13 Home Decor Gifts Ideas

13 Home Decor Gifts Ideas

Gearing up for a friend’s housewarming party? The first question that arises in your mind is what to gift as a perfect home décor item that not only looks gorgeous but is also thoughtful. Generally, we get perplexed by the number of home décor gift ideas surrounding us, though a lot depends on personal interests and preferences. If you are running out of ideas for a perfect home décor gift, let us help you with some interesting ideas that are not unique, and utilitarian but also gender-neutral in their approach. 

Top 13 home décor gifts ideas for your loved ones…

To help you out, here are 13 unique home décor gift ideas that are sure to please:

  1. Wall art and paintings
  2. Showpieces
  3. Vases
  4. Wall plates
  5. Wall Accents
  6. Photo frames
  7. Wind chimes and Dreamcatchers
  8. Faux planters
  9. Clocks
  10. Bedsheets
  11. Candles
  12. Table lamp
  13. Containers & Jars

1. Wall art and paintings:

A new home deserves a beautiful larger-than-life painting. Gifting wall arts, quirky posters, and paintings is one of the easiest gift options for housewarming, as paintings are gender-neutral and loved by all. Also, you can choose from a spectrum of mediums and themes such as landscapes, botanical art, portraits, still life, contemporary art, Indian folk art, and more. Let every glance at your gifted painting, remind others of your love and warm wishes for them!

2. Showpieces:

If you are planning to gift a showpiece, there are various types of materials you can choose from. You can go for ceramic, wood, metal, polyresin, stone dust, marble, and more. At Vaaree.com, you can find an array of showpieces in the form of figures, birds, animals, nature, yoga poses, artefacts, tribal art, antique pieces, and musical instruments. Based on the inclination of the person whom you are planning to gift, you can go for a thoughtful artefact as a gift item.

3. Vases:

Vases define the visual appeal of any house. Even a modest house looks luxurious once you add the beauty of a vase to the house. Tall sleek vases or distinct round ones are perfect decoration gift ideas for your friends or relatives. Let splendid flowers and plants find their cradle in a ceramic, wooden, or metallic vase and embellish the space like none other, adding a touch of contemporary sophistication. 

4. Wall plates:

The concept of wall plates has taken momentum and are found anywhere in homes, restaurants, and even spas. A wall plate is a lovely expression of displaying various forms of art either on walls or mounted on a stand. The prints on wall plates can depict anything from a landscape, mandala, Indian folk art, an awe-inspiring quotation, photographs, a vintage car, blue pottery art, flora, fauna, or anything under the sun. Let your thoughtful gift grace the living room of your dear ones and create a visually captivating ambience! 

5. Wall Accents:

Another option for home décor gift ideas is wall accents. Yes, this category is still unexplored and has a lot of scope for you to bring a smile to your loved ones. Traditional, contemporary, rustic, boho-themed, and Indian themed wall accents are found on Vaaree.com. Wall accents are versatile and a true value for money as they reflect a symphony of nature’s artistry.

6. Photo frames:

Photo frames are very thoughtful home decoration gift ideas. One can capture his or her most cherished memories in photo frames and hang them with pride on the wall or even make them stand on the side table to make every day count. At Vaaree.com, you can find ‘n’ number of photo frames ranging from a single number to a set of 5, 10, or even 16 with big and small frames. Let your friends or relatives elevate their home décor with a touch of timeless tales!


7. Wind chimes and Dreamcatchers:

Bringing everlasting vitality to your home, dreamcatchers and windchimes are very thoughtful home décor gifts. This is because the spectacular-looking windchimes and dreamcatchers are known for their spirituality and positive influences on our lives. Let your gift attract good luck, success, and overall prosperity in the homes of your loved ones, and keep evil eyes and negative energies at bay. 

8. Faux planters:

Add a dash of foliage to your friends and relatives homes with real-like looking faux planters available at Vaaree.com. Artificial flora comes with several advantages! In today’s busy modern lifestyle, faux planters come in very handy as they look so stunning with the least amount of maintenance and care without causing any pollen allergy (as some people are prone to). So, unleash the magic of the garden with gorgeous ceramic pots and planters with whimsical flowers and leaves, ready to be gifted!

9. Clocks:

Clocks are not just time machines but an everlasting home décor gifts. Let your gift remind your friends or relatives of their good times, every time they look at your gifted wall clock! Larger than life, wall clocks in bold designs and themes are now considered exquisite showpieces and an integral part of home décor. 

10. Bedsheets:

Bedsheets play a very important role in adorning your bedroom. A high-quality, good-looking bed sheet spread on your humble cot can make all the difference, without adding any other accessory to your room. Let your dear ones know how much you care for their sanctuary and choose from a plethora of abstract, solid, geometric, and ethnic-style bed sheets and comforters only found at Vaaree.com.

11. Candles:

Candles have the inherent magic of transforming any space into a spiritual aura and charisma. Plus, aromatic candles are like icing on the cake. Choosing candles as home décor gifts is like gifting a token of positivity, light, prosperity, hope, and overall serenity to your loved ones. Let a sense of relaxation and celebration enter into the receiver’s home making it ideal for unwinding after a hard day at work and finding inner peace and bliss!

12. Table lamp:

Table lamp is a very thoughtful gift for home décor. Let your kith or kins read their favourite books as the darkness unfolds or let them reflect upon their thoughts in the form of journaling by illuminating their spaces! So, grace their bedroom with a stunning looking table lamp in metal, ceramic, or wood with a fabric shade found at Vaaree! 

13. Containers & Jars:

Containers, jars, and organizers are found in every household! But are they truly awe-inspiring or just regular boring boxes to dump in whatever comes handy? Why not allow someone to revamp and organize their never-ending items in attractive-looking ceramic containers and jars and beautiful jute organizers, giving a fresh look to the pantry, kitchen, wardrobe, and even bathrooms?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What are some unique home decor gift ideas for a housewarming party?

Some unique home décor gift ideas for a housewarming party include wind chimes, candles, wall accents, and faux planters.

2. Are there budget-friendly home decor gifts that still look stylish?

Yes, several budget-friendly home décor gifts still look stylish such as ceramic containers, showpieces, clocks, table coasters, and bedsheets.

3. What are some gender-neutral home decor gifts suitable for anyone?

Home décor gift ideas like clocks, candles, idols, vases, photo frames and windchimes are some of the gender-neutral home décor gifts suitable for anyone.

4. Can I gift artwork as a home decor item?

Of Course, yes! Wall art is one of the best home décor gift ideas as it instantly revamps the space in the house and brings vibrance to the room.

5. What are some tech-friendly home decor gift ideas?

Some tech-friendly home décor gift ideas include an iPad stand, an LED neck reading light, 3-in-1 travel charger, wireless headphones, a game console, and more.

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