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Patterns and stripes are in trend, is your bedroom up to date?
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Buy Bedsheets - Stained Glass Art Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Stained Glass Art Bedsheet

100% Cotton - 210 TC

From ₹1,699.00₹2,499.00 32%Off
Buy Bedsheets - Virika Striped Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Virika Striped Bedsheet

100% Cotton - 200 TC

From ₹2,204.00₹3,149.00 30%Off
Buy Bedsheets - Melange Bedsheet - Grey at Vaaree online

Melange Bedsheet - Grey

100% Cotton - 154 TC

₹1,421.00₹2,274.00 38%Off
Buy Bedsheets - Polka Plot Bedsheet - Ivory at Vaaree online

Polka Plot Bedsheet - Ivory

100% Cotton - 200 TC

From ₹1,364.00₹1,949.00 30%Off
Buy Bedsheets - Sono Stripe Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Sono Stripe Bedsheet

100% Cotton - 160 TC

₹2,167.00₹4,199.00 48%Off
Buy Bedsheets - Illustrator Brush Stroke Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Illustrator Brush Stroke Bedsheet

Glace Cotton/Microfiber - 200 TC

From ₹616.00₹2,329.00 74%Off
Buy Bedsheets - Circum Jive Bedsheet - Sky Blue at Vaaree online

Circum Jive Bedsheet - Sky Blue

Glace Cotton/Microfiber

From ₹785.00₹2,329.00 66%Off
Buy Bedsheets - Trio Frenzy Bedsheet - Blue at Vaaree online

Trio Frenzy Bedsheet - Blue

100% Cotton - 400 TC

From ₹1,233.00₹3,659.00 66%Off
Buy Bedsheets - Dots & Stripes Bedsheet - Blue & Maroon at Vaaree online

Dots & Stripes Bedsheet - Blue & Maroon

100% Cotton - 144 TC

₹1,211.00₹1,937.00 37%Off
Buy Bedsheets - Liko Printed Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Liko Printed Bedsheet

PolyCotton/Cotton Blend - 180 TC

₹770.00₹924.00 17%Off
Buy Bedsheets - Aztec Charm Bedsheet at Vaaree online

Aztec Charm Bedsheet

PolyCotton/Cotton Blend - 180 TC

₹770.00₹924.00 17%Off
Buy Bedsheets - Nannia Neo Bedsheet - Rust at Vaaree online

Nannia Neo Bedsheet - Rust

100% Cotton - 200 TC

₹1,575.00₹1,890.00 17%Off

Buy Geometric Bedsheets Online at Best Prices in India at Vaaree

As Johannes Kepler said, “Geometry is the archetype of the beauty of the world.” Also, according to the famous Pythagoras, “There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.”

Though considered as a dry subject in school by many, when it comes to using geometry in your bedroom décor, believe me, geometric bedsheets are one of the best mediums to embellish your bedroom!

Amongst the various bedsheet brands in India, it is only at Vaaree, you will find a plethora of geometric pattern bedsheets with different hues, designs and textures. From circles to spirals and from shapes to criss-cross lines, we have it all! We have carefully curated the best lot from reputed and highly experienced manufacturers offering quality products at very reasonable prices. So, browse through our website where we bring to you an infinite collection of geometric bedsheets ranging from pastel hues to bright tints and tones. Grab the best deals at Vaaree and proudly own a collection of trendy geometric bedsheets which are not only visually appealing but also offer comfort, warmth and quality delivered at your doorstep.

Geometric Bed Sheets: The Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort

If shapes and geometry have always fascinated you and you like to dive into the beautiful blend of art and math, geometric bedsheets are best suited for you!

Each time you spread a geometric bedsheet across your bed, believe us, you will not want to take your eyes off the bedsheet. Geometric design bedsheets will not only make your room look stylish and peppy, but will also make it chic and playful! At Vaaree, you will find products of the highest quality and bedsheets are not an exception. If you are looking for 100% cotton bedsheets or bedsheets made of microfiber or bamboo which have more thread count then Vaaree is the one-stop solution for you!

Experience Geometric Elegance with Our Stylish Bed Sheets

In general, bedsheets have been underrated so far. But at Vaaree, we understand the impact of this magical piece of cloth once spread across your bed. If you want an exclusive and unconventional feel to your bedroom, then geometric bedsheets are the right ones for you!

Bizarre shapes and lines, offbeat patterns are a visual treat which you should add to your bedroom decor. Geometric bedsheets will help you leverage the aura of your bedroom and lighten it up with spectacular colours and splendid designs.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What are geometric bed sheets?

Geometric bedsheets are bedsheets having geometrical shapes and designs. At Vaaree, you will find geometric pattern bedsheets having square, rectangle, circle, stars, crossroads, spirals, checkmate (if you are a chess enthusiast) or even mosaic, criss-cross lines, bordered boxes, prismatic designs, skewed geometry, tiled printed, hand block printed, symmetric and asymmetric patterns, diamonds, dots and stripes, checks, pyramids, alpha geometric or even confetti shapes to name a few!

Why are geometric patterns popular in bed sheets?

Geometric patterns showcase the modern lifestyle with a traditional outlook using various interesting geometrical shapes and patterns. This perfect blend makes geometric print sheets popular among bedsheets.

Can geometric bed sheets suit different bedroom styles and décor?

Yes, of course! For instance, a child’s bedroom can have ludo or confetti shapes on their bedsheets. Polka dots in a girl’s bedroom and alpha geometric designs for a math lover. Geometric bedsheets suit all bedroom styles and décor!

Are geometric bed sheets available in different colors?

You name it and Vaaree has it! You will find distinct hues and tones from the colour wheel to curate unique styles and patterns, just for you!

  • Black and white geometric bedsheet – If you love this elegant and ageless combination, then Vaaree is the right place for you!
  • Blue geometric bedsheet – The colour blue is universally beautiful and adaptable to any kind of bedsheet. Find all shades of blue at Vaaree.
  • Pink and Lavender geometric bedsheet – Find serenity in pastel shades of pink and lavender shapes and patterns.
  • Warm shades geometric bedsheet – If you get excited over warm shades like red, orange and yellow, then look no further. Vaaree has all these color shades for you!
  • Rainbow-colored geometric bedsheet – Best suited for children’s room in the form of confetti shapes, arches, circles, semi-circles and more, rainbow colors fascinate one and all!
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