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10 Decor Ideas For Vacation Home

Everyone deserves a lovely cabin in the hills or a cute chalet by the sea. A place to unwind from the stress of city life and get cosy and comfortable. If you are lucky enough to have such a holiday home, then giving it a resort-like ambience that’s relaxing is where we can help!

Check out these 10 awesome home decor ideas to set vacation home goals!

1. Make Subtle References

Rather than decking up the house with accessories that directly refer to the surroundings, like plenty of seashells in a cottage by the sea, use colour and texture references. Like a nautical colour theme in a sea house or the use of wood and wool in a mountain lodge makes for interesting vacation house design ideas. And yes, no matter where the location is, don’t forget a throw. Pick something like our Hot Chocolate Throw to maximize the cozy quotient.

2. Outdoor Decor

Do up the outdoors with plenty of seating and fairy lights. No need for elaborate furniture, just simple stools, a hammock etc., will do the trick. Keep it rustic and natural.

3. Go Bold

Your vacation home décor deserves a bold and vibrant appearance. So, don’t hold back when picking Pictionary cushions, rugs etc. Balance bold prints and lively colours to create a unique space that spreads holiday cheer. Our makes a stunning pick. The best part is it needs minimal maintenance and can do months without washing!

4. Pay Attention to the Wall Art

Do up the walls with oversized paintings, huge mirrors, and big vintage clocks for a modern home décor design. This will instantly add drama to the house and bestow it with opulent aesthetics. Our Neahbay Painting would look just *chef’s kiss* in your vacation home living room!

5. Invest in Houseplants

Plants in gigantic planters are common room decoration items in every hotel/resort. Lend the same feel to your vacation home by placing a few large plants/faux plants in exquisite planters. For aesthetic purposes keep these planters in the center or corner of the room. Our Kiyah Jali Frame Planter would truly look like a dream in your vacation home balcony, living or bed room. 

6. White Linens

Crisp white bedsheets are the ultimate hallmark of luxury and are a must-have in your vacation home. Combine these with plenty of colour in other areas like curtains, rugs etc., to avoid a sterile appearance! Our Cora Stripe Bedsheet is luxury re-defined!

7. Mood Lighting

Vacation home design ideas are about feeling tranquil and calm. Mood lighting is the best way to achieve this effect! Hang low-light wall sconces or pendant lights that emit a warm glow and uplift the mood. Our Farmhouse Bell Pendant Lamp is aptly named and will create the chill ambiance you desire. 

8. Use Your Favourite Fragrance

Not just lights, aromas too have the power to influence mood. Pick your desired scent and employ it delicately throughout the home by using diffusers, candles, soaps etc., created with it. All spas and hotels do it! We kinda love this Gratitude Soy Candle’s fragrance to get the vacation-y mood going.

9. Mix and Match Furniture

Since you won’t be spending much time in your vacation home, choose furniture that is light and easy maintenance. Avoid bulky couches, rather mix and match furniture pieces for an eclectic living room interior design vibe. 

10. Small Touches

Little things go a long way in imparting your vacation home with resort vibes. A fluffy bathrobe, tealights around the bathtub, fresh flowers in vases on the dining table etc. are all gestures that elevate the aura of your vacation home. Who wouldn’t love this Japanese Bottle Vase on their table next to the sofa or on the coffee counter?

Go ahead, incorporate these décor ideas in your vacation home and see it transform into an extravagant space to enjoy and relax. Shop all your home decoration items only at Vaaree, where style meets quality and affordability!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. How can I create a cozy atmosphere in my vacation home?

A few ways to create a cozy atmosphere in your vacation home are:

  • Decorate with candles and lamps.
  • Choose excellent quality linen.
  • Add snuggly items like a throw, soft cushions, etc. 
  • Incorporate a big rocking chair.
  • Always choose a mellow ambient lighting like yellow.

2. What are some budget-friendly decor ideas for a vacation home?

Some budget-friendly décor ideas for a vacation home are:

3. How can I make my vacation home feel more spacious?

Here’s how you can make your vacation home feel more spacious:

  • Choose light colors.
  • Keep the décor clutter minimal.
  • Avoid bulky furniture and showpieces.

4. What are some essential decor items every vacation home should have?

Some essential décor items every vacation home should have are:

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