Gourmet Kitchen: The Heart of Cooking Enthusiasts

Gourmet Kitchen: The Heart of Cooking Enthusiasts

You know you are growing up when the idea of a gourmet kitchen excites you more than anything else! Whether you want to transform your existing setup into a gourmet kitchen or recreate one from scratch,

Here’s a quick guide of Cooking Enthusiasts that will help you get started:

  • State Of The Art Appliances

No gourmet kitchen can be called so without being fully equipped with the latest appliances. Think double oven, French door refrigerator, baking gear, dishwasher, air fryer, coffee machine and basically everything else in the electronic store. If you are low on budget, prioritize the ones you would use more frequently. 

  • Right Lighting

No mention of gourmet kitchens is complete without ample and appropriate lighting in mind! Think statement pendant lights above countertops, LED strips below cabinets and flushed lights inside glass drawers and cabinets. 

  • Organized To The T!

A 10/10 gourmet kitchen is two things – pretty-looking and pretty functional. Luxury kitchen décor can take care of the visual aesthetics. However, you’ll need apt kitchen organizers for a practical setup. In simple words, have a storage unit for everything and keep like items together. For instance, keep all oil and vinegar servers together in matching sets on the counter or inside the spice rack. 

  • Invest In High-Quality Cookware:

Impeccable cooking skills when complemented with high-quality cookware can create a Michelin Star dish right in the kitchen! To create a series of signature dishes, go with durable cookware items that are versatile enough for all cuisines. Given the benefits of cast iron, we recommend including kadhai & wok made from that in the kitchen. However, just like every kitchen cook, if you too would like to build an enviable cookware collection, consider materials like ceramic, granite, and stainless steel.

  • Dress up!

When we say gourmet kitchen, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? We are sure it must be kitchen decor like bread & fruit baskets or appliances larger than life. But did you ever think of a kitchen cook dressed in a quirky apron with matching gloves and maybe a chef’s hat? We think not! 

Be it a gourmet kitchen or a regular one, a bad day at work or a fight with a friend, sometimes all it takes is a mindset shift and an outfit change! In this case, both! Adorn yourself with our Silly Lilly Set to get your gourmet chef mode on!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What defines a gourmet kitchen, and how does it differ from a regular kitchen?

A gourmet kitchen is a well-thought-out and equipped kitchen space. It usually revolves around the person’s love for all things food. This type of professional kitchen is extremely organized, high on functionality and has the best tools and appliances.

2. What are the key features and appliances that are a must-have in a gourmet kitchen?

The key appliances that are a must-have in a gourmet kitchen are:

  • Dishwasher
  • Oven
  • Double door refrigerator
  • Powerful chimney
  • Multi-functional sink
  • Wine cooler
  • A minimum of six-burner stove
  • Air fryer

3. How can I create a gourmet kitchen within a budget?

Here’s how you can create a gourmet kitchen within a budget:

  • Buy containers & jars in sets only.
  • Have a different kadhai for different styles of cooking.
  • Make sure even the insides of your cabinets are organized.
  • Keep the countertop clean at all times.
  • Install LED strips or panel lighting under cabinets for a luxurious appeal. 

4. What are some popular gourmet kitchen design styles and trends for 2023?

Some popular gourmet kitchen design styles and trends for 2023 are:

  • An easy-to-clean stainless steel professional kitchen countertop. 
  • The refrigerator that is concealed with the rest of the gourmet kitchen decor.
  • A dedicated station for every task and essential item. For instance, a versatile sink for deep cleaning, washing, and chopping veggies, a quick access spice rack, a magnetic knife holder, etc. 

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