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Buy Idols & Sets - Sacred Shri Buddha Showpiece at Vaaree online

Sacred Shri Buddha Showpiece


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Buy Idols & Sets - Lord Ganesha Resting Idol at Vaaree online

Lord Ganesha Resting Idol


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Buy Idols & Sets - Sacred Tortoise Idol at Vaaree online

Sacred Tortoise Idol


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Buy Idols & Sets - Krishna Core Showpiece at Vaaree online

Krishna Core Showpiece


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Buy Idols & Sets - Shri Vigneshwara Silver Idol at Vaaree online

Shri Vigneshwara Silver Idol


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Buy Idols & Sets - Buddha Resting In Hand Idol at Vaaree online

Buddha Resting In Hand Idol


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Buy Idols & Sets - Panchmukhi Hanuman Idol at Vaaree online

Panchmukhi Hanuman Idol


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Buy Idols & Sets - Bal Ganesh Bless Showpiece at Vaaree online

Bal Ganesh Bless Showpiece


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Buy Idols & Sets - Holy Bal Gopal Idol at Vaaree online

Holy Bal Gopal Idol


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Buy Idols & Sets - Divine Ganapati Showpiece at Vaaree online

Divine Ganapati Showpiece


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Buy Idols & Sets - Crystal Ganesha Showpiece - Yellow & Red at Vaaree online

Crystal Ganesha Showpiece - Yellow & Red


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Buy Idols & Sets - Crystal Ganesha Showpiece - Orange & Pink at Vaaree online

Crystal Ganesha Showpiece - Orange & Pink


₹295.00₹599.00 51%Off

Buy Decorative Idols & Accent Pieces Online at the Best Prices

Unique home idols & accent pieces are all the rage in interior decoration at the moment! It’s the trend everyone is inspired by and imbibing in their décor. And why not? It is a stylish and easy way to enhance the appearance of a room and add a panache.

Accent pieces can be anything, ranging from a high-backed chair, to a colourful rug, and drapes to little decorative pieces. It is all about picking an exquisite item in the room and making it the focus. If you too are enthused by this trend and wish to incorporate it in your home, then Vaaree can help!

We have the widest collection of carefully curated home accent pieces that will infuse an aura of style into your space.

Budget-Friendly Idols & Accent Pieces For Every Home

The accent pieces you see at Vaaree are super versatile and will sync well with any décor. They can be placed not just to liven up the living area but also to decorate the dining room or bedroom. While accent furniture requires considerable thought and investment, the small home decor items available at Vaaree fit every budget. Vases, candle holders, lamps, tealight holders, mirrors etc., are an excellent way to usher in this new trend and make your home look fabulous and inviting.

The good news is that you will find all this and more at Vaaree. The reason we are able to bring affordability to our home accent pieces is that we source directly from the manufacturer. Thereby eliminating the middleman and other added costs. Each item you buy from us is impeccable in quality and design and promises to live up to your expectations.

Discover Affordable Home Decor Items At Vaaree

Every time you browse at Vaaree, you are sure to find something new and unseen. Here are a few categories of unique home accent pieces on Vaaree worth bookmarking:

  • Showpieces – Exclusive masterpieces to suit every home style.
  • Candle Holders – For pillar, tea light candles as well as other types.
  • Vases – Glass, metal, ceramic vases.
  • Lamps – Ceiling, table, wall and floor lamps etc.
  • Wall Decor – Artwork, paintings, frames, wall shelves, wall accents etc.
  • Clocks – Traditional, contemporary as well as quirky table and wall clocks.
  • Soft furnishing – Cushion covers, throws, etc.

Why Choose Accent Pieces?

In case you are still wondering if home decor accent pieces are for your home, here’s why interior decorators swear by them:

  • They add vibrance, colour, and drama to bland spaces.
  • Helps in tying the décor of the entire room together in a cohesive manner.
  • Useful in changing the look of a room instantly for those looking to redecorate without spending a fortune.
  • Accent pieces for living room add a distinct charm and personality to the space.
  • Lamps and tealight holders lend a cosy and inviting vibe to the room.

As stated earlier, accent pieces are not limited to decorative items. They extend to the furniture, walls, floors, upholstery etc. For example, if you colour one wall in a different shade than the others, it becomes an accent wall as it draws attention to itself. Similarly, keeping a bench seat in the dining table makes it an accent piece for dining room, and so on. It’s all about limitless creativity and uniqueness!

You get exactly what you see! Our other popular collections include Garden Decor Collections, Bathroom Decor Collections, Home Decor Collections, Dining Decor Collections, Kitchen Decor Collections, Living Room Decor Collections, & Bedroom Decor Collections... the list goes on. Explore more now on

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an accent piece?

Any décor element that becomes the focus of the room and stands out counts as an accent piece.

2. What are accent pieces in a living room?

Anything in the room that is unique and highlighted becomes the home accent piece. For example, a colourful rug in a living room with a beige palette. Or exquisite candle holders that emit a warm glow that catches your attention.

3. How do you decorate with accent pieces?

There can be several ways to decorate with accent pieces. Like contrasting the piece with the existing colour palette of the room or accessorizing the room with a colourful painting. The rule is to make the piece stand out and not blend in with the décor.

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