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Cleaning and Caring for Window Curtains: Keeping Them Beautiful and Fresh

Buying curtains is all fun and nice. So is seeing the magical effect they have on uplifting the room décor. But these fabric decor elements are prone to direct sunlight, dirt, stains etc., which takes away a little of their sheen every day. And that’s when they begin to seem burdensome! 

Having pretty curtains is every home’s need and you simply cannot do away with them. Stop wasting your time worrying about the what, how and when, just keep calm and read on! 

Here are some tips to help keep your curtains beautiful and fresh:

1.  Polyester Curtains

2.  Cotton/Linen Blend Curtains

3.  Silk Curtains

4.  Curtains With Adornments

1. Polyester Curtains

    Owing to their economical pricing and variety of designs, polyester curtains are the most preferred picks. The good bit is that they are super easy to clean and maintain and retain their newness longer. To rid a polyester curtain of dirt and grime, simply put it in the washing machine.

    If you don’t know how to wash curtains in the washing machine, don’t sweat. Just use a gentle detergent and wash only in cool to lukewarm water to avoid heat damage. As these curtains usually are wrinkle resistant, they won’t need ironing if dried properly. For polyester sheers, wash on a gentle cycle and pre-soak for 5 minutes if required. 

    2. Cotton/Linen Blend Curtains

      Cotton curtains lend an impressive aura to any space. 100% cotton curtains are semi-sheer and impart a lovely natural glow to the room. You can also opt for canvas cotton or mixed cotton fabrics if you wish to block sunlight.

      Unless the washing instructions allow, cotton curtains are not required to be sent for dry cleaning. Make them as good as new by washing them with a mild detergent on a gentle cycle. Hand them to dry in the shade always and iron on a low heat setting to get the pleats back!

      Once you understand how to wash curtains, the same routine can be followed for linen blend curtains, although pure linen ones are ideal for dry cleaning only.

      3. Silk Curtains

        Silk curtains are certainly synonymous with elegance and grace. Generally, sending them to a professional dry cleaner is the best way to maintain their luster. But if you need to clean them frequently then this can lead to huge bills. So, if you don’t know how to dry clean curtains at home, it is never too late!

        The next best solution to dry cleaning is to hand wash them since a machine wash will ruin the delicate threads. Simply fill a bucket with lukewarm water, add a gentle liquid detergent, and soak the curtain. Then rub it very gently to get rid of the grime and pull it out of the water. While drying the curtain be careful to never wring it but rather crumble up into a ball and squeeze the water out. Hang to dry in the shade and iron only on the lowest heat with another fabric in between.

        4. Curtains With Adornments

          If your window curtain has frills, fringes, embellishments, or any special decorative accessory then it is best to follow the washing instructions on the label. This will help safeguard the curtain and keep it looking new. Also, for curtains with plastic hooks, remember to remove the hooks before tossing them in the machine!

          Knowing how to wash curtains in the washing machine correctly can save you a lot of hassle. To care for the curtains between washes, dust or vacuum them regularly with a soft brush attachment to keep the dirt out and prevent discoloration. For all your curtain needs, explore Vaaree. Here you will find a splendid curation of trendy curtains to match your home’s theme perfectly!

          Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

          1. How often should I clean my window curtains?

          It is recommended to clean window curtains at least once in two weeks. If that seems like an impossible task, you can deep clean them once every month. As curtains accumulate a lot of dust, no matter how, do not exceed the 60-day mark for cleaning. 

          2. What is the best method to clean window curtains?

          The best method to clean window curtains depends on the material. For instance, the best method to clean cotton window curtains is a washing machine or hand wash. Similarly, the best method to clean silk window curtains is dry cleaning. To know the ideal method to clean your window curtains, check the washing guide usually printed on a label stitched on the backside corner. 

          3. Can I machine wash my window curtains?

          Yes, you can machine wash your window curtains if they are made from polyester, cotton, blended or linen. 

          4. How do I remove stains from window curtains?

          We know the feeling of ruining gorgeous window curtains. Instead of worrying, just follow these easy ways to retrieve your curtain’s newness. 

          If the stain is fresh, try to remove it before drying down with a wet cloth. If it doesn’t work, try soapy water and cloth. If this doesn’t work either, the last resort is spot washing window curtains – i.e., washing only the required spot. This will require you to use a stain remover, followed by washing the stained part. If you don’t have a stain remover like Vanish, apply baking soda and vinegar paste on the stained area and wash as usual. However, we recommend tested cleaning products over DIYs.

          If the stained window curtain is made from silk, remove the stain with a dry cloth and send it immediately for dry cleaning.

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