10 Incense Sticks Benefits for Meditation

10 Incense Sticks Benefits for Meditation

As such mornings are blissful times of the entire day, considered best for meditation, yoga, exercise, and offering prayers, such mornings become more auspicious and productive with the heavenly fragrance of incense sticks, found in many households! However, have you ever wondered, what exactly are incense sticks and why they hold so much importance while worshipping and while meditating or performing deeper contemplation? 

Incense sticks are aromatic sticks made up of bamboo sticks, wood and herbal powder, fragrance materials, sandalwood, and camphor, though these materials may vary from one variety of incense sticks to another. Also, some popular herbs used in incense sticks are rosemary, lavender, sage, and myrrh. Now, what’s so special about incense sticks? Why are they so popular since ancient times and are an essential aspect of everyday rituals? 

Here, we bring to you 10 incense sticks benefits for meditation:

  1. Positive start to the day
  2. Aromatherapy
  3. Religious aspect
  4. Purifying the air
  5. Improves focus and concentration
  6. Boosts our creativity
  7. Makes meditation more effective
  8. Mental healing
  9. Insect repellent
  10. Physical well-being

    1. Positive start to the day:

    Whether incense sticks carry any tangible benefit or not, we all will agree, that burning incense sticks brings some peculiar positivity in our lives. As soon as we light incense sticks, it enlightens our mind and transforms our mood, making us happier and more peaceful. Thus, the first benefit of an incense stick is that it instantly adds a belief system in us as it possesses a good luck factor.

    2. Aromatherapy:

    Incense sticks come in a plethora of affable fragrances, popular ones being sandalwood, lavender, jasmine, citrus, cinnamon, rose, and more. Each fragrance offers its benefits and very fruitful aromatherapy to people around. Just like aromatic candles, the aroma of incense sticks has healing benefits to our mind as well as body, thus best suited for meditation. The fragrance of incense sticks also helps to veil the unpleasant smell around.

    3. Religious aspect:

    Just like dhoop batti and the earthen diyas, burning incense sticks is a religious ritual in several households. Incense sticks are considered lucky for members of the family. Thus, seamlessly, incense sticks are associated with offering prayers and doing meditation.

    4. Purifying the air:

    Apart from the religious aspects, incense sticks also hold scientific benefits. Incense sticks are great air fresheners, due to their ability to reduce the bacterial count and impurities in the air. The ingredients such as various herbs and essential oils that make up the incense sticks, can eradicate more than 90% of pathogenic bacteria present in the air.

    5. Improves focus and concentration:

    Incense sticks have the magical ability to improve our focus at work as well as during meditation. Meditation is nothing but an act of improving our concentration and incense sticks aid us in the process of deep diving into our souls. The aromatic fragrance of agarbatti relieves stress from our mind and body, eradicates distractions around us, and automatically enhances our concentration in whatever we indulge in. 

    6. Boosts our creativity:

    The majestic aura of incense sticks has the inherent characteristic to make us believe that we can do it! Yes, such is the power of a humble incense stick, it energizes us, makes our belief system stronger enables us to think out-of-the-box, and improves our creativity manifolds. 

    7. Makes meditation more effective:

    As such meditation is a very relaxing experience. One can enhance its effectiveness with therapeutic incense sticks. Yes, burning incense sticks while meditating, will only take your meditation experience to the next level. The sweet aroma of incense sticks will help you relax, be less distracted, and reduce stress.

    8. Mental healing:

    In today’s era of hectic life and busy schedules, we are always stressed out and burn out quickly. The cases of increased negativity and depression are increasing day by day. In such cases, a simple ritual of burning incense sticks as a daily routine can help you heal mentally as well as physically. Incense sticks give us a few minutes of peace and serenity that help us deal with our anxiety in a much better way!

    9. Insect repellent:

    Incense sticks' benefits also include the fact that they are very effective insect repellents. The essential oils such as rosemary, lemon, basil and lavender used in incense sticks aid in reducing insects such as mosquitos in the most organic manner. So, one can use incense sticks instead of harmful chemical-based insect repellents daily.

    10. Physical well-being:

    The incense sticks benefits are not restricted to mental well-being. Incense sticks also carry physical health benefits. It is interesting to know that incense sticks help in improving our immune system and help in reducing high blood pressure.

    As we have seen above, agarbatti benefits are both spiritual and physical and aid in our overall well-being. One should indulge in this soulful practice to improve our meditation experience daily.


    1. What are incense sticks, and how are they used in meditation?

    Incense sticks are aromatic sticks that are burnt while offering our prayers or while meditating. As they bring inner peace, soothe our minds, and help us to improve our concentration, they are very useful in meditation.

    2. How do incense sticks benefit meditation practice?

    As incense sticks spread a sweet aroma of essential oils, they help in de-stressing and keeping our mind calm and focussed, thus benefiting the mindfulness and meditation practice. 

    3. Do incense sticks have any physical benefits during meditation?

    Yes, some incense sticks benefits are also physical in nature. They are also immunity boosters that have anti-inflammatory benefits such as reducing blood pressure.

    4. Where can I find high-quality incense sticks for meditation?

    Visit vaaree.com, for high-quality aromatic incense sticks, crafted with pure natural ingredients, and spend each day of your life in peace and tranquillity.

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