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Flower Life Bathmat

Micro Fiber

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Buy Bath Mats - Daisy Garden Bathmat at Vaaree online

Daisy Garden Bathmat

Micro Fiber

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Sweet Home Stride Bathmat

Micro Fiber

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Rainbow Chill Bathmat

Micro Fiber

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Leafy Lore Bathmat

Micro Fiber

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Buy Bath Mats - Monstera Elegance Bathmat at Vaaree online

Monstera Elegance Bathmat

Micro Fiber

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Buy Bath Mats - Strawberry Stride Bathmat at Vaaree online

Strawberry Stride Bathmat

Micro Fiber

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Buy Bath Mats - Floral Parade Bathmat at Vaaree online

Floral Parade Bathmat

Micro Fiber

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Dream Dip Bathmat

Micro Fiber

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Pedi Pamper Bathmat

Micro Fiber

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Luxe Plush Runner Rug - grey

Glace Cotton/Microfiber

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Kitty Fest Runner Rug

Glace Cotton/Microfiber

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Bathroom Mats: A Must-Have Accessory in Every Bathroom

Turns out, bathroom mats are not just a decorative element! Maybe you have never thought about keeping mats inside or outside the bathroom. Or maybe you just don’t like how they look. But before you make up your mind on whether you want a bath mat, let us tell you why they are a must-have:

1. Safety everything:

Every second day we hear stories of people slipping in the bathrooms and breaking their bones. Especially, the elderly. A bath mat acts like the perfect agent between skin and floor. Thus, helping you get the grip you need. For extra precaution, opt for non-slip bathroom mats.

2. No icky feels:

Don’t you all hate it when someone just took a shower and you are next in line? When even the thought of wet floors gives you the creeps, lay water-absorbing mats for the bathroom to enter a dry, ready-to-shower space, always! 

3. Instagrammable bathrooms:

A bathroom or full mirror selfies are the newest things on the gram. And if you want to make an enviable statement, have a cool-looking bath mat in the background!

Vaaree Offers a Variety of Bath Mat Types

Every home needs bathroom mats. But how to pick the right one? Or an even harder question where to buy bath mats online? To start with, you can get every type of bath mat and other bathroom accessories on Vaaree. Have a glimpse of what we have in store, especially for you.

  • As Vaaree sources its collection of bath mats from India’s top manufacturers who export to brands worldwide, here you can discover an endless selection. Not only that but also at unbelievably low prices!
  • Just like love, our collection of the best bathroom mats comes in every shape, size, color, and pattern. Whether you need a rectangular mat or a circular one, solid or etched with unique motifs, we have it all, under one roof!
  • Our bath mat collection is further categorized as per placement. For instance, outside the bathroom, adjacent to the bathtub, below the toilet, etc.
  • Depending on the end usage and placement, you can find bathroom mats waterproof and in regular material like cotton.

Select From a Variety of Bath Mat Materials Available Online

When it comes to bath mats, selecting the right material is of utmost importance. Here are a few bath mat types available at Vaaree along with their benefits:

1. Cotton Bath Mat

Cotton makes an extremely durable bath mat. Given its natural ability to absorb and wick moisture, it soaks all the water from your feet in a blink. Affordable and efficient, a cotton bath mat is ideal for placing outside the bathroom. If they have an anti-slip backside, they can be placed in dry areas of the bathroom like the toilet or below the basin cabinet.

2. Microfiber Bath Mat

As microfiber can absorb 98% of the water fast, it is a great foot mat for bathroom material. Additionally, absorbed water rarely bleeds through a microfiber mat. So, it is perfect for placing in high-usage/wet areas. 

3. PVC Bath Mat

The natural characteristic of PVC makes bathroom mats waterproof. Easy to wash, clean, and maintain a high-quality PVC non-slip bathroom mat can be kept around the shower and bathtub area.

Our other popular collections at Vaaree include Bath, and Garden Décor Collections, Bedroom Décor CollectionsDining Décor CollectionsKitchen Décor Collections,  Home Décor Collection, Living Room Décor Collections, and more. Explore more now on

FAQs on Bath Mat:

1. How should you choose a bathroom mat?

Here are a few tips on how to choose a bathroom mat:

  • Determine the right size and shape. 
  • Know where you will be placing the bath mat(in a dry/wet area) and select the material accordingly. 
  • Choose bathroom mats in a color that matches your bathroom. 
  • If you live with the elderly, are clumsy or simply want to be more cautious, opt for non-slip bathroom mats.

2. How often do you wash your bathroom floor mats?

How often you should wash your floor mats depends on their usage. For average use, wash about once in two weeks. For heavy usage, wash once a week. If your bath mat is PVC, washing every day is advisory and easy too!

3. What is the best non-slip shower mat?

A Bathroom mat made from high-quality rubber or pvc backing is the best choice if you are looking for anti-slip mats. You can easily find it online on Vaaree.

4. Where can I buy the best anti-slip bath mat online?

You can buy the best anti-slip bathmat online on Vaaree, in the color of your choice and at the lowest possible price!

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