10 Unique Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Employees

10 Unique Corporate Diwali Gift Ideas for Your Employees

If you are from the HR department of a company, do your staff a favor and do not get a soanpapdi box as Diwali gifts for employees! The best Diwali gifts for employees would certainly be a bonus and more paid leave. And the second-best ones are stated below!  

Here Are The Top 10 Diwali Corporate Gifts for Employees in 2023

Goodness Of Life Gift Box

Everyone deserves me-time. Push your employees towards striking a work-life balance with this Goodness Of Life Gift Box! Thoughtfully curated with scented candles, flavored raisins, butterscotch chocolate bites and a greeting card, we are sure they will love to use it on a laid-back Sunday. An easy-to-like Diwali gift options for employees.

Water Bottles

We believe that Diwali gifts for employees should be two things – fabulous and functional. And water bottles tick both boxes! You can pick something aesthetic like our Rise & Shine Water Bottle or go for customized Diwali gifts for employees by getting an engraved one. 

Plants & Flowers

When you’re out of Diwali gift ideas for employees, you can always fall back on plants! Symbolizing growth and well-being, it serves as a great reminder to care for the little things in life. Not to mention, it doubles as one of the most budget diwali gifts for employees. Fittonia, Spider, Bamboo, Jade, and Peace Lily are recommended for gifting your workforce. 

Photo frames

Be it Diwali gifts for employees, clients or even family and friends, photo frames are a safe yet thoughtful choice. Every time they look at it, they will relive the beautiful memory, in turn, feeling good and motivated. To make the Diwali gift more meaningful, add a picture of them / their loved ones or the office dream team. 

Wall Decor

Everyone likes to work in a lively and inspiring space. This is why, wall posters, accessories and décor make apt Diwali gifts for employees. If wall décor seems to be impractical Diwali gift items for employees, you can always swap it for a motivational quote poster or 3D desk showpiece. 

Lunch Box With Bag

You know why everyone loves WFH? Fresh food and the comfort of their bed! Understandably, you cannot bring beds or kitchens to the office. But you can definitely gift them lunch boxes that keep food fresh, warm and organized, without leaks! No wonder lunch boxes as corporate Diwali gifts top the search history on Vaaree!

 Mangala Buddha Showpiece

Gautam Buddha is an embodiment of inner peace, calmness, balance, and good fortune. Presenting his idol as Diwali gifts for employees will push them to seek that force within. If idols are too mainstream for your office culture, go for quirky showpieces.

 Cappucino Storage Basket

A clear desk = a clear mind = better productivity! Put their efficiency into top gear, consider life-sized and cute table organizers as Diwali gift items for employees.

Wilderness Handpainted Ceramic Mug

There is a reason why mugs rank first on the list of time-honored Diwali gift ideas for employees. All because tea and coffee breaks hit different in the office. Give them another reason to love it as you surprise them with gorgeous, handpainted coffee or tea mugs! 

  • Stationary


No employee in this world can deny their endless love for stationary! Create an assortment of the finest pens, self-improvement journals, and high GSM to-do diaries, and there you have one of the best Diwali gifts for employees!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What are some unique corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees?

Some unique corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees are:

  • Pooja essentials
  • Showpieces
  • Plants
  • Stationery
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Diwali bonus
  • Customized water bottles, mugs, or any other item frequently used in the office.

2. How can I make Diwali gifts more personalized for my employees?

Here are a few ways to make customized Diwali gifts for employees:

  • Get their names engraved on the gift.
  • Ask their preferences in advance and gift them what they’d like. For instance, if an employee loves coffee, mugs, or coffee powder will be best Diwali gifts for employees.
  • Instead of getting generic Diwali gifts for employees, go for something more thoughtful and practical like lunch boxes, plants, better office facilities, etc.

3. Are there any eco-friendly Diwali gift options for employees?

Yes. There are many eco-friendly Diwali gift options for employees like insulated coffee mugs, glass bottles, glass lunch boxes, live plants, etc. 

4. How can I ensure my Diwali gifts are culturally sensitive and respectful?

The first step is to determine the cultural significance of the festival. Followed by researching the customary Diwali gifts. Anything that symbolizes or makes the recipient’s new year more joyous and prosperous are ideal Diwali gifts. Think dry fruits, plants, sweets or precious items like gold. 

5. What are some trending Diwali gift ideas for 2023?

Some trending Diwali gift ideas for 2023 are:

  • Home décor items like vases or table lamps
  • Showpieces
  • Pooja essentials
  • Idols & figurines
  • Dinner set
  • Coffee mug set
  • Bedding set
  • Luxurious bathroom accessories

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