Top 10 Ceramic Decor Ideas for Home Decoration
Top 10 Ceramic Decor Ideas for Home Decoration

Ceramic items are always in vogue and loved by everyone for their sheer beauty, glow and elegance. With little care, one can decorate their homes with ‘n’ number of ceramic décor products that can become the centre of attraction of your abode. Ceramic enhances the charm and sophistication of your simple home with its smooth texture, look and feel. Whether it is ceramic vases, ceramic candle holders, ceramic incense holders, ceramic wall hanging or ceramic decorative bowls, we can find an array of ceramic décor items to embellish our homes!

Here, we bring to you top 10 ceramic décor ideas for your home decoration…

  1. Ceramic Plates
  2. Ceramic vases
  3. Ceramic Pots
  4. Serving bowls
  5. Soap Dispensers
  6. Banana Boast Salt And Pepper Shaker
  7. Storage containers
  8. Table lamps
  9. Butterfly Charm kettle
  10. Serving platters

1. Ceramic Plates:

Ceramic decorative plates are very much in fashion. Whether hung on walls or made to stand, vibrantly painted decorative plates form an essential home décor item. At, you can find this - Rendezvous decorative plate which is beautifully hand-painted and printed showing an illustration of Varennes, a small village in Italy. 

2. Ceramic vases:

Ceramic vases are perfect ceramic décor items for your sanctuary. Have you ever wondered how figurative art can combine so well with utility? Here, at Vaaree, you will find an abstract human face ceramic vase personifying poetry in writing! The facial expressions of this ceramic vase are so captivating, making it a perfect ceramic decor item for your oasis. 

3. Ceramic Pots:

Do you imagine having a small garden in your house with some lovely plants in it? Elevate your lush verdant area with ceramic pots that not only look very classy but also keep your beloved plants safe and secure! Adorn your sweet abode with this Aloki ceramic pot in shades of blue along with the hassle-free faux plant.

4. Serving bowls:

It is a delight to serve delectable food to your guests in beautiful bowls. This Alpana serving bowls takes us down memory lane when life was simple and food was served in terracotta utensils. Indulge in these traditional-looking ceramic bowls which are decorated with enchanting ‘alpana’ designs.

5. Soap Dispensers:

While decorating our home, let’s not forget our bathrooms which are very much part of our oasis and need equal attention. One of the best ceramic decor items for bathrooms and powder rooms is ceramic soap dispensers. Now, use your personal spaces in style with an antique basin soap dispenser found at It is so aesthetically beautiful, that you and your guests would love to wash your hands more often!

6. Banana Boast Salt and Pepper Shaker:

How about keeping ceramic salt and pepper shakers, instead of the usual simple containers that are so passé these days? Yes, you can experiment so much in this category and go for some interesting designs for your daily indulgence in salt and pepper. Here we at Vaaree, bring to you Banana Boast salt and pepper shakers to surprise your guests with creativity and novelty.

7. Storage containers:

Storage containers are a part and parcel of our daily lives. We just can’t get enough for these. Ditch the toxic plastic and bring home a new set of ceramic storage containers to store your food items in your pantry safely and access it more quickly. Apart from your pantry items, you can even use them for storing anything you wish!

8. Table lamps:

Lighting is an integral part of our home décor. Lighting can make or break the aesthetic appeal of your house. One such lighting option of great utility and style is a table lamp. Whether you wish to delve into late evening reading or find something in the dark, table lamps are very resourceful decor items. At, you can find this bubble wrap table lamp which is a symphony of modern design illuminating the right amount of light, made in ceramic and fabric shade.

9. Butterfly Charm kettle:

Ceramic kettles look so enticing, they are a masterpiece in themselves just like antique objects. So, don’t miss out on this butterfly charm kettle to leverage your tea time in style and sophistication, blending your décor and utility effortlessly.

10. Serving platters:

Have you ever experienced embarrassment while serving your signature dips and snacks on ordinary plates? It’s high time to get decorative ceramic serving platters that serve dual purposes of home décor as well as serving your sumptuous food in style and fashion! This bubbles chips dip serving platter is the right one for you, during your hunger pangs and binge-watching.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What are some popular ceramic décor items for home decoration?

Some popular ceramic décor items for home decoration are ceramic pots, vases, mugs, dining plates, table lamps, kettles, and storage containers to name a few.

2. What are some creative ways to display ceramic figurines at home?

You can display ceramic décor figurines at home in different places such as on the coffee table, bookshelf, wall-mounted shelves, side tables, crockery unit, and foyer area.

3. How can I mix and match different ceramic pieces for cohesive décor?

Yes definitely, you can mix and match different ceramic décor pieces for cohesive décor. For example, placing ceramic kettles, bowls, and plates together on the dining table, placing ceramic pots and soap dispensers in the powder room, and placing ceramic table lamps and flower vases in your bedroom.

4. How can I care for and clean ceramic decor items?

The ceramic table lamp, pots, and vases should be wiped clean with a soft cloth. The ceramic mugs, cups, and plates should be cleaned with a mild detergent using a soft sponge and warm water.

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