nothing more appealing for home décor enthusiasts than pieces that meet both functional as well as aesthetic needs. Unique modern wall clocks are one such item that are great to make a style statement in wall décor while staying on time for your schedule. Given their widespread usage, designer wall clocks for living room are available in various types and styles to suit every theme. Below we explore the world of designer wall clocks.

Types of Clocks

There are two major classifications of clocks based on their display, namely:

1. Digital Clocks:

Digital clocks carry an LED display of the time on their screen. They are fairly easy to read, noiseless, and can be seen at any time of the day. These clocks are excellent for senior citizens and children as the time display is clear and in large fonts.

2. Analog Wall Clock:

Analog clocks show the time with two moving hands and a clock face with numbers from 1 to 12. They carry an ethereal charm and are an aesthetically very appealing unique wall clock for living room. Definitely a must-have for retro and vintage themes!


Styles of Wall Clocks

The best wall clock for living room can be categorised into various styles based on their look, appearance, and material used. Take a peek at the below styles and pick your favourite!

  • Retro Wooden Wall Clock

Retro wall clocks usually feature Roman numerals on the clock face and carry a distinct vibe. The distressed look given to this clock coupled with the creative wall clock design on the clock hands make it a one-of-a-kind piece. Wooden clocks are also considered fairly durable given the robustness of the material used. 

  • Vintage Clocks

Vintage clocks draw inspiration from bygone eras. The featured one, for instance, is inspired by the station clocks. Hang it in the area that divides two rooms so that you can see the time from both sides!

  • Modern Clocks

Mostly made with metal or plastic, modern clocks are characterised by clean, geometrical lines. They feature a simple design that is functional yet beautiful. Modern clocks like this one are ideal for use as an accent wall décor item.

  • Ethnic Wall Clocks

You will find ethnic wall clocks in metal with an outer layer that exudes opulent vibes. The floral motifs and carving on this clock make it look like a treasured piece from the house of royalty. This one is certainly a conversation starter!

  • Painted Wall Clocks

In painted wall clocks, the clock face is adorned with a pretty design or pattern. These clocks are usually crafted in acrylic which makes them economical and lightweight. Given the plethora of designs available, you can match the colours of the clock with your curtains or contrast it with the tone of the wall. 

  • Wall Art Clocks

These are elaborate clocks that go a step ahead and cover a large area of your wall, like a painting. You will mostly find them as a set of three pieces wherein one is a clock while the other two are paintings. Just what you need for creative clock decoration ideas!

Browse the curated selection of latest wall clock designs at Vaaree to find one that meets your décor needs. There’s plenty to choose from at prices that your pocket will love!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

  1. How do I choose the right style of designer wall clock for my home?
  • Determine the theme of the room – modern, vintage, minimalist, etc. 
  • Ensure the designer wall clock is of the room’s palette – lighter or darker works. 
  • Size matters! So, make sure the wall clock is not too big or small for the room.
  1. Are there designer wall clocks available in different sizes?

Yes, designer wall clocks are available in different sizes. 

  1. Can I find designer wall clocks that match my existing home décor?

Yes, you can find designer wall clocks that match your existing home décor if you look for them on Vaaree!

  1. How do I maintain and clean designer wall clocks?

Clean and maintain your designer wall clocks just like any other clock. Wipe off dirt with a dry or damp cloth and change batteries when necessary.

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