12 Wedding Return Gifts Ideas For Relatives

12 Wedding Return Gifts Ideas For Relatives

Weddings are those auspicious ceremonies that are remembered for a lifetime. A wedding is a sacred bond not only between the couple but also two families. There are several rituals and customs involved in a wedding, one of them is giving return gifts to your guests, relatives, and friends for their time and effort in making the wedding a success with their presence and blessings. However, we are often stuck with the gifts that could be given to your guests as a gesture of thanking them. But don’t worry, we are here to help you out!

If you are running out of ideas for wedding return gifts, here we have some splendid options for you!

  1. Tealight candles & candleholders
  2. Showpieces & vases
  3. Pooja essentials and idols
  4. Organizers
  5. Trays and platters
  6. Photo frames
  7. Bedsheets
  8. Cushion covers
  9. Table runners and table mats
  10. Coasters
  11. Glassware
  12. Windchimes and dreamcatchers

1. Tealight candles & candle-holders:

Tealight candles and candle holders are one of the loveliest wedding return gift ideas! This is because tealight candles have the inherent quality of transforming any space into a haven of tranquillity and spreading warmth and brightness all around! Apart from serving the purpose of home décor, these lovely pieces are an embellishment for anyone’s personal sanctuary. At vaaree.com you can find a plethora of gorgeous tealight candles and candleholders as a beacon of spiritual energy and refined beauty!

2. Showpieces & vases:

Showpieces and vases are splendid home décor items as they are very versatile in nature and go seamlessly well with any interiors. Ready to add a royal touch to any abode, you can definitely consider showpieces and beautiful vases as wedding return gifts for your relatives. 

3. Pooja essentials and idols:

Weddings are very auspicious occasions with many sacred rituals. What can be better than gifting divine pooja essentials as wedding return gifts to your relatives? Elevate the spirit of prayer and devotion with enchanting pooja thalis, diyas, oil lamps, urlis, incense stick holders, Ganesha or Krishna idols and more! Let your guests decorate their pooja room with an exclusive collection of pooja essentials only from vaaree.com!

4. Organizers:

Organizers are an essential part of our day to day lives that make our life clutter-free and easy going! Whether we talk about sparkling jewellery organizers, crystal mason jars filled with dry fruits, multi-purpose jute or fibre baskets, or metal based key holders, organizers are part and parcel of everyone’s life. Find an array of lovely organizers and treasure chests of different kinds at vaaree.com and gift them to your relatives as wedding return gifts.

5. Trays and platters:

Accent bowls, trays and platters are in vogue! Apart from being home décor items, they also serve the purpose of presenting various dishes aesthetically. Decorative and antique trays add rustic vibes to any home and need no further embellishment. Their mere presence is enough to add a classy finish to anyone’s home décor! Thus, you can consider these as your return gifts for marriage.

6. Photo frames:

Photo frames are those timeless gift items that never go out of fashion. This is because photo frames are beautiful ways to embrace our most cherished moments and display them near our side table or work space! You can find a wide range of photo frames at vaaree.com and even create a personal gallery wall as well as captivating visual extravaganza! So, do keep photo frames in your bucket list as marriage return gift ideas!

7. Bedsheets:

One may find bed sheets as the commonest gift items, but believe us, they are the most useful ones too! Make your relatives delightful with beautiful bedsheets with lovely hues and designs. Always go for high quality bed sheets like those found on vaaree.com and choose from a wide array of geometric, abstract, solid, floral and ethnic ones.

8. Cushion covers:

Another good idea for wedding return gifts is cushion covers. Cushion covers are commonly used at homes as they add instant vibrance to your living room as well as bedrooms. Cushion covers add delight and coziness to any home décor, whether placed on sofas, chairs or even beds. By gifting cushion covers as wedding return gifts, you are spreading a bouquet of joy and slipping into a state of serene bliss!

9. Table runners and table mats:

Dining tables are commonly found in every household, thus it is a good idea to gift table runners and table mats to your guests as a gesture of gratitude. As table runners and coasters come in bright hues, beautiful patterns, and varied designs, giving them as wedding return gifts you are expressing your sentiments towards your beloved guests for their presence at the wedding. These gifts will remind your guests of you, every time they are at the dinner table for their next meal time!

10. Coasters:

Who doesn’t love these trendy dining items that make our drinking experience more pleasant and orderly? Yes, we are talking about coasters which are very much in fashion not only for their whimsy textures, designs and shapes but also for their functionality. Coasters make parties clutter-free and more in control. Coasters also help in keeping the furniture in a good condition. So, giving coasters as a wedding return gift, you are actually gifting a memorable drinking experience to your guests, every time they use your coasters.

11. Glassware:

Glassware is loved by one and all and adds a sparkling elegance to anyone’s home décor. Everyone loves having a grand display of their unique glassware and by giving glassware as wedding return gifts you are just adding more grace and style statement to your relatives’ home! Let your guests get enchanted by those lovely crystals and all the magic that comes with having their favourite beverages in sophisticated glassware.

12. Windchimes and dreamcatchers:

As we are aware of, wind chimes and dream catchers are both a symbol of spreading a positive aura and keeping negative spirits at bay. These dangling ornaments not only elevate the surroundings but also help to keep our homes and lives away from evil eye, bringing more peace and happiness to our homes! Thus, help in spreading positive good vibes by giving wind chimes and dream catchers as wedding return gifts to your relatives and friends.

As we have seen, there are a plethora of amazing wedding return gift ideas. One just needs to explore various options and go for what your guests would be delighted to have!

If you are searching for unique home décor items, contact us at vaaree.com. At Vaaree, you will find a wide spectrum of gorgeous-looking showpieces, sleek ceramic or glass vases and divine pooja essentials. All our high-quality products are curated from top manufacturers from all over the country at very affordable prices.


1. What will be the best return gift in Indian wedding?

The best return gift in an Indian wedding will be divine pooja essentials.

2. What is a good idea for a return gift in a wedding?

Some good ideas for wedding return gifts are home décor items like beddings, showpieces, wall art, photo frames, organisers and so on.

3. What are some budget friendly return gift ideas?

Some budget friendly return gift ideas are cushion covers, glassware, trays and platters, bedsheets and so on.

4. What are good wedding gift ideas?

Good wedding gift ideas are photo frames, wall accents, jewellery organisers, cushion covers and more!

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