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10 Best Bath Towels Designs 2023

Baths are oh-so-relaxing, aren’t they? It is the place where we rehearse rebuttals, accept an imaginary IIFA award and turn into a self-proclaimed Indian Idol. But have you ever thought how important a designer bath towel can be for the bathroom? They can do more than just dry you up! 

Your choice of bath towel designs will decide if your bathroom looks luxurious or low-key, ordinary or extraordinary.

10 Chic Towel Designs for a Luxurious Bathroom

1. Snuggle Up Towel

This striped designer bath towel is named Snuggle Up for a reason. It is so soft you’d feel like wearing it for hours, even after bathing! With a 220 GSM, you’d wish it was an outfit that you could drape off to the office. That said, its timeless striped pattern looks great in the bathroom and its high-quality cotton material wipes off droplets in a blink. 

2. Plush Pamper Towel

This designer bath towel set is for people who love all-things color-coordinated and classy. Consisting of two bath towels and four hand towels in a classic solid pattern, it is high on both appeal and GSM (400). Makes a thoughtful gift for housewarming and newlyweds. 

3. Fresh Breeze Towel

White bath towels designs have been around forever and will be! Designed with a striped border and tassels, this designer bath towel is a twist on the time-honored pattern. Crafted from the highest grade of cotton, it promises superior softness and high absorbency. The best part – it dries quickly even when hung in the bathroom! 

4. Soothing Retreat Towels

If you want your towel designs for bathroom to be a perfect balance of both striped and solids, this is the one to consider. Designed with a smartly disbursed striped pattern and tassels, it comes in a set of neutral colors and hence pairs well with any bathroom palette. Just the decorative bath towel set every family needs!

5. Ivory Oh-so-soft Towel

Who doesn’t love the towels at a luxurious hotel? Bring home the same feeling with our Oh-So-Soft Towel range. Available in a variety of colors, we have featured the ivory one to mimic hotel vibes. Trust us when we say – you do not want to miss out on this luxury hand towel! Not to mention, its GSM is 500; in layman's words is softer than cotton candy! 

6. Hello Yellow Bath Towel

Why start your mornings with boring bathroom towel decor when you can jazz it up with this stunner? 500 GSM, A-grade cotton, delicate embroidered borders (that do not scratch the skin) and a mellow yellow palette, who wouldn’t instantly like this designer bath towel? A must-have luxury bath towel especially for bathrooms with mono or neutral tones. 

7. Blue Silly Cuddly Hand Towel

Don’t feel the blues, wipe with one! Screaming classy from every inch, it features a subtle design on one side of its body. As this luxury hand towel is spun from the best quality of cotton, it absorbs water like there is no tomorrow. Though it is a great pick for bathrooms, given its efficiency, we’d use it as a kitchen hand towel too. 

8. GlowNGo Towel

Get your aesthetics game on point when you style this set as bathroom towel decor. Create an ombre effect as you roll the luxury hand towel and place them into a jute organizer while letting the sky-blue bath towels hang on the rack. You can create a similar effect with other colors from our GlowNGo range. 

9. Wonderfully Purple Bath Towel

Be it fashion or bathroom towel decor, pastels are the new thing in! Soothing palette, soft skin feel and minimal border, this luxury bath towel will make your mornings better. Courtesy of its versatile color, 500 GSM and pure cotton fabric, with this in your bathroom, we think you wouldn’t skip bathing, even in Delhi winters!  

10. Luxo Wrap Towel

Do you know what it feels like to be hugged by a fluffy polar bear or a marshmallow or a bed of cotton? If you want to buy the best towels for bath & want to unlock and experience all levels of snugness as you wrap yourself in this designer bath towel. Crafted in a rich color and even richer 450 GSM premium cotton fabric, this luxury bath towel is straight outta bath heaven! 

Want something to complement your newly picked bath towel designs? Check out our collection of showpieces. Not only that, get all you need for your lovely abode: from home decor to wall decor and beyond on India’s most loved online portal – Vaaree! We curate our products directly from manufacturers to ensure that you always get more than you pay for. You can also check out our proper guide to picking the right-hand towels.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What makes a bath towel design one of the best for 2023?

There are five factors that make a bath towel designs one of the best for 2023:

  • Skin-feel.
  • Material.
  • Color and aesthetics. 
  • Colorfastness. 
  • Durability. 

2. Are there specific materials that are trending for bath towels in 2023?

Yes, materials like high GSM cotton, bamboo and microfiber are trending for designer bath towel in 2023. 

3. How can I choose the right size of bath towel for my needs?

Any designer bath towel should comfortably wrap around your waist with some extra space to tuck in. For any average body size length of 60 inches is more than enough. 

4. What is the thread count and fabric quality to look for in the best bath towels for 2023?

The best designer bath towel of 2023 will have a GSM of at least 250. When it comes to fabric, choose high quality cotton, microfiber, or bamboo as they are moisture-wicking. 

5. Are there bath towels that are eco-friendly or sustainable in design for 2023?

Yes, our assortment of designer bath towel is mostly made from cotton. Hence, they can be considered as an eco-friendly and sustainable choice. 

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