Wall Decoration Ideas for Small Spaces: Maximizing Style in Limited Space

Wall Decoration Ideas for Small Spaces: Maximizing Style in Limited Space - Vaaree

Walls are a space replete with possibilities and opportunities to showcase your taste and creativity. There are endless ways in which you can utilise them to add more personality to your home and decorate it with flair. Very often we assume that fancy wall decor is only meant for big homes, but nothing can be further from the truth! The walls in smaller apartments too can be styled with equal panache and elegance. Browse through these stellar ideas designed especially for small space interior design and bring those barren walls to life.

Top Tips For Tiny Walls

  1. Choose Large Wall Art

Whether it is a life, painting, or a wall decor item don’t hesitate to go big. An oversized piece instantly becomes the focal point of the room and gives the perception of a larger space. Keep in mind the theme and colours of the room when picking a wall art so it aligns with your existing decor.

  1. Design a Gallery Wall

A well-curated gallery wall with the right kind of placement works wonders as interior design ideas for small house. Follow a simple grid layout i.e., arranging frames in a symmetrical pattern. Also, use large frames rather than small ones and place them as high up the wall as possible. This helps create the illusion of a taller wall as the eyes follow the hung pictures.

  1. Paint an Accent Wall

Accent walls are a hot trend in wall decor for living room and the good news is that they work for both large and small rooms. The only thing to keep in mind here is the colour palette. For smaller rooms avoid warm colours and textures and instead opt for bright tones and cool colours like green, purple, blue, etc. that will make the area look more spacious visually.

  1. Hang Mirrors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, make my room look big and tall! Yes, that’s exactly what mirrors do. They give an illusion of depth and disperse light in a manner that makes the space look roomier and brighter. Hanging mirrors in different shapes and sizes or covering an entire wall in a large mirror are both excellent ideas if you want to make the most of a wall of any size. They make for apt wall art for living room too!

  1. Install Floor-to-Ceiling Shelves

As with the gallery wall art, floor-to-ceiling shelves draw the eyes vertically thereby making a room appear larger. You can place showpieces, books, sculptures etc., here and install them in otherwise dead corners of the house. Since they offer ample storage, they are a win-win for home design ideas for small rooms.

  1. Hang Wall Plates

Spreading wall plates horizontally behind the sofa or the bed’s headboard is another modern small house design ideas. They make the wall appear larger and give an interesting pop of colour to the room’s decor. Mix and match varied sizes for a quirky effect.

These simple wall decoration ideas will go a long way in helping make your room appear more spacious and interesting. For exciting home design ideas and wall decor that is pocket-friendly and appeals to your tasteful aesthetics visit Vaaree. Here you will find an extensive collection of curated wall decor products that will transform your walls from boring to stunning in a jiffy!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. Why is wall decoration important in small spaces?

Here is why putting extra thought into wall decoration ideas for small spaces is important:

  • It can make your space look bigger or smaller. 
  • The choice of wall decoration will determine how classy or mediocre your home looks.
  • Right wall decor items can make your house feel like home. 
  1. What are some popular types of wall decorations for small spaces?

Some popular types of wall decorations for small spaces are:

  • Wall plates
  • Statement wall paintings
  • Metal wall art
  • Mirror
  • Macrame hangings
  • Dreamcatchers
  • Wall frames
  1. How do I choose the right wall decoration for my small space?

Here are a few guidelines that will help you choose the right wall decoration for your small space:

  • Less is more. Choose less but classy pieces.
  • Choose wall decoration items that lend a cohesive look to the space.
  • Stick to your space’s decor theme.
  • Size matters – if you are opting for multiple wall decor items, strike the balance with size.
  1. How do I arrange wall decorations in a small space?

  • Leave at least 4-6 inches of space between every wall decor.
  • Do not accentuate every wall. Certainly, have empty walls to balance out the decorated ones.
  • Opt for a symmetrical decorating style to create an illusion of a taller space.
  • Hang wall decor at or above eye level.
  • Visualization is everything. So, roughly arrange the wall decor items before final installation.


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