Update Bathroom on a Budget

How to Update Bathroom on a Budget?

Bathrooms are indeed a place to relax, reflect and refresh! Thus, it is very important that your bathroom is welcoming and has a wonderful ambience. Just keeping it clean is not enough. Just like your living room or any other area of your home, the bathroom also needs special attention in its look and feel and needs a makeover at regular intervals. To save a considerable amount on your bathroom makeover, firstly you need to plan well (what can be done as a DIY activity and what needs to be outsourced), make a budget, and then go ahead…

Here are some clever and economical bathroom decor ideas for you…

1. Treat the walls well:

Walls are the foundation for your refreshed bathroom. Either you can go for a fresh coat of paint to make them look new or even go for peel-and-stick wallpapers which are not only affordable but also can be changed regularly for a novel look. If your bathroom is small, go for lighter shades to give the illusion of a bigger space.

Treat the walls well

2. The mirror effect:

Mirror is an indispensable element of any bathroom that adds sparkle to your paradise. While renovating, you can replace your existing mirror with a new one (go for big mirrors for a royal look). The second option is to continue with the same mirror and add a stunning-looking frame to it, giving your bathroom a contemporary look instantly.


The mirror effect


3. The Tiling:

For a refreshed bathroom look, tiling plays a crucial role in a bathroom makeover, but don’t overdo it, as tiling can shoot up your renovation cost drastically. Get the tiling work done wherever it is necessary. If your budget permits, you can highlight one of the bathroom walls with tiles. Choose laminate or vinyl tiles over ceramic or stone tiles to save money.

The Tiling

4. Bathroom vanity:

Bathroom vanity is an attractive bathroom storage area below the washbasin where you can store necessary things such as towels, make-up kit, hair accessories, lotions, and more. You can repaint the bathroom vanity and stock each item in an organized manner to save space and bless your bathroom with a rejuvenated look.

Bathroom vanity

5. Bathroom Curtains:

Small-budget bathroom ideas also include bathroom curtains that not only add beauty, softness, brightness, and a relaxed sanctuary to your bathroom but also add to your privacy. You can easily find gorgeous-looking printed bathroom curtains. Make sure the fabric, hues, and design complement well with your bathroom interiors.

Bathroom Curtains

6. Organizing your toiletries:

There is no point in spending so much on bathroom renovation, if your day-to-day toiletries are not properly stored. For a refreshed bathroom look, add a cupboard with 3-4 shelves and a few boxes to categorize and store your toiletries in them. Let the bathroom counterpart be uncluttered and free from unnecessary grooming items. 

Organizing your toiletries

7. Lighting fixtures:

Bathroom décor ideas also include light fixtures. Bathroom lights come in an array of choices such as LED lights, vanity lights near the sink, wall spot lights, LED studio lights, and recessed ceiling lights combined with pendant and sconce lights. Go for warm white lights that radiate brightness to your bathroom. 

Lighting fixtures

8. Stylish bathroom hardware:

Bathroom hardware includes anything from towel bars, bathroom hooks, toilet paper holders, towel rings, faucets, showers, shelves, soap dispensers, and more. Make sure the existing bathroom fittings are working well and not outdated. If not, get them repaired or replaced if necessary. Proper fittings and fixtures themselves make your bathroom revamped even if you don’t go for high-end brands.

Stylish bathroom hardware

9. Adding artworks and artefacts:

You can highlight one of the bathroom walls with beautiful artefacts, wall art, or even some funny quotes that bring a smile to your face every time you enter your relaxing oasis. These are small-budget bathroom ideas. Just make sure the materials used can withstand the humidity and moisture in the bathroom and try to keep the artworks away from water falling on them. Sealed frames and acrylic glasses are recommended for artwork in the bathroom.

Adding artworks and artefacts

10. Planters:

To give a classy and spa-like feeling to our refreshed bathroom, you can add planters. Indoor plants like snake plants, orchids, ferns, lucky bamboo, spider plants, aloe vera plants and more are well suited to be kept in the bathroom. They are not only a good source of abundant fresh air but also add to the aesthetic appeal to your bathroom décor ideas.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How can I remodel my bathroom on a budget?

You can remodel your bathroom on a budget by changing the mirror, adding pretty-looking bathroom curtains, DIY wall art, and placing beautiful planters in the bathroom.

2. What are some tips for remodeling bathrooms on a budget?

Some amazing tips for bathroom decor ideas on a budget include adding an organizer for your toiletries, replacing the old bathroom hardware with the new one, repainting the bathroom vanity, and hanging funny quotes on the bathroom wall.

3. How do you give your bathroom a budget-friendly facelift?

You can instantly give your bathroom a budget-friendly facelift by changing the light fixtures, adding tiles to the floor as well as the focus wall, and hanging good-looking bathroom curtains. 

4. How do you save on a bathroom remodel?

Try to refinish the bathroom fittings instead of replacing them, paint the vanity box yourself, de-clutter the counterpart, and organize your toiletries well. 

5. What are some affordable ways to refresh the look of my bathroom?

Some affordable ways to refresh the look of your bathroom are reusing the hardware fixture and parts if possible, considering alternative ways of bathroom flooring instead of tiling the whole bathroom, and adding a beautiful frame to your mirror.

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