How To Impress House Guests

How To Impress House Guests

They say the first impression is the last. This holds true not just for people but places as well. Like your home decor. Besides the bliss of living in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing home, there’s another reason we invest so much time and effort in home décor. It is so we can welcome guests into a beautiful house that leaves a lasting impression and answers the question how to impress guests at home. After all, a home is an extension of the owner’s personality, right? 

Besides maintaining a clean and cosy home, there are some other nuances that go into how to impress house guests. Since they are going to be sharing your home for a few days, it is important that you make them feel invited and relaxed. 

We share some quick ways and small details that will go a long way in answering how to impress guests at home

Here Are The Top 5 Ways To Wow House Guests:

1. Fragrance Fascination

Bad smells are a definite no-no, neutral smells are fine, but a scintillating fragrance is what raises the bar when learning question how to impress guests at home. It is a simple yet very effective way to instil tranquillity and invoke pleasant feelings in your guests. Besides fragrance sprays and burning essential oils, candles can be an excellent tool in incorporating a bewitching aroma. 

Our Valleys of Fragrance Pillar Candles will not only spread the scent but also act as cute décor accessory showpieces to augment the room décor!

Fragrance Fascination

2. Luxurious Linen

The bed linen plays a pivotal role in ensuring that your guests have a relaxed and deep slumber. Using high thread count bedsheets that feel soft to the touch elevates the opulence factor and will impress your guests. As do bedcovers, diwan sets, and duvets covers. How you arrange the linen is also an important factor. 

Always cover the bedsheet with a bedcover to keep the sheet clean as a first step to solving the query of how to impress guests at home. Our Bloopity Bedcovers come in solid shades that can easily blend with any kind of room décor. Also, ensure that the sheets, curtains, and rugs are coordinated and there are plenty of pillow covers available for the guests. 

Luxurious Linen

3. Tasteful Towels

A coordinated towel set in the bathroom is not only inviting but has utilitarian value as well. Your bathroom towel set must consist of face towels, a hand towel, and a bath towel. You can skip the face towels if the bathroom does not have a large basin space, but if you do decide to keep them, fold them neatly and place them in a small organiser basket for ease of use. This is sure to impress your house guests.

Do check out our Chakori Waffle Towels in ethnic designs that are a treat for the eyes and answer the query of question how to impress guests at home.

Tasteful Towels

4. Bedside Essentials

The bedside table must carry some essentials that will help in making your guests stay comfortable. A water jug with a tumbler, a phone charger, and a tissue box are some items that can be placed next to the bed. To imbue a cosy and calm ambience, place bedside lamps like this trendy Amber Rectangle Table Lamp on either side. A subtle yet sure of impressing guests!

Bedside Essentials

5. Snacking Delights

A tiny yet thoughtful gesture in the question how to impress guests at home would be to keep some snacking items in the guest house. You can use this beautiful Matilda Fruit Bowl to place seasonal fruits that your guests prefer. Keeping nuts for snacking in small air-tight jars is another option if your guests are health conscious. Or you can always make a mixed bag of chips, namkeens etc., and arrange them in a basket to welcome them. 

Snacking Delights

For every essential that you need to impress your house guests, you can trust the notable collection at Vaaree. From pooja essentials to home decor, find everything at the best prices!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How can I make my house welcoming to guests?

Besides the warmth you exude in welcoming them, your house guests will feel welcome with small and thoughtful gestures. Like making space in the closet, keeping the room tidy, and ensuring they have everything they need for a comfortable stay.

2. What are some tips for greeting guests as they arrive?

Dressing up well and greeting them with warmth and a smile is the best to make your guests feel welcome instantly. 

3. How can I keep my house clean and tidy when expecting guests?

To keep the house tidy, first remove all the clutter. Then ensure that the floors and toilets are well scrubbed. Use a vacuum cleaner to dust the upholstery and rugs. Lastly, change the linen and place fresh towels in the bathroom. This will ensure a clean appearance. 

4. How can I create a memorable dining experience for guests?

To create a truly memorable experience the table décor plays an important part. Keeping coordinated cutlery and crockery, a fresh table cover, and matching mats are some gestures that represent the time and effort you have spent on making the dining room look inviting.


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