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Top 10 Accent Pieces for Home

What is the difference between an ordinary and an extraordinary home? Accent pieces! That said, choosing accent pieces is a task easier said than done. Use this guide to nail your décor game, every time! 

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Right lighting changes the mood, vibe, and appearance of any room. Transform a dull corner or illuminate the one that needs attention with this Indigo Mosaic Lantern Lamp. Vintage in its appeal, perfect for Indian or nautical-themed homes. 

If your home is a museum of all things exquisite, you cannot miss out on this showpiece! A beautiful reminiscence of the simpler times, it makes a gorgeous addition to corner and entryway tables. Every time you look at this, we’re sure you’ll be reminded to put your phone down! 

Accent pieces serve as an excellent medium to reflect your personality and taste. So, if you are a wanderlust who travels to live and lives to travel, then this Gullivers Travels Globe deserves a place in your home. Mysterious charm, fascinating aesthetics, a conversation starter, indeed!

Wall accents are the newest talk of the décor town! Why? Because they are a thoughtful and beautiful way to utilize the dead space on the wall. Deck it up with artistic pieces like this Sea Shell Wall Décor. Easy to style as a planter, vase or as it is, this wall accent is the epitome of versatility!

Wall art is an easy and inexpensive way to cover large empty spaces. Opt for a wall art design that enhances the appearance of the room or is itself a statement. If your room has a riot of colors, balance it out with a monochromatic artwork like this Abstract Framed Wall Décor. 

Cushion covers not only make a room look inviting but also alluring. Select cushion cover prints based on the theme of your room – paisley for traditional or swans for boho/contemporary. Just ensure to have a common color that binds all different cushion covers together. 

Pro tip - Style cushions in odd numbers for a more artsy setting!

Anything can become an accent piece as long as you style and place it right. Even something as basic as a wall clock! Opt for a big clock preferably 18-24 inches in a color that contrasts the wall. For that added drama, install spotlights to highlight the clock. Our Gold Pennies Wall Clock makes a striking wall accent for mid-century, Indian, contemporary and modern home themes. 

Dining and coffee tables when not in use look damn empty. To ensure they never go unmissed, adorn them with unique home accent pieces like a vase, water fountain or tiered fruit basket. 

Want to make a small room look bigger? Mirror is the answer! Want to accentuate an already textured wall? Again, mirrors to the rescue! Select an eccentric-shaped mirror in a color that completes the décor and hang it opposite a window. This will create an illusion of more space.

It is hard to assemble eye-catching wall decor…unless you get wall plates! Trendy, unconventional and oh-so-stunning, they can amp up any wall in a blink. You could either install one statement wall plate or a group depending on the wall size as well as the proportion of the room’s furniture. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What are some recommended accent pieces to add character to my home decor?

Some recommended accent pieces to add character to your home décor are:

2. How do I choose the right accent pieces that complement my existing decor?

Below stated tips will help you choose the right accent pieces that complement your existing décor:

  • Be clear on the design aesthetic. What is the theme of the room? Modern, minimalist, boho or contemporary? Keep this in mind while selecting accent pieces
  • Define the area of focus. Just like too many cooks spoil the broth, too many accent pieces don’t let each other shine. 
  • Understand which textures, colors, and patterns complement each other. If they don’t work together in harmony, nothing will ever look good! 

3. Can you suggest unique and eye-catching accent pieces for different rooms?

Some unique and eye-catching accent pieces for different rooms are:

  • Rugs for living room
  • Ritzy curtains for the bedroom
  • Big wall art for areas behind the sofa or above the bed
  • Wall shelves for the bathroom

4. What materials and styles are popular for accent pieces in modern home decor?

Metal, ceramic, glass, cotton, concrete and brass are popular materials for accent pieces in modern homes. Any type of wall décor, lighting and soft furnishings are the most-picked accent pieces in modern home décor.

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