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Vastu Tips: Placing Your Wall Clock for Positive Energy Flow

Despite the advent of mobile phones, the wall clock for home has retained its charm and value. The ease of keeping track of time and the beauty it adds to the décor are irreplaceable. 

Clocks are now available in every size, shape, design, and colour possible to match the myriad décor styles. There are ample options for everyone to pick the one they desire. But regardless of the clock you pick, the Vastu Shastra rules that apply to clocks remain the same. These wall clock vastu rules dictate the best direction for wall clocks to mitigate negative energy and enhance positivity in the house. 

Here are some Vastu tips for placing your wall clock:

1. Direction:

The ideal direction for placing a wall clock is the North or East wall. These directions are considered auspicious & are believed to attract positive energy.

2. Avoid South & West:

It is generally recommended to avoid placing the wall clock on the South & West walls. These directions are believed to hurt time & can disrupt the positive flow of energy in the house.

3. Height:

The wall clock should be hung at an appropriate height. Ideally, it should be at eye level when you are in a sitting position. Avoid placing the clock too high or too low.

4. Clockwise Movement:

The clock should move in a clockwise direction. This is believed to symbolize progress & forward movement in life. Avoid using anti-clockwise or irregularly ticking clocks.

5. No Broken or Stopped Clocks:

Avoid displaying broken or stopped clocks in your home. They are considered inauspicious & can bring negative energy.

6. Avoid Bedroom Placement:

It is not recommended to have a wall clock in the bedroom, especially facing the bed. If you have a clock in the bedroom, place it in a position where it is not directly visible from the bed.

7. Clean and Well-Maintained:

Keep your wall clock clean & well-maintained. Dust & dirt on the clock can obstruct the flow of positive energy.

8. Use Positive Colours:

Choose a wall clock with colours that are soothing & positive. Avoid dark or dull colours, as they may hurt the overall energy of the room.

Role Of Wall Clocks In Vastu

The architectural science of Vastu is an ancient guide that governs the elements of constituents of design, layout, measurements, ground preparation, arrangement, and spatial geometry to create structures that are harmonious and imbued with good energies. But the role of Vastu is not limited to construction, rather it expands into the placement of objects within the house as well. Like all items, the rules in Vastu also talk about the wall clock direction as per vastu and the placement of clocks to ensure peace and prosperity. 

Vastu Tips For Wall Clocks:

1. Wall Clock Direction As Per Vastu

    • North and East are the ideal wall clock facing direction to hang a wall clock. The East is ruled by Indra, so hanging a clock here enhances the fame and prosperity of residents. If you want to attract wealth then North, which is ruled by Kuber, is the apt direction. 
    • Wall clocks must never be hung in the south direction as it is presided over by Yama, the God of death. Hanging a clock here is said to bring misery and unrest in the house. 
    • In your bedroom, the wall clock for home vastu says that it should be in the west direction if the bed faces east. This will bring good health to family members. 
    • Clocks must never face any door in the house and should not be placed outside the house in areas like the balcony etc. 

    2. Wall Clock Shape As Per Vastu

      • Circular designs are promoted by Vastu due to their simplicity. Vastu promotes a clutter-free house with simple décor items. A round clock face is best, followed by an oval.
      • Irregular designs might appear attractive but are a strict no-no in Vastu. So, best to stay away from them if you want a Vastu-compliant home. 

      3. Wall Clock Direction As Per Vastu & Material

      • Metallic wall clocks are best placed in the Northern direction as living room wall clock. The living room is more suited for metal clocks than other areas of the house.
      • Wooden clocks are ideal for the eastern direction. They can be hung in any room.

      4. General Vastu Guidelines For Wall Clock

      • Never keep a wall clock in bedroom that has stopped working. It brings bad energy.
      • The clock should always be on time or a few minutes ahead, and never behind time.
      • The glass frame of the clock should always be clean.
      • Avoid keeping wall clocks where the clock face depicts sorrowful or violent scenes.
      • Pendulum clocks are considered auspicious in Vastu.
      • A clock with melodious chiming music promotes the flow of positive energies. 

      Hope this blog answers your most-asked question - where to hang wall clock in living room? Get the best collection of Vastu-compliant wall clocks at affordable prices only at Vaaree. 

      Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

      1. Where is the best location to place a wall clock according to Vastu?

      The best location to place a wall clock according to Vastu is North or East. It is believed that the East is ruled by Indra. So, hanging a wall clock in this direction enhances the fame and prosperity of residents. If you want to attract wealth then hang the wall clock in the North, which is ruled by Kuber. Shop from Vaaree’s curated selection of Vastu approved wall clocks online from the comfort of your home!

      2. Does the size of the wall clock matter when considering Vastu guidelines?

      Yes, the size of the wall clock matters when considering Vastu guidelines. It is believed that the right wall clock size is between six to eighteen inches in diameter. 

      3. Which direction should the wall clock face for positive energy flow?

      For positive energy flow, wall clock direction as per Vastu should be North, East or North East. 

      4. Can I place a wall clock in the bedroom according to Vastu?

      Yes, you can place a wall clock in the bedroom according to Vastu. Just hang it in the North or East direction of your bedroom.

      5. Can I place a wall clock in the bedroom?

      It's generally advised to avoid placing a clock in the bedroom. If necessary, place it on the North wall & ensure it doesn’t face the bed.

      6. What if I have a mirror near the wall clock?

      Avoid placing a mirror reflecting the clock, as it may create conflicting energies. Ensure the clock is not visible in the mirror.

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