How To Make Your Home Smell Lovely

How To Make Your Home Smell Lovely

Aromas, don’t they just enchant your senses with a sense of well-being and calm? It’s as if all the tension has melted and your mood has suddenly become lighter! That’s the power of a good fragrance. And you’re not alone in feeling it. studies have shown that a pleasing fragrance can reduce stress, boost emotional wellbeing, and foster relaxation. 

This brings us to the question- how to make room smell good? Luckily, the way to do so is easy and simple. By incorporating a few quick additions, you can achieve a signature scent for your home. Read on.

Here are the top 6 ways to make your home smell delightful

1. Burning Essential Oils

To begin with, experiment with the various scents available in essential oils to learn how to make room smell good. Aromas are very personal and you need to find the one that brings tranquillity to you. Lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and peppermint are some popular options for home.

Next, pick an oil burner. You can go for electric or tealight burners like our Chaturbhuj Tealight Holder depending on your preference. Just light them up with a few drops of oil and it’s done! The wonderful effects of essential oils are now yours to enjoy!

Chaturbhuj Tealight Holder

2. Lighting Aroma Candles

Candles are such ambience creators! Their flickering light and warm glow are in itself sufficient to evoke feelings of calmness. Add a lovely fragrance to it and you have the perfect aromatherapy combination. Coffee lovers will fall in love with our Coffee Call Scented Soy Wax Candle that permeates a mild scent through the air. 

Candles come in various shapes like tapering, pillar, round etc. The one you choose will depend on the candle holder as well as the place you intend to keep it. Our Bella Turquoise Candle Holder is apt for the dining table or as a centrepiece on your living room table and knows how to make room smell good!

Coffee Call Scented Soy Wax Candle

Candle Holder

3. Wax Tablets

Small and confined spaces like the wardrobe are another area where you can introduce heady fragrances. Imagine the delight you will feel when you open the cupboard and take in a whiff of freshness! Your house guests will also appreciate that you know how to make room smell good.

Wax tablets like our Lavender Magic Wax Tablet are apt for this purpose. Now you also know how to smell good without perfume! They lend an air of serenity wherever you decide to keep them and are absolutely eco-friendly!

Lavender Magic Wax Tablet

4. Dhoop & Agarbatti

The home smell of dhoop wafting through the air will fill most of us with nostalgia! Natural incense sticks and dhoops are pooja essentials. But they are also a very effective way of making your home smell heavenly. You can light them up instantly in any corner and the whole house will be brimming with their fragrance. 

Dhoop & Agarbatti

5. Room Spray

Another instant fix to bad odour and how to make room smell good is a room spray. Simply by spraying a few drops you can rid the space of bad smell and infuse it with fragrance. For best results spray in the middle of the room, on artificial flowers and plants, and on the cushions and curtains. Avoid spraying on the ground as they make the floor slippery.

You can even create your own personalised scent by layering two complementary sprays and learning how to make your room smell good. You can even match the candle fragrance with your room spray for a longer lasting effect.

6. Reed Diffusers

If you don’t want to burn essential oils, you can try reed diffusers as an effective way of how to make room smell good. A reed diffuser consists of a small glass bottle like a flower vase filled with essential oils and thin reed sticks immersed into it.

These reeds absorb the oil and continually diffuse its fragrance in the surroundings. Most reed diffusers can be replenished with diffuser oils once the bottle is empty. You should definitely consider our Duchess Of Blossom Aroma Therapy Diffuser Oil which is a heady concoction of peonies and roses!

lossom Aroma Therapy Diffuser Oil

We hope we have successfully answered the query of how to make room smell good. You will find everything at Vaaree, the one-stop shop for all your home décor and home essentials needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What are some natural ways to make my home smell great?

Using premium quality essential oils extracted from plants, fresh flowers, and citrusy things like lemons is a good way to keep your house smelling great.

2. What are some tips for keeping my home smelling fresh all day long?

Keep the windows open to let in fresh air, use clean sheets and towels, keep the kitchen and bathroom dry, and switch on the exhaust fan periodically to let out the stale air.

3. What can I do to make my kitchen smell inviting?

Empty the trash can as often as possible, ventilate well, keep a small pot of fresh herbs like peppermint and basil, and keep the sink clean to make your kitchen smell good all day. 

4. What's the best way to maintain a pleasant-smelling carpet?

Use baking soda to remove unwanted odours from your carpet. Vacuum it regularly and leave it out in the sun whenever possible. All these steps will keep your carpet smelling nice.

5. How can I freshen up my closet and clothing storage areas?

By using fragrance pouches or wax tablets, you can freshen up your wardrobe and storage areas.


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