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10 Elegant Table Showpiece Ideas to Elevate Your Home Décor

When we think of home decor, we picture big wall art, statement cushions, and life-sized accents around the living area. Seldom, do we think of table showpieces. Well, time to think the unthought and do the undone!

Here are 10 Table Showpiece Ideas for home

1.   Lemons From Italy Decorative Plate

2.   Autohead Table Clock

3.   Ganesha On Lotus Throne

4.   Woodland Gems Table Photo Frame

5.   The Blue Squad Vases

6.   Vintage Medusa Showpiece

7.   Racing Horses Showpiece

8.   Plated Abstract Table Decor

9.   Luminazoo Gleam Table Lamp

10. Tribal Bonfire Tealight Candle Holder

Here are 10 killer table show pieces for home

1. Lemons From Italy Decorative Plate

    Fancy dinner plates sure look great on the dining table. Take your plating skills up a notch with this unique showpiece for table! An elevated take on conventional wall plates, this decorative plate will keep your dining table looking zesty! 

    2. Autohead Table Clock

      Who said clocks are meant for walls? When in the right design, material, and appearance, it can double as the coolest showpiece for living room! Take this table wall clock home to drive all eyes on it. A masterpiece perfect to place on a chest of drawers or entryway.

      3. Ganesha On Lotus Throne

        Make your Pooja rooms feel twice as serene with this Ganesha Water Fountain. Place it in the North direction to attract peace and good luck.

        4. Woodland Gems Table Photo Frame

          Nothing makes a better home décor showpiece than a depiction of your sweetest memories. Display your happy days in an intricately detailed frame, place it on a corner table/TV unit and relive the moment again & again!

          5. The Blue Squad Vases

            Vases are one of the most effortless showpieces for living room. Convenient to find in diverse shapes, sizes, designs, and colours, pick the right one as per the table.

            6. Vintage Medusa Showpiece

              unique showpiece is the one that makes everyone wonder. And this Vintage Medusa Showpiece with its popping red colour will do just that! Perfect for corner coffee tables as well as big centre tables.

              7. Racing Horses Showpiece

                Figurines of animals, deities, etc. are popular show pieces for home. If you’d like something Vaastu-compliant as well as aesthetic, go for this Racing Horses Showpiece. 

                8. Plated Abstract Table Décor

                  A big table demands an equally gigantic home decor showpiece! Fill up the dead space without clutter and compromising aesthetics - with any statement table metal art like this one. 

                  9. Luminazoo Gleam Table Lamp

                    Nothing beats the charm of table lamps as a unique showpiece for home! A glamorous pick for all tables – bedside, console, coffee and end, doesn’t this showpiece remind you of the musician – Marshmallow?

                    10. Tribal Bonfire Tealight Candle Holder

                      A quirky candle holder is the best showpiece for home! Why? Because it's equal parts functional and fab looking! Place this Tribal Candle Holder set on the dining or coffee table to witness its exuberance. 

                      Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

                      1. What are table showpieces, and how do they enhance home decor?

                      Showpieces for home are eye-catching items on display designed to make a person stop, stare, and admire. Showpieces are works of art and represent your persona. Additionally, some show pieces for home décor are also recommended as per Vastu Shastra. Lastly, showpieces make the home feel and look a lot more inviting.

                      2. Are there specific materials that work best for elegant table showpieces?

                      Materials like resin, ceramic, metal, glass and wood work best for elegant table showpieces. 

                      3. Where should I place table showpieces to create the most impact in a room?

                      For aesthetic purposes, table showpieces look stunning when placed at entryways or room corners. A few items also look exquisite on TV units and dining tables. If you want to create your showpiece placement to be Vaastu-compliant – it will differ with the type of product. For instance, a Buddha statue showpiece is best placed at the front door or entryway.

                      4. What are some budget-friendly options for elegant table showpieces?

                      Some budget-friendly options for elegant and unique showpieces are: 

                      • A set of vases
                      • Table plate with stand
                      • Pillar candles with stand
                      • Metal artwork
                      • Photo frames
                      • Table lamp
                      • Table clock
                      • Figurines
                      • Water fountain
                      • Antique pieces

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