10 Timeless Home Decor Trends That Never Go Out of Style

10 Timeless Home Decor Trends That Never Go Out of Style - Vaaree

Did you know that what’s trendy home décor today will be a big bore 10 years later? That means you must invest in timeless decorating styles or you’ll end up spending a fortune every decade.

Here are top 10 Home Décor Ideas for Timeless Elegance:

  • A cushion-dense sofa

Be it traditional home décor or the one straight outta architectural magazines, ample cushions are a common sight. And given our love for comfort, this practice is going nowhere for years to come! Just pick cushion covers in solids, striped or floral prints to never stay behind on trending interior design styles. In the case of texture, quilted or tufted are classics. 

Pro tip: Depending on the size of the sofa, arrange cushions in odd numbers. 

  • Touch Of Greenery

Corky Grove Tri Planter

We live in concrete jungles. Run the rat race every day. Attend meetings that could be emails. And the only respite in this mundane lifestyle is the green babies, agreed? Plants purify the air we breathe, beautify the space and their green color calms our programmed mind & body. Do we need any more reasons to prove that indoor plants were, are and will always be on top of trendy home décor

Pro tip: Go for planters and vases in earthy or metallic palettes. If maintenance is a hassle for you, artificial flowers & plants are a great substitute.

Solid Dust Bedsheet

All things solid have stood the tests of room décor styles. And soft furnishings are no different! When choosing bedsheets, pillowcases, bedcovers and more, prefer solids in colors like grey, brown, black and soulful white. 

Pro tip: If you don’t want to go all solid, layer with printed pillow covers. 

  • The Wall Of Frames

 Memories To Rejoice Photo Frames

How can re-living that beautiful moment over and over again ever go out of style? Display your precious moments in vintage wooden frames with a brown, black, tan, or similar finish. Hit the skip button on photo frames or any type of wall décor made from plastic, low-grade resin, etc. for an eternally refined appeal. 

Pro tip: As good times only multiply every year, change the photograph for a refreshed look.

  • All-Things Vintage


No matter how hard you try, you can never go wrong with vintage home décor styles. Even if the entire room is not rustic, adding a single heritage item like a wall clock, mirror, or chest of drawers in trendy home décor can make it age-proof! 

Pro tip: As most of the antique traditional home décor was authentically made from sturdy materials like wood, pick items crafted from the same. 

  • The Ever-Evolving Abstract Art

Smokee Wall Art

You know how the same things evoke a different thought or sentiment every time you look at them? That’s the beauty of abstract wall décor! Aesthetically enduring, this is the type of trendy home décor that keeps on giving. 

Pro tip: Always check the quality of wall paintings i.e., what material is it painted/printed on, type of paint used, is it fade-proof or not, etc. 

 Vintage Umbrella Floor Lamp

All trending interior design styles have soothing lamps and lighting in them! Think table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps and even string lights. Remember, in the case of lamps and lightings, styling matters as much as the design. 

  • Do not place lamps anywhere and everywhere. Space them out well.
  • Ensure all the lighting/bulbs in the room are of the same color family. 
  • Lamp shades in solids or classic prints are preferred.
  • Crystals, gold accents, carved wood, etc. ages like fine wine. 

Pro tip: Yellow ambiance lighting makes everything look 10X calmer and prettier!

Amber Pebbles Table Lamp 

If you are absolutely old-school, balance out the lamps with candles & aroma. Select intricately detailed stands and a signature scent for a home that pleases two senses at the same time! 

 Riga Wooden Candle Stand

The easiest way to define distinctive decorating styles is with idols & accent pieces. Depending on your spiritual beliefs, personality, and preference, the definition of timeless décor can vary. However, all idols, figurines and showpieces look eternally elegant in brass. 


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

1. What are timeless home decor trends, and why are they important?

Timeless home décor trends are the ones that look good today and will look equally good tomorrow! As trends change by the year, and are financially and practically impossible to keep up with, it is important to choose evergreen decorating styles. 

2. What are some examples of timeless color palettes for home decor?

Some examples of timeless color palettes for home décor are:

  • Grey and brown.
  • Beige and grey.
  • Sage green and grey.
  • White and white.
  • White and grey.
  • Brown and greige. 

3. Can you mix different decor styles while still maintaining a timeless look?

Yes, you can mix different decorating styles while still maintaining a timeless look. Just create harmony with colors from the same family, complementing patterns and textures. 

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