Top 10 Simple and Practical Pantry Ideas

Top 10 Simple and Practical Pantry Ideas

Food is not only the essence of our life but also the essence of our soul! To enjoy your meals, it is very important to have an organized pantry. In today’s busy lifestyle, cooking and eating healthy food has become a challenge, due to lack of time and availability of a wide range of packaged items. Thus, it becomes all the more important to organize your pantry unit in a modular kitchen in a smarter way to access your ingredients easily and cook healthy meals in less time than before.

10 Practical Pantry Ideas for Any Size:

  1. Declutter your pantry
  2. Organizing your spices
  3. Go for overhead cabinets
  4. Pull-out kitchen pantry unit
  5. Use glass containers and mason jars
  6. Label the boxes
  7. Weekly meal plan
  8. A fresh coat of paint
  9. Wall-mounted racks and hooks
  10. Tiered Shelving

1. Declutter your pantry:

First thing first! You cannot organize your pantry unit in modular kitchen if you have a lot of unnecessary ingredients and foodstuff in your house. Get rid of all those expired bottles of ketchup, salad dressing, processed food, and baking ingredients that you will not be using anymore! Also, dispose of utensils and other electric items that you haven’t used in the last 5 years, as the chances of using them are very bleak. Once you declutter, your pantry will thank you for adding breathing space to it and letting it flourish with essential items.

2. Organizing your spices:

Spices are the core of Indian cooking! Indian dishes and a handful of aromatic spices go hand in hand. One needs to categorize and organize species to avoid accidentally spilling or getting spoiled due to moisture and heat. You can organize small quantities of species in beautiful spice boxes and the larger ones in air-tight glass jars to maintain their longevity.

3. Go for overhead cabinets:

If you have a smaller pantry unit in modular kitchen and wish to make full use of it, go for overhead cabinets that reach the ceiling of the kitchen. You can store those utensils and food items in overhead cabinets that are used less frequently and take up a lot of space otherwise. 

4. Pull-out kitchen pantry unit:

Pull-out kitchen pantry units are in vogue and loved by every homemaker! Pull-out units take less space, are smart looking, and are very convenient for storing different varieties of ingredients and food items such as lentils, species, packets of oats, cereals, tea, coffee, sugar, and more. So, use pull-out drawers in your modular kitchen pantry unit.

5. Use glass containers and mason jars:

Get rid of plastic containers from your house and make your pantry unit in modular kitchen eco-friendly. Go for glass containers and mason jars that look super cool. You can even add jute baskets and fabric bins in vibrant hues to make your pantry look more organized as well as inviting!

6. Label the boxes:

Labelling is a very important hack while organizing your kitchen pantry unit. Get those standard labelling stickers or use your creative instinct and create your DIY stickers, for quick access to your pantry items. If you tend to swap the ingredients in different jars, use removable labels or chalk/erasable markers to label your containers. Labelling your pantry items can help you save a lot of time and effort.

7. Weekly meal plan:

Yes, planning your weekly meals can help you organize your modular kitchen pantry unit more smartly. This is because if you know in advance what your agenda is for the week, you can keep limited fresh ingredients keeping your pantry spacious and welcoming.

8. A fresh coat of paint:

A fresh coat of paint is always welcomed as a quick hack for revamping your kitchen pantry unit. You can even go for beautiful tiles and polish your flooring to give your pantry a novel look. Get the windows and the pantry door cleaned and painted in beautiful pastel shades.

9. Wall-mounted racks and hooks:

Another way of saving space in your pantry is to go for wall-mounted racks and hooks. Racks can be used to store pantry items and even utensils that you use daily. And wall-mounted hooks can be used to hang coffee mugs, ladles, aprons, kitchen towels, pot holders, and more!

10. Tiered Shelving:

Tiered shelves are smart hacks to organize a small-sized pantry on a budget. One can easily find racks with multiple shelves one below the other in different sizes. These shelves can store daily items like fruits, vegetables, spices, cups, jars, the toaster, sandwich maker, egg boiler, and so on.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. Are there budget-friendly pantry organization solutions?

Some budget-friendly pantry organization solutions include categorizing your food before storing them, making good use of mason jars, baskets, fabric bins, getting a fresh coat of paint, and using pull-out drawers.

2. Can you provide tips for organizing a small pantry space?

Some amazing tips for organizing a small pantry space include adding a pull-out kitchen pantry unit, overhead cabinets, wall-mounted racks, command hooks, tiered shelving, and adding labels to your containers.

3. What storage containers or solutions do you recommend for pantry items?

Avoid using plastic and bulky containers, declutter your pantry, go for tiered stands, use spice boxes to store your spices, stack up the boxes and hang your cups, ladles and apron to save space. 

4. Are there any creative pantry design ideas that also serve practical purposes?

Yes, several creative pantry design ideas also serve practical purposes such as a pull-out kitchen pantry unit, using mason jars, building a tall unit, and overhead cabinets.

5. What are the essential items to include in a well-organized pantry?

The essential items one can include in a well-organized pantry are species, lentils, oats, dry healthy snacks, fruits and vegetables.

6. What do you keep in your pantry for quick and easy meals?

We can keep several healthy items like oats, quinoa, wholegrains, cereals, dried fruits, salads, coconut milk and honey for quick and easy meals.

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