Top 10 Photo Booth Decoration Ideas At Home

Top 10 Photo Booth Decoration Ideas At Home

Any celebration is incomplete without some lovely clicks, bringing out the shutterbug in you! Whether it is a wedding, engagement, cocktail party, birthday, or anything else, selfie photo booth ideas are a great way to create cherished memories while having a lot of fun, dressed in your best outfits! Those unforgettable candid snapshots and moments are treasured for the years to come!

If you are planning to throw a party at home, you can create several interesting photo booths using wooden frames, signages, arrows, marker pens, thermocol, funny silly props, or anything you are fascinated about and get nostalgic about, after years pass by!

Here are the top 10 creative photo booth ideas for your next occasion…

1. Deck up with balloons
2. Flower it up!
3. The village scene
4. Spread out Draperies
5. Play with Origami
6. Go filmy
7. Vintage vibes
8. Chalking out the board
9. Mirror it all!
10. Outdoor themes

    1. Deck up with balloons:

    If you are planning to create a photo booth for a birthday party, you can deck it up with balloons in a combination of two or more colours. You can use balloons to create a photo booth design on a rectangular or square wooden frame. Balloon decorations in criss-cross pattern or rainbow theme, with add-ons like candies will delight everyone at the birthday party and other occasions!

    2. Flower it up!

    For a festive photo booth such as a wedding, engagement, or any festive occasion, you can craft a floral photo booth. You can go for fresh aromatic flowers like marigolds, jasmine, and orchids, or create garland strings as photo booth decoration ideas. You can even keep pots on both sides with garlands of marigolds flowing out as add-ons.

    3. The village scene:

    One of the best selfie photo booth ideas is the village scene that you can create at home. Village scene is not only timeless but also refreshing in today’s city life. You can hang pictures of a rickshaw, cycle or a rustic scooter dolled up with flowers, some paisley motifs, and pinwheels, creating magic and bringing back pleasant old times. These kinds of photo booths are very popular during weddings, haldi, and sangeet ceremonies where people are dressed up in their ethnic attire and would love to flaunt with some splendid clicks!

    4. Spread out Draperies:

    Draperies in the form of vibrant coloured sarees and dupattas are such a panoramic view seen in weddings and other ceremonies. Roll out bright colours like yellow, blue, pink, green and create a rainbow of colours with draperies with natural folds and wrinkles. Hang draperies on wooden panels and let them flow down like a waterfall denoting joy and happiness! Creative photo booth ideas can include a mela theme too! Also, you can add circular mandala panels on the draperies that look so stunning and vibrant, spreading positive energy all around.

    5. Play with Origami:

    If you are a fan of origami craft, use your photobooth design as a canvas and create ornamental wall hangings, kites, birds, dreamcatchers, windchimes, umbrellas, and flowers with origami paper. Walk down memory lane and bring back your childhood with origami pinwheels! 

    6. Go filmy:

    For creative photo booth ideas, you can even keep a filmy theme. We all love watching films of different genres, it could be kids’ Harry Potter or Frozen, or evergreen romantic movies, the classics, or sci-fi movies. Based on your preferences and the occasion, you can take good quality print-outs of your movies, create a filmy backdrop and click pics standing next to your favourite actors!

    7. Vintage vibes:

    In today’s modern world, we get fascinated by vintage items that have almost become antiques for the next generation. Thus, you can create a backdrop using old telephones, phone booths, post boxes, something that is no longer function. A retro-styled photo booth showcasing the gramophone or monochromatic photographs, and more. You can even create destination themes showcasing your favourite holiday spots.

    8. Chalking out the board:

    You can create simple photo booth ideas using a chalkboard as a backdrop. Chalkboards are very commonly seen in cafes; however, do you know you can even use them in ornamenting your photo booth at home? Make use of different coloured chalks, write your message in beautiful calligraphy and get nostalgic about your good old school days!

    9. Mirror it all!

    Mirrors can be amazing add-ons to your creative photo booth ideas! Decorate your backdrop with stunning-looking small and large mirrors framed aesthetically in wood and metal. Pair the mirrors with string lights or fairy lights to create a sparkling effect and let your guests get mesmerized with every click they take!

    10. Outdoor themes:

    You can enjoy some unique photo booth ideas if you have adequate space outside your house. It could be a garden area or a pool outside your home. The backdrop can consist of a swing, a vintage vehicle, a hawker’s cart, or a swimming ring to name a few! Have a splash or have a ride and click some funky snaps you can laugh at, whenever you have a glimpse at those precious memories!

    Thus, these are a few splendid creative photo booth ideas that you can choose and create reminiscences for a lifetime with some astounding selfies!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    1. What lighting setup works best for a home photo booth?

    LED lighting, star lighting, and laser lighting work best for a home photo booth.

    2. Can I create a themed photo booth at home?

    Yes, based on the kind of celebration such as a birthday party, wedding, anniversary, cocktail, or anything else, and personal preferences like books, movies, sports, or art, you can create a themed photo booth at home.

    3. What's a budget-friendly way to decorate the photo booth area?

    You can use balloons, ribbons, paper lanterns, kites, and flowers to materialize creative photo booth ideas economically.

    4. What's the best location for setting up a home photo booth?

    Some of the best locations for setting up a home photo booth are a corner in the living room, a wide hallway, a garden area outside the home, or a deck area.

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