6 Ways To Use Throw Blankets To Decorate A Couch

6 Ways To Use Throw Blankets To Decorate A Couch

Toss it, drape it, spread it, or snuggle in it, the versatile throw is everyone’s favourite for its ability to adapt to varied usages. With the throw being a permanent fixture on our couches, it makes sense to style it and add some spunk to the living room. Buy that sofa throw online India you’ve been eyeing and get styling with these amazing tips:

‘Throw’ Them How It’s Done

  1. Neatly Folded:

Geometric Pattern Throw

The easiest way to style the throw is to fold it lengthwise into thirds and place it over the back of the couch. The placement can be as preferer- in the centre or on the sides. This imparts an undeniably neat and tidy look to the couch. If you want your throws to look chic even when folded, get something like this geometric pattern throw.

  1. The Side Step:

Versatile Striped Throw

Another simple yet elegant way to use your cotton throws is to fold it in thirds and let it hang on the arm of the couch. This way your cushions won’t be overshadowed, and the throw too will retain its glam appeal. Opt for a versatile striped throw like this one and hang it on the side where it is always within reach for a quick snuggle!

  1. Basket Décor:
Bright Orange Sofa Throws

Fail miserably at folding the throw neatly after use? Fret not because we have a style for the ‘less-organised’ beings too! By simply placing a cloth or jute basket next to the couch and arranging the throw in it you can enhance your decor game as well as escape the monotony of folding. Achieve the brilliance by placing this bright orange sofa throws in a jute basket.

  1. Lazy Catch:

Red & Blue Handblock Printed Throw

Sometimes there is solace in imperfections too. Like the idea of literally throwing your sofa throw blanket throw on the couch and allowing it to take its own form. You can saddle it over the cushions for a casual feel. Implement this idea using our Red & Blue Handblock Printed Throw.

  1. Sly Sofa Cover:

Aspiring Chakras Handblock Printed Throw

Did you know that you could use any of your then-purchased but now disliked throws online in India as a sofa cover as well? Just spread it on the couch and tuck it properly in the crevices to dispel the creases and attain a smooth finish. This way your couch stays protected and renovated with new upholstery each time! Can you envision the beauty this Aspiring Chakras Handblock Printed Throw will lend your couch?

  1. The Cascade:

Lovely Monochrome Striped Throw

With one end of the throw placed on the sofa back, arrange the other end in gentle pleats that fall like a cascade on the sofa. Execute this style on one end of the couch and place cushions in the centre and on the other end. We think this lovely Monochrome Striped Throw will be just apt for the free flow style.  

Aren’t you inspired by these wonderful ways to decorate your couch using the throw as an accessory? If you are stunned and full of questions at the same time, answers to your sofa throw blanket styling are decoded below:

  1. How to decorate a sofa with a throw blanket?

The simple answer to this is – anyway your heart, home, and comfort desires. And a little more aesthetic answer to this is covered in our guide above!

  1. How to use decorative throw?

Decorative sofa throws are not less than a regular cotton one. With the right styling even the most basic throws online India can look like a million bucks. You can use a decorative throw on the hand rests of your sofa, mushed between your accent pillow or mounded by itself. Alternatively, you could also stack it on an ottoman or bohemian pouffe.

  1. How do you put a throw blanket on a chair?

If you want a throw blank to look good on a chair, you could use any of our above-stated styling techniques. Given its limited space when compared with the sofa, here are a few more ideas to throw a throw on the chair:

  • Drape it half on the arm rest and half on the other side of the chair – think how a waiter places their serving cloth.
  • Another way is to fold the throw and lay it in the silhouette of the sofa – from the top to backrest, seating and beyond. Once placed, secure the setting with a horizontal cushion cover.
  • Just throw it over! That’s the beauty of throws – no matter how you place it, they’ll always look great.

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