8 Must-Have Bathroom Essentials for Every Home

8 Must-Have Bathroom Essentials for Every Home

Bath time is more than just a hygiene ritual. It is the place to pretend you’re in a concert, accept shampoo bottle awards and have imaginary conversations with your crush. To truly enjoy this therapeutic experience, all you need is some good music and below-stated bathroom essentials!  

Here the top 8 Bathroom Essentials Every Home Needs:

  • Get Organized With Wall Hooks & Racks

Nobody wants to call someone to hand over towels and clothes every time they have a bath. Enter wall racks and hooks! A practical solution to hold items, you can pick the design depending on the bathroom space. For instance, wall hooks are ideal for small bathrooms as they do not take up additional space. Just ensure that the finish of the hooks and racks match with other bathroom fittings. 

  • Add Some Greenery

Who said plants must be reserved for railings and balconies? This is why plants rank second in our bathroom essentials list. If you have enough sunlight in the bathroom, place live plants on windowsills. Otherwise, faux ones look equally stunning too! 

  • Fast-Drying Bath Towels

Wet bath towels are the breeding ground for bacteria. To avoid infections caused by it, using well-dried towels that are washed at least once a week is necessary. We recommend adding a set of 2 bath towels and 2 face + hand towels (preferably cotton & quick to dry) per family member to your bathroom checklist. Just like toothbrushes, remember to NEVER EVER share your towels. 

  • Slip-Proof Bath Mats

Wet floors in the bathroom can accumulate bacteria, mold, etc. and lead to accidental falls. Hence, it is advisable to keep it hygienic and dry with bath mats. Your bathroom checklist should consist of an anti-skid shower mat, a fast-drying WC mat and a mat outside the bathroom door. 

  • Prettify With Bath Accessories & Sets

For a bathroom that looks like it's straight out of a Pinterest board, color coordinate all your bath accessories & sets. What we mean is your soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, soap dish, tumbler, etc., should be a matching set. The color of these bathroom essentials can complement or contrast the palette of the bathroom. 

Pro tip: Instead of using products directly from the original packaging, empty them into aesthetic dispensers like our Tuscan Copper Soap Dispenser and label them appropriately. Then, using self-adhesive tapes, install them on your shower wall for a super de-cluttered and aesthetic space! 

  • Make Space For Wall Shelves

Hate keeping bathroom essentials on the window or tucked in a cabinet below the counter? Wall shelves are the answer! Easy to install, efficient to use and elegant to look at! 

If you don’t want wall shelves to take up a lot of space, go for individual pieces or a floating design like our Quirky Corner Wall Shelf.

  • Aromatics Are Always An Essential

A seldom mentioned yet equally crucial thing in a bathroom items list is a scented candle! We recommend our Bathroom Indian Idol Candle for an incredibly relaxing ‘Me-Time-Sunday’.

And our Sunshine Scented Soy Wax Candle for steamy ‘Shower-Together-Save-Water-Sessions’! 

  • Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Which is the prettiest bathroom of them all? Of course, the one with a big, beautiful, and bold mirror in it! If you are low on storage, pick a bathroom mirror design that has in-built storage. 

Are you one of those people who hates going for a bath and then just can’t get out of the shower once you’re in or are you normal? Whatever your type, we have everything on your bathroom essentials list on Vaaree! 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What are bathroom essentials, and why are they important for every household?

Bathroom essentials are items that complete a bathroom like bath fittings, shower curtains, mats, soap dispensers, bath towels, etc. As they hold both functional and aesthetic value, they are important for every household. 

2. How do bath towels and hand towels contribute to a comfortable and hygienic bathroom environment?

Bath and hand towels, clear water residues, dirt, and any other impurities. If you share towels, you will also be sharing bacteria and infections. Hence, it is advisable to have separate towels for every person. Additionally, ensure that you wash hand towels every day and bath towels once a week. 

3. Can you recommend effective storage solutions for organizing toiletries and bathroom supplies?

A few effective storage solutions for organizing toiletries and bathroom supplies are:

  • Install wall hooks and racks.
  • Get a bathroom mirror with storage. 
  • Place organizer baskets on the basin countertop or window sills.
  • Design a cabinet under the basin countertop. Organize it to the T with labelled, acrylic or mesh organizers.

4. How does a well-designed and functional toilet brush contribute to bathroom cleanliness?

A well-designed and functional toilet brush ensures that no marks, dirt, or debris are left after cleaning. Ensure that the toilet has bristles on both sides of the head so that it cleans every corner of the WC. Even better if the brush comes with a holder that you can use to keep the sanitizer or cleaning liquid of your choice.


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