How to Clean Glass Candle Holders?

How to Clean Glass Candle Holders?

It is such a rejuvenating feeling to decorate your sanctuary with gorgeous home décor ideas. We feel elated and have a child-like enthusiasm while bringing in stunning-looking artefacts, wall art, vases, and other splendid items and mixing and matching them in every nook and corner of the house. However, there is another side of the story too! We need to constantly clean and maintain these home décor items which take away most of our time, effort, and even our enthusiasm, to maintain the natural spark again!

For instance, when it comes to glass candle holders, who doesn’t love keeping beautiful-looking glass candle decorations at home where we can place aromatic and aesthetically appealing candles! As candles have the inherent quality of spreading a magical aura wherever they are lit, glass candle holders become their best companions! However, it takes away all our fun and joy while struggling to clean the candle holders and endeavoring to eradicate the black soot and residue stuck at the bottom!

Now, worry no more! Here we bring to you some easy and very useful hacks on how to clean glass candle holders quickly and effectively, which brings back the joy of using them again and again for your memorable evenings!

Ways to clean glass candle holders:

1. Using warm water:

In a container, bring water to a boil. Then pour this hot water into the glass candle holder without filling it to the top. After some time, you will notice that most of the wax will automatically rise to the top surface of the candle holder. Be patient. Let the water cool down and let the maximum amount of wax rise to the surface. Now, remove the wax effortlessly! Then, use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe the glass candle holder.

A word of precaution: Make sure the wax has cooled down completely before you pour hot water in the glass candle holder, to avoid any accidental cracks in the glass holder.

2. Using vinegar or alcohol:

For stubborn spots that are usually left at the bottom of the glass candle holder, you can use a small quantity of vinegar or even alcohol to remove it from your beautiful glass candle holder. To remove the burn marks off the glass candle holder, first make sure the wax has cooled and hardened fully. Then take a moist soft cloth or a paper towel and gently rub off the residue.

3. Other Hacks:

If simple hot water or vinegar doesn’t work, you can use a solvent that is used in cleaning glass windows, bleach, or a drain cleaner. These substances also aid in dissolving the wax and making it easier for you to clean the candle holder from the inside.

How to dissolve candle wax?

A little bit of science is involved here! Wax is a nonpolar substance, in the sense that its molecules share their electrons equally. So, to dissolve nonpolar substances, we require nonpolar solvents such as turpentine and mineral spirits. These solvents can also be used to dissolve candle wax if the above hacks do not work.

Can we avoid glass candle holders from turning black as much as possible?

As it is said, “Prevention is better than cure!” we can keep our precious-looking glass candle holders from turning black by applying some useful hacks! Follow the best practice of trimming the wick before use. This is because a trimmed sleek wick doesn’t leave a lot of smoke and black residue which will automatically keep your candle holder much cleaner than before.

Thus, apply the above tricks and see your glass candle holder sparkle again with shine just like a new one! Even old glass candle holders can be repurposed similarly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How do I clean wax residue from glass candle holders?

You can clean the wax residue from glass candle holders by using a mix of soap and warm water. Also, use a sponge to clean the glass candle holder. At the end, wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

2. What's the best way to remove candle soot from glass holders?

The best way to remove candle soot from glass candle holders is by using a combination of water and vinegar or using vegetable oil in the candle holder. Use a soft cloth to clean the soot from glass holders.

3. Can I use a razor blade to clean glass candle holders?

You may use a razor blade to scrape off the excess wax but do it gently to avoid scratches on your glass candle holder.

4. Is there a natural way to clean glass candle holders?

Yes, you can clean glass candle holders by using a mix of soap and warm water. You can even use 3 parts of water and 1 part of vinegar to clean it. The third option is using vegetable oil.

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