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Cook Like a Pro: Essential Cookware for Every Home Kitchen

Essential cookware is such a subjective concept, isn’t it? A pro home cook’s kitchen essentials will never be of a beginner’s and vice versa. However, there are some home kitchen cooking tools and cookware that are used in every Indian household on almost a daily basis. Let’s dive straight into them:

Here Are the Top Essential Cookware for Every Home Kitchen:

  • Dosa Tawa

Because Swiggy-ing dosa every day is neither healthy for you nor your pocket! Just get this naturally non-stick cookware and say yes to crispy, yummy, and healthy dosas.

  • Biryani Handi

Only a true food lover will agree that veg biryani is just pulao. If you don’t agree, cook a lip-smacking veg biryani for your friends in this clay urli and change their minds about this dish forever.

  • Paniyaram Pan

Who said you can make only paniyarams on this pan? Shallow fried sabudana vada, falafel, vada pav, the world is your oyster. Being a naturally non-stick cookware, it ensures maximum taste and minimum oil consumption. 

  • Grill Pan

A grill pan is modern day’s essential cookware. Versatile enough to make anything from grilled sandwiches to searing fish, we promise this pan is the best investment you will ever make!

  • Milk Pot

There is at least one person in every Indian family who is obsessed with chai. This is why our Gazebo pan is a must-have for them! Given its sturdy handle, it makes essential cookware for beginners too.

  • Hard Anodized Kadhai With Lid

Let’s be real, gas prices are surging every day. If you want to save up on usage whilst ensuring that the food cooks faster, just put a lid! Understandably, finding the right lid can be hard. So, be smart, make this kadhai with a lid as part of your cooking pans and pots collection.

  • Saute pan

If you want your cookware to look as good as it is functional, then this pure bronze pan will be your prized possession. Loaded with various health benefits, it makes a perfect pan for sautéing vegetables or even making sauces like Marinara, Alfredo, etc. 

  • Roti Tawa

The mention of Indian cuisine is incomplete without rotis. Which makes this cast iron roti tawa a no-brainer addition to your home kitchen for soft and fluffy rotis. 

  • Tadka Pan

Given its selective usage, a tadka pan officially doesn’t qualify as kitchen essentials cookware. However, if you make a lot of dals, curries or chutneys that require tempering, this should be in your cart already!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What are some essential cookware items for a home kitchen?

A list of essential cookware for any home kitchen are:

  • Kadhai
  • Roti tawa
  • Dosa tawa
  • Tea/milk pan
  1. What materials should I look for when choosing cookware?

The material to look for when choosing cookware depends on the type of cuisine and personal preference. Some cookware materials are listed below:

  • Clay Cookware
  • Cast Iron Cookware
  • Non-stick Cookware
  • Ceramic Cookware
  • Granite Cookware
  1. Should I buy cookware sets or individual pieces?

You could buy either depending on the usage, preference, and price. If you are someone who likes their kitchen essentials products organized and even looking, then opt for cookware sets. For people who don’t mind the unevenness but want to have individual cookware pieces for different styles of cooking, individual pieces are better.

  1. How do I care for my cookware?

Cookware care varies with the material. For instance, cast iron cookware requires seasoning and gentle cleaning. However, non-stick cookware requires no seasoning. As a thumb rule for cookware care – clean as per instructions, store them dry, wash after every use and do not refrigerate.

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