Living Room Decorating Ideas

10 Budget-Friendly Living Room Decorating Ideas

Though every nook and corner of our house is close to our heart, we cannot deny the fact that our living room holds prime importance. Not only because it is frequently visited by our guests but also because we as household members tend to use the living room the most. Whether it is binge-watching, partying, or having evening tea, the living room holds a very special place in our daily lives. So, it is inevitable, that we constantly try to beautify it with novel and creative living room decor ideas while keeping in mind our budget.

Here are 10 budget-friendly living room decor ideas for you:

1. Adding ‘green’ to our living room:

We cannot underestimate the role of plants in embellishing our living room. It is the most nature-friendly, healthy, and economical way to uplift the charm of our living room. Elegant indoor plants such as jade, spider plants, peace lilies, rubber plants, ferns, and more add a Midas touch to our living room. These plants can be beautifully potted and placed near the window, on a shelf, or even on the centre table, as they do not require direct sunlight or high maintenance. 

Whimsical Wonder Planter - Set Of Three


2. Lighting:

The role of good lighting is indispensable in adding elegance to your living room. There are different ways of enhancing the lighting in the living room such as placing tall standing lamps in the corner, or a wall lamp, fixing attractive wall-mounted shades, or a lovely chandelier on the ceiling, or even false lighting under the TV cabinet. These elements instantly spruce up your space! Do consider the interior of your living room while going for a particular lighting. 

Timber Floor Lamp - Gold & Brown


3. Re-arranging or modifying the existing furniture:

The good news is that we don’t need to buy expensive sofa sets to add exquisiteness to your living room. At times we get surprised that even by re-arranging our existing furniture, we can bring about a positive change in our living room and make it look novel and add freshness to it. Getting a new fabric for your sofa or armchair or changing the centre table can make your living room look splendid instantaneously! In addition to these, don’t forget to remove unwanted furniture that clutter your room. 

modifying the existing furniture


4. Adding a TV cabinet in your living room:

Some of us don’t like the idea of keeping the television in the living room, but those who don’t mind can consider it as a decorative medium too along with entertainment after a long day at work. The TV cabinet is like a focal point for your drawing room as if everything else is placed according to the position of the TV cabinet, thus adding visual appeal to your living room. Isn’t it a smart living room design idea!

TV cabinet in your living room


5. Rugs and carpets:

Another living room design idea is using rugs and carpets. Gorgeously woven rugs add royalty to our living room. Rugs are an inexpensive way of accentuating your living room with style and grace. Rugs can be placed under the centre table or next to the sofas to highlight the furniture placed in the room.

Rugs and carpets


6. Paint and texture walls:

If you haven’t got the whitewash done for a long time, consider it now! A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your living room. You can choose from cool colours like turquoise, ivory white, and sea green, or warm hues such as earth brown, chrome, or rust. One can even highlight the living room wall with texture paint converting ordinary walls into a canvas for creative minds!

Paint and texture walls


7. Adding wall hangings and artefacts:

Decorate your living room wall with a larger-than-life painting or a big mirror, or add memories with photographs of family and dear ones. Decorating your living room with personal favourites, collages, showpieces, wall accents, and hangings, or even building a DIY wall art with your ingenuity are all creative wall hanging ideas for wall decor!

 Squared Up Metallic Mirror


8. Curtains and throws:

Curtains are those necessary draperies that can instantly revamp your living room. You can either go for light sheer curtains that allow ample sunlight and air to enter your living room or on the other hand you can go for thick designer curtains that add royalty to your living room, keeping it warm and cozy. Make sure the curtains seamlessly blend with your existing furniture and interior, giving an extra edge to your space.

Bella San Curtain


9. Cushions:

A living room looks incomplete sans striking-looking cushions that add so much glamour to your furniture. Cushions are not only our buddies in times of happiness and stress, they are a style statement in themselves. We can go for a variety of cushions based on your sofas and armchairs such as solid colours, printed cushions, tufted cushions, woven cushions, and more. Bright cushions on subtle sofa covers look so amazing, especially if you are going for festive decor!!

Mriksha Cushion Cover (Blue) - Set Of Two


10. Bookshelf:

Bookshelf is one of the best home decor ideas for living room. A sleek tall bookshelf standing at a corner of your living room says so much about you and your personality. Anyone can get attracted by the choice of books you place in the living room. Discovering beauty in simplicity, adding a touch of tranquillity and style in storytelling, a bookshelf can turn your living room into the tapestry of dreams!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How can I make my living room look expensive on a budget?

Some of the easiest ways of making your living room look expensive on a budget are by placing a painting or wall accent, adding pleasing curtains, getting a fresh coat of paint, and placing elegant but simple showpieces and artefacts representing your tastes and preferences.

2. What is the budget friendly way to decorate a room?

Some of the budget friendly ways of home decor ideas for living room include DIY wall hangings, decluttering the room, and making provisions for ample light and air to enter the room.

3. How can I decorate my living room very simple?

You can add natural greenery to your living room, spread beautiful rugs, re-arrange your furniture, and hang your favourite wall hangings to decorate your living room in a simple way.

4. How do I decorate my room without money?

Make your own decorations at home, recycle and reuse already existing materials at home, such as candles, books, wooden frames, and more. Be creative and then the sky is the limit for home decor!

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