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Buy Baking Dish - Bake O'Fav Baking Tray - Set of Three at Vaaree online

Bake O'Fav Baking Tray - Set of Three


₹1,712.00₹3,065.00 44%Off
Buy Dough Blender - Dough Blender at Vaaree online

Dough Blender

Stainless Steel

Buy Knife - Birthday Knife - - Set Of Three at Vaaree online

Birthday Knife - - Set Of Three

Stainless Steel

Buy Tart Ring - Perforated Oval Tart Ring - Set Of Three at Vaaree online

Perforated Oval Tart Ring - Set Of Three

Stainless Steel

Buy Spatula - Silicone Premium Big Spatula - Black at Vaaree online

Silicone Premium Big Spatula - Black


₹252.00₹260.00 3%Off
Buy Cake stand - Opal Cake Stand at Vaaree online

Opal Cake Stand

Wood, Glass

₹1,150.00₹1,250.00 8%Off
Buy Pizza Cutter - Sharpie Pizza & Pastry Cutter at Vaaree online

Sharpie Pizza & Pastry Cutter


₹149.00₹299.00 50%Off
Buy Cake Stand - Kate Cake Stand at Vaaree online

Kate Cake Stand

Marble, Wood

₹1,499.00₹3,990.00 62%Off
Buy Cake Stand - Hygge Cake Stand - Grey at Vaaree online

Hygge Cake Stand - Grey


₹1,499.00₹3,390.00 56%Off
Buy Baking Dish - Rectangular Glass Baking Dish - Set Of Two at Vaaree online

Rectangular Glass Baking Dish - Set Of Two


₹1,179.00₹1,215.00 3%Off
Buy Cake Stand - Daman Cake Stand at Vaaree online

Daman Cake Stand


₹1,699.00₹3,790.00 55%Off
Buy Loaf Tin - Piedra Loaf Pan at Vaaree online

Piedra Loaf Pan

Carbon Steel

From ₹388.00₹400.00 3%Off

Buy Bakeware Products Online at the Best Prices

If your kitchen doubles up as your baking experimentation station, you sure know the importance of bakeware. Though, every baker – both sweet and savory, would like to own endless baking accessories, in reality, only a few quality tools are needed. 

Whether you are whipping a cake or cooking a home-style wood fire pizza, we offer a handpicked and largest collection of bakeware in India. That too, at the lowest possible prices and highest possible quality! 

Here are a few bakeware must-haves at Vaaree that will make baking a cakewalk for you:

  • Dough Cutter

This tool is handy for baking, kitchen & dining purpose. Primarily used to cut, proportion and scrape dough it ensures no sticky-dough hands. Available in both straight and curved edges, it is recommended to pick a dough cutter made from stainless steel for added efficiency. 

  • Baking Dishes

Baking dishes are the first love of every pro and aspiring chef out there. Typically designed in a square, rectangular or circular shape, these dishes are oven safe. The collection of baking dishes at Vaaree is available in a host of materials like glass, metal, and silicon. So, pick the right one and enjoy perfectly baked preparations every time, in the first time! 

  • Pizza Cutter

We know nothing annoys you more than slicing a pizza. As cheese and toppings stick to the knife, it ruins the entire experience. Enter a sharp-bladed pizza cutter! Equal parts easy and efficient to use, a pizza cutter = a mess-free pizza session. The cutter options at Vaaree are made from the best grade of stainless steel. Additionally, they are versatile enough to cut sandwiches, flatbread, waffles, etc. 

  • Cake Slicer

Do you know how professional bakers achieve that perfectly layered cake every time? With the help of a cake slicer! A bakeware accessory with a flat blade and attached handle, it is used to slice and lift even the softest cakes with utmost precision. 

Be the artist you always wanted to be by making our cake-baking pan your partner-in-baking. Be it a cutesy cupcake, quirky-shaped cookie, or a classic life-sized cake, we have a plethora of moulds to help sculpt your deliciousness, your way. Circles, squares, hearts, roses, and more, let the creativity flow with our unique baking pans

What’s the point of putting your heart, soul, and time into baking beautiful cakes if you can’t flaunt them? Showcase your cake like the masterpiece it is on any of our stunning cake stands. And on days you are not baking a cake, use the stand to display any dry appetizers like tarts, croissants, or puffs. Curated from diverse materials like marble, wood, glass and available in round tops + tiered variants or flat boards, our range of cake stands is too beautiful to miss out on. 

  • Whisk

Whisks make an indispensable kitchen tool for mixing sauces, beating egg whites into meringue, or increasing the volume of any liquid. Take your pick from stainless steel or silicon whisks at Vaaree.

  • Bakeware Measuring Cups

Baking is all about proportions. Even a few extra grams of an ingredient can spoil the entire delicacy. Don’t make this mistake, get measuring cups from Vaaree instead!

  • Cooling Rack

“I like soggy donuts” – said no person ever! To prevent baked goods from turning soggy, they are placed on a metal mesh wire also known as a cooling rack. We recommend picking a rack with thinner sections so that you can use it to place both small and chunky items. 

Bakeware - Baking Pans & Baking Accessories

Baking is an art and science. And to master it, all you need is the right techniques and of course bakeware from Vaaree! Our assortment of bakeware is of the highest food-grade quality and designed to last. Furthermore, it caters to baking needs in both a home and a professional kitchen.

Given the price point and quality of bakeware accessories at Vaaree, we wouldn’t be surprised if you feel like getting them all. If you are a pro, go for it! However, if you are a beginner, you only need a few items to start with. These include:

  • Baking pan or cake pan – There are many types and shapes available. In your initial baking stage, choose the one you will use the most. For instance, if you will be baking more of breads, opt for a loaf pan.
  • Baking accessories like silicon pastry brush, whisk, measuring spoons, piping bags, rolling sheets.
  • Mixing bowls that are both wide and deep.
  • Moulds to experiment with different shapes and textures.
  • Dish specific items like pizza cutter for added convenience.

Vaaree’s bakeware, kitchen & dining as well as other home items are sourced directly from manufacturers. This means, no middlemen, no unnecessary MRP increasing costs, and ONLY value deals, every time. Shop to channel the chef in you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Which bakeware is best?

Heavy duty bakeware that conducts heat evenly is best. Think hard porcelain, cast iron, aluminium, stoneware, and silicon.

2. What is the use of bakeware?

Bakeware is used to bake various goods in the oven like breads, cakes, cupcakes, pies, cookies, pizzas and more. It can also be used to make one-pan/pot meals in the oven.

3. What is the best baking pan material?

The best baking pan material is carbon steel, cast iron and hard porcelain. Aluminium is a good baking pan material too.

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