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Bath Mirrors - Paulina Bathroom wall Mirror

Paulina Bathroom wall Mirror


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Bath Mirrors - Stella Bathroom wall Mirror

Stella Bathroom wall Mirror


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Bath Mirrors - Monochrome Mirror

Monochrome Mirror


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Bath Mirrors - Rumi Ezlyn Wall Mirror

Rumi Ezlyn Wall Mirror

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Bath Mirrors - Marbling Mirror

Marbling Mirror


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Buy Designer Bathroom Mirrors Online at the Best Prices in India

A mirror in the bathroom is the first thing anyone notices when we enter a bathroom. A bathroom is incomplete without a mirror in it. This inevitably means that the bathroom mirror is capable of adding to the décor of your bathroom space.

Given its integral decorative as well as utilitarian use, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality mirror with an impeccable finish. And that is exactly the type of bathroom mirrors online that awaits you at Vaaree. We have an exquisite, framed bathroom mirrors collection that spells class and beauty. There is something to cater to everyone’s taste at Vaaree!

Upgrade Your Daily Routine with These Essential Bathroom Mirrors

Everyone has their morning and evening bathroom rituals that are incomplete without a mirror. But imagine looking into a bathroom glass mirror that is hazy or distorts the reflection. Such mirrors are a no-no, especially when you need to check your appearance or apply makeup with precision. Only high-quality glass with a good level of purity can help you achieve the best results. The below options are available in fancy bathroom mirrors:

  1. Smart Bathroom Mirror – Smart mirrors are ideal for bathrooms as they can serve several functions. The mirror screen can be used like your smartphone, and you can adjust lighting, check workout routines, etc.
  2. Regular Mirror – The good old-fashioned bathroom mirror serves its purpose well too. You can select the colors and patterns to match the tiles and give an aesthetic appearance.
  3. Magnifying Mirror – These wall-mounted bathroom mirrors are designed to assist in tasks like makeup and shaving which require an enlarged image of the face. It helps you see all the fine details like remaining hairs or stubble when shaving, and proper coverage when applying makeup.

Stay Fog-Free with These Fogless Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors often turn foggy after a warm shower. This problem can easily be averted by using fogless bathroom mirrors that do not allow fog to develop. With fogless mirrors, you can enjoy a comfortable bathroom experience without having to waste time and effort in wiping the mirror every time. This is especially handy to save precious morning time during winter! 

Foggles decorative mirrors are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.

Experience the Future with These Smart Bathroom Mirrors

Smart bathroom mirrors are the future! You no longer need to scream to know what time it is or read the newspaper uncomfortably sitting on the toilet seat. They take care of it all. By replicating your smartphone, these mirrors can display the time, read out or play the news, tell you about the weather, inform you of upcoming tasks, adjust the lighting, etc. There is so much smart mirrors can do that you certainly don’t want to miss out on their multi-utility characteristics. So, if you want a tech-savvy bathroom then smart mirrors are the way to go!

At Vaaree, you will find a selection of the best bathroom mirrors that can help transform the look of your bathroom without pinching the pocket. Go ahead, and alleviate your bathroom with the charming range of modern bathroom mirrors that promise to dazzle.

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FAQs for Bathroom Mirrors

1. What are the different types of bathroom mirrors?

A few different types of bathroom mirrors are:

  • Smart bathroom mirror
  • Regular mirror
  • Magnifying mirror

Bathroom mirrors can also be classified based on their shape - rectangular and round bathroom mirrors. Further, there are frameless and framed bathroom mirrors. They can also be categorized based on the material they are made from - acrylic, glass wood, MDF, etc.

2. What size should my bathroom mirror be?

The size of the bathroom mirror depends on the size of the bathroom and the size of the wall and the sink. You can decide the size of the bathroom glass mirror as per your convenience and requirements.

3. How do I choose the right bathroom mirror for my space?

You can choose the right bathroom mirror for your space on these below-stated factors:

  • Design – Bathroom mirrors should bring the look of your bath space together. For instance, if your tiles & bath accessories are very printed or trendy, modern bathroom mirrors with a contemporary silhouette would be the right pick. Furthermore, choose the shape of the bath mirrors depending on the shape of the wall/size of the counter on/above which it will be installed.
  • Purpose – What is the point of having a mirror if it doesn’t do the job it is installed for? If you shave/tweeze in the bathroom, you will need a magnifying mirror that lets you zoom into the details. Likewise, if you dress up in the bathroom, a full-length bathroom glass mirror should be installed.
  • Budget – You will find endless bathroom mirrors online. But the right one for you is the one that ticks off all three criteria – preferred design, purpose, premium quality and most importantly budget.

Explore the best bathroom mirrors on Vaaree and get yours from here to never compromise on any aspect.

4. Can I install a bathroom mirror myself or do I need a professional?

Yes, you can install a wall mirror yourself; all you need is a drill machine and a nail to hang the mirror on the wall. If you don't have either, you can use a stick-on nail. However, if you are dubious about your abilities, we recommend that you hire an expert.

5. What are some popular styles of bathroom mirrors?

Some popular styles of bathroom mirrors are:

  • Modern bathroom mirrors
  • Designer bathroom mirrors
  • Vintage bathroom mirrors
  • Smart bathroom mirrors
  • Printed bathroom mirrors
  • Carved wood bathroom mirrors


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