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Buy Rhoda Floral Circular Serving Tray at Vaaree online | Beautiful Platter to choose from

Rhoda Floral Circular Serving Tray


₹599.00₹1,389.00 57%Off
Buy Terracotta Tale Platter - Set Of Four Online in India | Platter on Vaaree

Terracotta Tale Platter - Set Of Four


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Buy Handcart Platter at Vaaree online | Beautiful Tray to choose from

Handcart Platter


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Buy Chirpy Circular Serving Tray - Set Of Two at Vaaree online | Beautiful Serving Tray to choose from

Chirpy Circular Serving Tray - Set Of Two


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Buy Neela Patti Serving Trey - Set Of Three at Vaaree online | Beautiful Tray to choose from

Neela Patti Serving Trey - Set Of Three


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Buy Food Ride Platter at Vaaree online | Beautiful Platter to choose from

Food Ride Platter


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Buy Clustered Blooms Melamine Tray - Set of Three at Vaaree online | Beautiful Tray to choose from

Clustered Blooms Melamine Tray - Set of Three


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Buy Gelda Platter (Water Blue) - Set Of Four at Vaaree online | Beautiful Platter to choose from

Gelda Platter (Water Blue) - Set Of Four


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Alkina Platter (Yellow) - Set Of Two

Alkina Platter (Yellow) - Set Of Two


Buy Coco Serving Tray - Set Of 3 at Vaaree online | Beautiful Tray to choose from

Coco Serving Tray - Set Of 3


₹1,451.00₹2,338.00 38%Off
Buy Iron Press Platter at Vaaree online | Beautiful Platter to choose from

Iron Press Platter


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Buy Maharaja Wooden Tray at Vaaree online | Beautiful Tray to choose from

Maharaja Wooden Tray


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Buy Trays And Platters At the Best Prices Online

Hosting guests is a very pleasurable experience. When done right, it can leave a very lasting impression. Of course, you must have a big, delicious spread. But if you really want to own the title of the best host, you need something more. You need to serve them the most stunning dining items. You need platters and trays. You need complementing tableware. You need all things dining, all things aesthetic! Understanding curating all this can be overwhelming, expensive and practically confusing, Vaaree has got you covered. 

Impress Your Guests With Designer Trays And Platters

Here is a list of hosting essentials you must own – whether or not you host frequently. And the coolest part is you can find all of these dining items, in your styling preferences, all under one roof, on Vaaree! 

  • Dinner Sets:

Dinner Sets at Vaaree are like a piece of cake. You just want to keep having more! That said, a cabinet full of dinner sets might not be possible. But you must always have at least one dinner set for 8 at home! For an enjoyable and indulgent dining experience, owning ceramic dinner sets is ideal & cost-efficient. Melamine dinner sets work for everyday or rough use. For a very traditional lunch setup, a bronze dinner set is sure to charm. And if you are someone like Indian moms who don’t get out here favorite bone china crockery anticipating the prime minister to come home, that would be another addition to the list. 

Dinner sets are not it. You need supplementary dining items too. Why you ask? Calling over people is all fun and games until the realization hits that you don’t have enough dinner plates! To never be in an embarrassing scenario like this, have ample side and dinner plates. To make them all come together like a family, the additional quarter and dinner plates could be from the same color family as your existing sets. 

While selecting dinner sets, ensure it has a good balance of dinner plates, side plates, super small plates for condiments, soup bowls, serving bowls and deep dishes. 

  • Serving Trays:

Hosting at home is definitely not synonymous with a self-service buffet. This makes serving trays a no-brainer requisite. And no, we are not talking about any ordinary dinner serving trays. We mean those modern serving trays in the classiest finish, ergonomic handles and certainly life-sized! The kind that you are most likely to find on Vaaree!

Depending on the rest of your dining items, you could either select decorative serving trays or could go with a low-key ceramic one that twins with your dinner set. If you are too confused, place your bets on wooden serving trays. Because of its earthy color and soothing appeal, it pairs well with almost any kind of dinner setting. 

  • Bowl Dish:

Bowl dish is the underdog of dining items. Versatile, space-saving and uniquely designed, a bowl dish is love! As the name suggests, bowl dish is a fusion of the silhouette of both a bowl & dish. Thus, making a great serveware for kids or someone who is team soupy noodles. If you want to woo your guests with some cooler than the coolest tableware, bowl dish is the name. 

  • Table Accessories:

Table accessories comprise to be a significant part of an unforgettable dining experience. They could be anything you want it to be – from table runners to placements and tabletop décor. It invigorates the visual senses to enhance the tasting part. 

Think of table accessories as an extension of food. We mean, what would you first put your hands on…A plate that looks unrealistically look or something that is shabby? Certainly, the former. Because if it looks irresistible, chances are it might taste even better! Likewise, if table accessories are visually enticing & aesthetic, it cues that the food might turn out to be lip-smacking! 

  • Platters & Trays:

Don’t be mistaken about the name. Platters & trays are poles apart from dining serving trays. Serving trays hold the serveware from the kitchen to the table. While platters & trays are the things that make tasty food appear tastier! Perfect for appetizers like tikkas and all-things barbequed. If you choose to buy serving platters from Vaaree, we promise our pieces will make even your humble Parle-G look chef’s kiss worthy! 

Level up your hosting game with luxury tableware, chic cutlery, and coolest barware from Vaaree. A destination known for enviable hosting essentials, we have a delightful (not forgetting affordable) curation of everything your dream home could possible need!


1. What are some creative ways to use decorative trays in home décor?

Decorative trays are versatile gems in home décor. Elevate your space by placing them on coffee tables, dining tables, or shelves, transforming mundane surfaces into curated displays of personality. Adorn them with vibrant flowers for a pop of nature, arrange candles for an ambient glow, or even use them to serve delicious snacks and tea during gatherings. 

2. What are the different types of trays and platters available at Vaaree?

Vaaree has an astounding array of shapes and sizes, ensuring you find the perfect piece for your hosting needs. The materials include wood, glass, aluminium, melamine, and much more. Vaaree has you covered, whether you're looking for chic trays to elevate your hosting game or stylish platters to present your culinary masterpieces with grace.

3. Where can I buy trays and platters near me?

You can find a massive array of chic trays and platters at Vaaree. It is one of the best online platforms where you can find a variety of stylish trays and platters at affordable prices.

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