25th Anniversary Decoration Ideas At Home

25th Anniversary Decoration Ideas At Home

Weddings are a beautiful bond between two people as well as two families coming together. It is a lovely relationship that needs to be nurtured and cherished from time to time. One such wonderful occasion is the 25th anniversary, also known as the silver jubilee. It is so amazing to see couples being with each other in all their ups and downs and going stronger with each passing year. Definitely, it is a milestone achieved that needs to be celebrated with family and friends. Whether it is your silver jubilee or your parents’ or some near and dear ones, you need to put in time and effort to create a zealous party ambience at home!

Here, we bring to you some splendid 25th anniversary decoration ideas for home…

  1. Welcome signage
  2. Balloons
  3. Flowers
  4. Backdrop
  5. Photo bunting
  6. Lighting
  7. Food table
  8. Barware
  9. Cushion it up
  10. Photo booth

1. Welcome signage:

Create a welcome signage and place it at the entrance of your house. You can use art and craft supplies like cardboard, colourful sheets, and write the names, dates, timings, and the venue in artistic calligraphy lettering. Accessorize the signage with flowers, whether real or paper flowers, ribbons, and shimmers.

2. Balloons:

Balloons play a very important role in decorating for any occasion, be it a birthday party or an anniversary. For 25th anniversary decoration ideas, you can decorate the entrance, living room and other areas of the house with silver, golden and red balloons. Let love blossom with the heart shaped balloons in the archway or helium balloons touching the ceiling. In fact there are ‘n’ number of ways to embellish your home with balloons.

3. Flowers:

Flowers are considered very auspicious in any occasion and especially when it comes to marriage anniversary decoration ideas, florals are the best medium to express one’s happiness and love. Spread rose petals in the couple’s bedroom and place bouquets of roses, lilies, gerberas in the living room and other corners of the house. 

4. Backdrop:

You can create a grand backdrop using cardboard, balloons, streamers, ribbons and a banner stating the names of the couple, using foil balloons. You can even go for canopy decor, silver confetti, chandeliers and festive centre-pieces, for the 25th anniversary decor.

5. Photo bunting:

Photo bunting looks awesome when it comes to wedding anniversary decoration ideas. It is like hanging strings of small photographs on the walls, creating and cherishing sweet memories for a lifetime. You can choose the best moments the couple has spent together and either go for photo bunting or a big photo collage!

6. Lighting:

You just cannot ignore good lighting when it comes to home décor for any occasion. And as the 25th anniversary is a milestone in itself, its decoration should definitely include adequate lighting. You can go for ambient lighting, pendant lighting, fairy lights, even DIY paper lanterns and majestic candles. Let the spirit of togetherness and romance creep in, making the entire ambience enchanted.

7. Food table:

Food is the essence of any party, be it birthday or anniversary. The dining table should be well embellished with beautiful table cloth, table mats as well as sparkling cutlery. Take out your accent bowls and sleek platters. Serve your sumptuous dishes in the best of your crockery. You can even adorn the table with flower vases, table accents and ribbons and the delectable cake in the centre!

8. Barware:

Drinks, whether juices, mocktails or cocktails are an integral part of any party. For the 25th anniversary too, you can ornament your barware with crystal clear glasses of different types. You can keep a good mix of martini glasses, irish coffee glasses, high-ball and low-ball glasses. Let your barware display the best of your home décor!

9. Cushion it up:

Elevate the beauty of your living room and bedroom with vibrant cushions, cushion covers as well as throws. You can go for printed, solid, tufted or even embroidered cushion covers to add coziness and volume to your furniture. Accent your sofa set or chairs with aesthetically placed throws for adding warmth in your party!  

10. Photo booth:

Photo booths have become an integral part in the era of selfies. They are entertaining elements that add a lot of fun and frolic in any party. For the 25th anniversary, you can come up with very creative photo booths decorated with balloons, shimmers, ribbons, with nice captions and quotes such as ‘Cheers to 25 Years’, ‘Let’s grow old together’, and more!

These 25th anniversary decoration ideas will surely make your silver jubilee a memorable one! Add a dash of your creativity and see how your sweet home gets ready to cheer the couple on their most memorable day!

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1. How to decorate for 25th anniversary party at home?

You can decorate for a 25th anniversary party at home with balloons, streamers, accent lighting, paper lanterns, candles, photo bunting, photobooth and so on.

2. What Colour theme for 25th anniversary?

The colour theme for the 25th anniversary is ‘Silver’.

3. What do most people do on their 25th wedding anniversary?

Most people celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with great pomp and show. They invite guests either at home or book a banquet hall. They indulge in celebration, cake cutting, music, dance and good food and drinks. 

4. How do I plan my parents 25th wedding anniversary?

You can throw a party for your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary with friends and relatives or send your parents for a good holiday they have been wishing to go for a long time. 

5. How can I plan my anniversary at home?

You can plan your anniversary at home by inviting your near and dear ones and making arrangements for décor, food, music and some fun activities.

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