Creative Ideas to Cover Bathroom Wall Tiles

5 Creative Ideas to Cover Bathroom Wall Tiles

We get you! No matter how much you try and keep your bathroom clean, it starts looking old and grimy with time and usage. No amount of brushing and phenyls make it look better. Don't worry we have got you some cool tile decorating ideas for your bathroom to make it look brand new again!

Just explore and execute some tile decorating ideas for your bathroom to stand out all over again! 

Want to give your bathroom an inexpensive makeover? Or are you wondering how to cover broken tiles? This guide has some out-of-the-box decorative tile solutions for you! 

Here are the 5 Innovative Ways to Cover Bathroom Wall Tiles:

1. Large Bathroom Mirrors

It is no wonder that decorative bathroom mirror ideas have risen to the top of our list due to their functionality and attractiveness! Choose the mirror size based on the area of tiles you wish to cover and design based on your bathroom décor ideas and colour palette. For instance, you can cover an entire wall with rectangular bathroom mirrors to hide any imperfections. 

Likewise, you can install two small mirrors above the vanity to let other bathroom essentials around and between them, shine. 

Another good part about using mirrors in your tile decorating ideas – they create an illusion of a bigger bathroom and reflect light to make the decorative tile look twice as nice.

2. Life-Sized Wall Decor

Peel-and-stick kind of wall decals, self-adhesive wall plates, paintings, etc. can help you update bathroom tiles without replacing them. As they leave no holes or residues behind, the idea works even if you are a renter! Beginner-friendly, fuss-free to install and remove, bathroom wall décor certainly qualifies to be the easiest to implement tile decorating ideas. No sweat even if you install it wrong or dislike the final look, just peel it off and restart! 

Go for floral, tropical, or abstract bathroom wall decor designs for a luxurious hotel-like appeal.

3. Green Up!

When it comes to tile decorating ideas, you can never go wrong with anything plants! Think of placing statement planters on the basin countertops, windowsills, adjacent to the storage shelf, etc. 

If you want to update bathroom tile without replacing it or have to cover a larger space, planters are not ideal. Instead, install metal mesh grids with vines for a more tasteful appearance. Not much light in the bathroom? No problem, get patches of artificial plants and vines instead! 

4. DIY Decorative Tile Painting

As a kid, everyone wanted to endlessly scribble on walls. Live your childhood dream as you paint your bathroom the way you like, in the color you like! If your inner artist is not too creative, stick to solid colours with minimal detailing. Look for painted wall tiles design for home or take inspiration from this popping yellow backdrop. 

5. Wallpapers & Wall Stickers

Wallpapers, stickers, and wall panels for shower are super effortless, they look great and instantly spice up the entire bathroom space. In case of dents or bubbles, you can always pull back and adjust without leaving any marks on the original bathroom surface. In the future, whenever you want new tile display ideas again, just change the wallpaper! If you are looking for low-maintenance and durable wallpaper, go for waterproof variants. 

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1. Why would I want to cover my bathroom wall tiles?

If you feel that the bathroom wall tiles are outdated, broken, or difficult to maintain, you might want to cover them with stylish bathroom tile covers.

2. What are some temporary ways to cover bathroom wall tiles?

Some temporary ways to cover bathroom wall tiles are:

  • Layer it with waterproof wallpaper.
  • Paint the tiles. You can also create a personalized decorative tile design by painting it yourself.
  • Set bathroom goals whilst masking the problematic areas on the tile with vines, flowers, or anything botanical.

3. How do I choose the right wallpaper or wall covering for my bathroom?

Wallpapers that are waterproof, moisture-proof, colour fast, and resistant to the development of mould and degrading are ideal to update bathroom tile without replacing. Vinyl is an excellent wallpaper material choice and is also available in a variety of designs. 

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